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Product Tube App Review: Scam Or High Paying Surveys?

Make Up To $80 Per Video Survey Giving Your Opinion With The Product Tube App!

The Product Tube App is a video survey app that’s available in the Apple and Google Play store. Product Tube is a relatively new app that pays up to $80 per video survey.

I decide to write a Product Tube review to give you a better idea of how it works and how you can make some pretty good money taking video surveys.

With this app, it’s a requirement to record yourself talking on camera, if you’re not comfortable with that, check out these extra income sites.

In this review, I’ll show you how it works, how much you’re paid, cover complaints, and prove that this app is scam free.

Product Tube App Review

App: Product TubeProduct Tube App Review: Is it A Scam?

Price: Free

Score: 85 out of 100

Verdict: Legitimate 

In this Product Tube App Review, I gave them a good score and marked it legitimate. Honestly, there’re not that many video survey apps out there, and I was very happy to see that the app was easy to use and that the payment amounts were high.

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There’re a few complaints I have with the app, but it’s a pretty awesome app. But of course, if you’re not comfortable on camera this is not a good app for you. Check out these other survey apps that don’t require you to video yourself if that’s the case.

How Does Product Tube Work?

Before I get into the exact process of taking a video survey. There’re two types of video surveys available that I’d like to cover first.

In-Store Video Surveys

You probably figured out based on the name that these video surveys will be taken in a store and will give the store an idea of your shopping and decision-making process.

You should hold the camera at chest height and describe why you’re buying one item over another. Some in-store surveys may have additional instructions such as viewing a certain display in the store, etc.

Once you’re done with your shopping video, no need to edit, just submit it in the app to get paid.

At Home Video Surveys

These video surveys will be done at home and usually require you to have a particular product. You’ll take a video of you using the product then give your opinion of the product.

Some products you’ll already have, but some will require you to go out and purchase the product before hand.

Once you’re done, visit the app and upload your video to get paid.

Video Survey Process

Once you sign up for Product Tube, you’ll begin to receive survey invites in the app. These surveys fill up quickly and are usually only available for a few days, so make sure to act fast.

Depending on what type of survey it is, visit the store or make sure you have the required product. Make sure to read all the requirements to make sure your video gets accepted.

Record your video using your smartphone, once again, make sure to meet all video survey requirements. Your video should be 2-5 minutes long.

Once you’re done, upload your video inside the app. No editing is required. Your video response will then be reviewed and approved before payment.

How Much Does Product Tube Pay?

On the Product Tube website, they say that surveys pay up to $80 for an hour of your time. I’ve been a member now for a few months, and I’ve seen video surveys ranging from $15-$50 so far.

I completed one survey, and it took about 30 minutes, so it was an excellent investment of my time.

One thing to keep in mind is that some surveys require you to purchase a product. It’s usually a very cheap product, but it’s something you should be aware of.

How Does Product Tube Pay?

You’ll get paid the full video survey amount within 48 hours after submitting your video, and it’s approved. At this time the only way to get paid is via Amazon Gift Card. Although their website says 48 hours, most members report getting paid much sooner.

You can cash out at any time, but there’s a little catch. You can only cash out in $5 increments. Meaning if you have $42 in your account you can only cash out $40. With that being said, all the surveys I’ve seen pay in $5 increments so it shouldn’t be an issue.

Product Tube App Complaints

Spots Fill Up Quick

Probably the biggest concern/complaint about the product tube app is that there’re not many projects available and the spots fill up very quickly.

I’ve been a member for two months or so and have only received four video surveys. Although they do pay well there’s no way to make this into a full-time income; there’s just not enough work to keep you busy.

Even when you do receive projects (video surveys) the spots fill up super quick. It seems that you only have a day or two to complete the survey before it expires.

Amazon Only

The next complaint has to do with the payment system. At this time the only way to get paid is via Amazon gift card. Personally, I do a ton of shopping on Amazon, so it’s not an issue to me. But some of you may not use Amazon.

I’d prefer to see a cash option such as PayPal, but at this time there’re no reports of adding any additional payment methods.

Is the Product Tube App A Scam?

The Product Tube App is not a scam. It’s a legitimate way to make money with your smartphone. I like that the surveys are pretty easy to take and that you don’t need to edit the video in any way. Payments are quick, but I wish PayPal were on option.

The only real concern is acting quickly when projects do become available. As long as you take surveys as soon as you get them, you should be pretty happy with this high paying app.

If you’d like to learn more or to join, visit ProductTube.com.

As always, this isn’t the only great way to make money online. Here’re some awesome extra income sites that pay me each month. You have to remember that this is just an “extra income” app, if you’re looking to make a larger income make sure to check out My #1 Recommendation!

Do you think the Product Tube App is Legitimate? Let me hear your thoughts on my review below!

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