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19 Legitimate Paid Product Testing Sites: Scam Free & Easy!

Who Doesn't Like Free Stuff? Here's 19 Sites That Will Send You Free Products To Try!There’s nothing like getting something for free. Even if it’s just a cheap product, we’re all about getting great deals and free products. Today I’ve put together a list of sites that you can join to get free product to test and keep. I’ve also included a few sites that give you free/cheap Amazon products in exchange for a review.

Now these sites won’t make you rich or make you money, but who can turn down free stuff! I’ve reviewed some of these sites in detail, so I’ve left links to my full review if I have one. If you’d like to make money online rather than get free stuff, check out the Extra Income Sites I Recommend.

Free stuff is the best, but most of these sites require you to meet criteria before they will send you free stuff. With My #1 Recommendation I get free stuff sent to me all the time. It does require more work but you can earn a large income and get free stuff at the same time! Last month I made over $13,000!

Let’s get started here’s 19 sites that offer free product testing!

19 Scam Free Product Testing Sites

Free Product Testing

BzzAgent – Apply to what they call campaigns by taking a short survey. If you qualify, you’ll get some free products sent directly to you. In exchange, you’ll need to share your honest opinion of the products on social media.

TolunaRead Review – Toluna is mainly a survey site, but they also offer product testing from time to time. Sign up and take surveys to see if you qualify for free product testing.

Smiley 360Read Review – Releases new Missions all the time. Find a Mission ( a product you’d like to try) and complete the survey associated with the product. If you meet what they’re looking for you’ll get some free samples sent to your door.

InfluensterRead Review – Sign up and start to share your opinion on products you’ve used. As you share your opinion, your influence score will rise. Each month Influenster sends out what they call a Vox Box. There’s no guarantee, but you may end up getting one of those boxes filled with free products to try!

ChatterBox – A sample box sent out by another site on this list called HouseParty, similar to Influester where there’s no guarantee of ever getting products, but if you do you’ll get a box of samples and products to try for free.

Gen.Video – I’ve never used this site, but similar to the next site on the list. You can occasionally get free products sent to you in exchange for a video review of the product.

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Product TubeRead Review – This is a video survey site/app that pays you to give your opinion on products. They occasionally have projects that include sending you free products to try and give your opinion on. You’ll get paid for your opinion along with free products.

HouseParty – Sign up and share your opinion on products. Host a “House Party” and they’ll provide you and all of your guests with free products to try out.

Green Mom’s Meet – Sign up and start receiving many free samples that you should share with other Moms you know. In exchange, Mom’s Meet will request feedback from you and other product testers.

Naturally Savvy – If you’re a fan of Green products, Naturally Savvy might be for you. They primarily send out all natural and green products, but it can be hard to get a spot on their mailing list.

BetaBound – If you’re a tech person, this is probably for you. When you sign up, you get the chance to Beta test products from major tech companies.

PinchMeRead Review – Has free samples that are released each week. Claim your free samples and see if you qualify. If you do, you’ll get some free stuff arriving at your door shortly after.

Swaggable – Claim products that you’d like to test by adding them to your want list. If you seem like a good fit, you’ll get free samples in the mail. In exchange, leave a detailed review of the product to continue to receive more free products.

Free/Cheap Products For Review

These sites are bit different than the ones listed above. You probably won’t get many completely free products to try, but you can get a huge discount on tons of Amazon Products in exchange for a review on Amazon.

Elite Deal ClubRead Review – Releases new products at a huge discount every morning at 10 am ET. Most products are electronic accessories and can be bought for $2 or less.

SnagShoutRead Review – Again most products fall into the electronic accessories category. Limit of 1 item out at a time until you finish your review. Most products are $1-$2.

Amz Review TraderRead Review – Has the largest selection of different category products and also has higher end items. Some products are $1-$2, but most fall in the $8-$10 range after coupon code. Since they’re higher end items, it’s still over a 50% discount. 

Dollar Deal Reviews – Upfront you’ll pay $5 for 500 points. Each item costs 100 points in exchange for a review. Most products are cheap electronics.

Giveaway Services – Has a wide variety of products, but works a bit different than the other sites. Not only can you leave Amazon reviews, but you can get bigger discounts for social media shout outs, blog posts (reviews), and YouTube reviews.

Home Product Testing – Probably the smallest selection of products and you have to be approved by the seller before getting the coupon code and leaving a review. Still, has some huge discounts.

Promo LaunchZone – A site that offers Amazon Promo codes for discounted products. Not all products are free. Does have a $2.99 monthly fee but does not require you to apply for codes.

Make Money Online

For more information and ways to get free products to keep, check out this product testing e-book!

Getting free stuff to try and keep is awesome, but you really can’t make any money on the sites listed above. If you’re interested in making money online, I have two options for you.

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Do you get free products to test at home? Used one of these sites before? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!


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