Usborne Books & More Review: Is Usborne Books & More a Legit Direct Sales Company?

usborne books and more independent consultant reviewUsborne Books & More is a division of Educational Development Corporation. In 1989, the direct sales division was created, and now thousands of independent consultants sell high-quality and lavishly-illustrated children’s books through their websites, book fairs, and home shows.

Usborne Books & More (Usborne Books throughout the remainder of this post) is a direct sales company from my list, 193+ Direct Sales Companies. I will review many of the companies from the list individually so I can go into more details about each company. In this review, I will tell you how to join and cover all the details about Usborne Books.

How to Sign Up to Sell Usborne Books

If you want to join Usborne Books, you’re going to go here and fill out the online application. Here’s what they ask for:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Carefully read the agreement disclosure and check the box to agree

This link has you signing up under Pam Zimmermann. Pam and I have been friends for several years, and I know she would be very helpful if you want to start a business with Usborne Books. Alternatively, if you know an Usborne Books consultant, you can contact them and join using their link.

At this point, you will give your social security number and then choose your kit. My favorite part!

What Does it Cost to Join Usborne Books?

There are two kits to choose from with Usborne Books. The New Consultant Mini-Kit is $75, and the New Consultant Kit is $125. Both kits come with books and business supplies. Here are more details on each kit.

The New Consultant Mini-Kit:

  • The cost is $75 plus tax and free shipping
  • You get a display set of books which includes two featured titles plus an additional eight titles from various popular series (that’s a total of 10 books, valued at over $100)
  • You’ll also receive a 6-month e-business package which means that you’ll get your website for free for 6 months

The regular New Consultant Kit:

  • The cost is $125 plus tax and free shipping
  • You’ll get three featured titles plus an additional 17 titles from various popular series (that’s 20 books in total, valued at over $200)
  • You will also receive the 6-month e-business package (same as above)

Both kits contain:

  • A 5-pack count of Usborne Books catalogs
  • A 20-pack of mini catalogs
  • Customer order forms
  • Host guides
  • Monthly e-business package which includes 6 months of your website for free
  • And a branded Usborne Box where available

What is the Commission for Usborne Books?

With Usborne Books, you’ll earn an average of 25% commission based on your sales volume. The commission is 25% on home parties and website orders, but slightly less for fundraisers and book fairs. If you choose to become a Team Leader, you’ll make even more. The average party size is $400 in sales, which means an income of $100.

What Else Can You Earn with Usborne Books?

When you join Usborne Books, besides making a commission on sales, here are some other things you can earn:

  • Usborne Books offer additional bonuses and awards each month with minimum sales
  • You can earn free books for your family
  • You can earn vacations
  • You can earn awards through monthly challenges sponsored by the Usborne Books home office
  • You can earn national recognition
  • You’ll have access to Usborne Books endorsed health and life insurance programs
  • By encouraging a love of reading, you’ll have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others
  • And you’ll be able to build friendships, and experience personal growth and development

How Do You Get Paid by Usborne Books?

Usborne Books consultants get paid by direct deposit every Wednesday. This is a great payment plan, as many direct sales companies only pay twice a month or even monthly. Receiving commissions weekly is a bonus.

Does Usborne Books Have a Quota?

Usborne Books does not have a quota. As long as you pay your $8 monthly fee to keep your website active, then people can place orders with you. This means you can work your business at your own pace. This kind of flexibility is nice when you have a family and another side gig, or work full time.

Does Usborne Books Have Any Fees?

To keep your website active for orders, you will pay $8 a month, which is lower than many direct sales companies, so this is another perk of joining Usborne Books. The e-business package that is included when you join covers the cost of your website for six months. So you have six months to decided if it will be worthwhile to maintain the website fee.

Is Usborne Books the Right Direct Sales Company for Me?

I know that Usborne Books is legit because I’ve purchased many of their popular books for my little kiddos. Also, I personally know Pam Zimmermann, and I know she loves her Usborne Books business.

But is it the right direct sales business for you? If you like the idea of selling educational books and activities for kids, and you’re interested in owning your own direct sales business, this is one of the companies that you should consider. If you’re ready to get started, click here and follow the instructions above!

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