Website Usability Testing At Erli Bird Review

Learn How You Can Earn $10 Per 20 Minute Usability Test At Erli BirdIf you’re into website usability testing you may want to check out a site called Erli Bird. I’ve been on a roll with these user testing sites and decided to write a review of Erli Bird. If you’ve been following my site over the last few weeks and seen the other usability testing jobs you probably already have a pretty good idea of what your about to hear, but Erli Bird does differ from most of the sites I’ve reviewed.

Erli Bird pays you to test apps, websites, and even some gadgets. They pay a good rate, and you also get early access to apps and gadgets before they even hit the market!

That’s enough chit chat, let’s jump right into this Erli Bird Usability Testing Review!

Erli Bird Requirements & Application

There is not any strict requirements for Erli Bird other then you must be 18 and have a desktop and or smartphone to complete tests on. Some test might require a webcam and headset.

The application is super simple. You’ll feel out a form on their website with personal information, some interests, and also what platforms you can take tests on (computer, smartphone, etc.)

After you submit this information you should be approved and able to access the list of tests they currently have available.

How To Earn With Erli Bird

One you’ve applied you’ll be brought to the list of tests available. You can see a description of the nature and see exactly how much the test will pay. You can click on any test and you’ll be taken to a page that has a much more detailed description of what you’ll be doing.

From what I’ve seen the nature of work is a pretty wide range. A lot of the apps are just testing for errors or providing feedback. Most websites are providing feedback on navigation or display of the website, and gadgets usually just have to do with finding errors and improvements on the product.

Once you find a test you’d like to join you can do that from the description page. You’ll provided your feedback and complete the tasks they lay out for you. Once your feedback is approved you’ll be paid for your time!

How Does Erli Bird Pay?

Erli Bird pays up to $15 per test depending on the length of time it takes to complete. It says from $5-$10 is normal, but some pay up to $15. Funds are added to your account a few days after the test has been closed and feedback has been approved.

Payments are made by PayPal and can be requested at anytime. There is a $5 minimum cash out amount, but since tests pay at least $5 after you complete on you can cash out your earnings!

Erli Bird Income Potential

Even though you can see a full list of available tests Erli Bird is still an extra income site. If you’ve read my other reviews of usability testing sites you already know that this is not a full-time job, but something that can earn you some extra spending money each month.

The tests pay pretty good on average, but since there is a limited number of spots and each test is only available to a certain demographic, you’ll only be able to earn $50 on average a month with this site.

As long as you understand this going in you’ll be pretty happy testing sites at Erli Bird.

Is Erli Bird A Scam?

Erli Bird is not a scam, I’ve seen a ton of great feedback on this site and members are getting paid. There are some complaints on getting accepted into tests since they are all limited and first come first serve, but it does seem like most members are happy!

This site does differ from other sites where you can access the list of tests open at anytime, which personally I prefer, but as mentioned tests fill up really quick. Either way Erli Bird is a legit site to add to your list of usability testing sites you’re a member of!

If you’d like to learn more or to join visit the Erli Bird website. To see all the usability testing sites I recommend visit 11 usability testing jobs. You’re going to want to sign up for a few to make as much money as possible.

If usability testing isn’t your thing check out some other ways to make an extra income here, or see how I make a full-time income at Start Your Own Online Business.

Already using Erli Bird? Done Usability Testing in the past? Let me hear your thoughts on this Erli Bird Review below in the comments!


My name is Brok and I am the Owner of Full Time Job From Home. I started making money online in 2013 and created this site to teach others how they can do the same. To see exactly how I make money online visit Start A Profitable Blog

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Tasos Perte Tzortzis - August 13, 2015

Hello Brok , very interesting subject on board today.I am always looking for new online opportunities.

This one sounds totally legit , of course it won’t stand alone as a complete resource of income , but when you add one by one , these resources are rewarding you in the long run.Online marketing needs multiple co-operations if you can put the work.

Are they looking for people with specific experience here?…I don’t have much experience in testing apps but I will definitely consider in learning more about it.

I wanna thank you for this awesome suggestion , you opened some really good doors.

    Brok - August 13, 2015

    Hey Tasos,

    Thanks for checking out my site and review of Erli Bird. You’re right that it’s a unique opportunity to make a few extra bucks each month.

    To answer your question they do not require any experience. Really they’re looking for people who are normal consumers to give feedback.

    Hope this helps,


Sylvia - August 6, 2015

Hi Brok,

This sounds really interesting. I never ever have heard of usability testing at all, but after reading your article it does makes sense.

I certainly got interested and will take a look at this site.
When you start testing, is there any possibility of harming your computer or other devices, like dealing with malware afterwards? Just a bit cautious!!

Other than that it certainly would be some nice extra income, for sure.


    Brok - August 8, 2015

    Hey Sylvia thanks for checking out my review. You really don’t have to worry about any security issues.

    Everything is built right into their website. You’ll actually be recorded through a program on their site so you don’t have to download any additional software to participate.

    Since the review I’ve done a few tests with them and haven’t had any issues!

    Hope this helps,


Mark - July 8, 2015

Hi there Brok,
I had never heard of website usability testing before so this is very interesting for those who might want just a little bit of extra cash each month to supplement their main income.
Is it like this whole taking surveys scam that seems to be about and is it only available or those in the US because I’m in the UK and it might be handy to know about?

    Brok - July 8, 2015

    Hey Mark,

    Website usability testing is a great way to earn some extra income each month.

    It’s not really anything like surveys, other than your giving your feedback. It’s more of a focus group idea. Where your opinion is expressed in a different way then giving out personal information like in surveys.

    Erli Bird is available in the UK so you should be able to join at anytime!

    Let me know if you have any additional questions


Chris - July 8, 2015

This sounds like a quite inventive and original way to earn money online – I didn’t realize these types of jobs paid so much money!
Usually work online opportunities pay very little – what is the workrate with this site – do you have to do a lot to earn that sort of money?
Also, are they Paypal friendly for any country?
Thanks in advance

    Brok - July 8, 2015

    Chris thanks for leaving a comment.

    The website usability testing sites all pay pretty good for the time it takes to complete a test.

    There is no minimum amount of tests you to need to complete to earn a high rate. You can get paid the full rate on your first test even.

    I do mention this is not a full-time income because tests are limited to 1-4 a month it seems.

    They do pay by PayPal, which is my preffered payment method as well! =)

    Hope this helps,



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