Best Online Jobs For Teens

Find blog content ideaI can’t begin to tell you how frustrating it is being a teenager looking for an online job. Tons of online scams are now targeting teenagers, because they know we are out looking for online jobs. After looking for online work for 3 years as a teenager, I was scammed multiple times and denied because of my age more times than you can count. I don’t want you to fall into the same traps I did as a teenager so today we will learn about the best online jobs for teens.

I have progressed since turning 18 and have found legit online jobs which I plan on sharing with you today. I have put together a list of the best online jobs for teens below.

All of these jobs are scam free and there is no age requirement for joining.  Continue reading on to learn some of the best online jobs for teens.

Best Online Jobs for Teens

Cash Crate Best Online Survey WebsiteSurvey Taking: I am not a huge fan of taking online surveys because honestly there is not a huge amount of money in taking surveys, but as a teenager this is one option, because most survey sites require you to be 13 or older. Although I am not a huge fan surveys can earn you an extra $20-$50 a month if you spend some time taking surveys and can build up your referral list. If you would like to see the survey sites I recommend click here!

Selling On Ebay: Well unfortunately you must be 18 to start your own eBay or PayPal account, but you may have a parent that already has both and would let you sell on theirs. Find old things around the house or buy valuable items for cheap at garage sales and thrift stores. You can then sell these items on eBay to make a profit. This is a great online job for teens, but the big catch is having to use a parents account.

Blogging & Affiliate Marketing: Personally this is my favorite way to make money online and is how I make 95% of my online income. The beauty of blogging and affiliate marketing is residual income. You don’t have to sit down and take every survey or do all the work. Once you create a website it can earn you money forever! If you would like to learn more about Affiliate Marketing and blogging click here to see a great way to learn more for Free!

Writing Articles to Sell: There are tons of sites out there where you can find writing jobs. Most sites pay per word and you are given a topic to write about and a desired length. When first starting out the pay per word is usually quite low, but once you build up rank price per word increases dramatically.

Proofreading & Editing: As a teenager your probably used to writing papers and proofreading them. There are sites on the internet that will pay you to proofread papers and other articles. There isn’t a lot of money in proofreading, but it will be something that you already know how to do!

Tutoring: For the brighter teens out there tutoring is a great option for an online job. There are sites on the internet that are looking for tutors. You can pretty much tutor someone in any subject and grade level. I would recommend finding a site that lets you set your own price, but you may have to work for pretty cheap to get your rank up.

Video Marketing: Another good option for teens is video marketing or starting a YouTube channel. There are a few different ways to make money with video marketing. One with ads on your videos this method won’t earn you a lot unless you’re getting millions of views, you may reach that point, but when starting off it won’t earn you much. The best way to make money with video marketing is through affiliate marketing or promoting companies products through video. You get paid a percentage of the sale for each product. You can learn more about video marketing here!


Out of all these options affiliate marketing is the most long-term profitable option for teens.

Remember there are many ways teens can make money on the internet. It still takes a lot of hard work, but don’t let your age stop you from being successful. If anyone has any other ideas for teenage jobs online please comment below, I would love to hear about them!



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