Is SuperPay.Me A Scam? A Detailed SuperPay.Me Review

Learn 5 Ways You Can Make Extra Money Online At A Site Called SuperPay.Me!SuperPay.Me is a reward site that pays you to complete offers, surveys, watch videos, and much more. I decided to write a review of SuperPay.Me to make sure it isn’t a scam because it’s growing in popularity and some of my readers have asked about it.

It looks like an entirely legitimate site that does pay its members, and it has a pretty low cash out amount, which I always love!

SuperPay.Me will never be a large online income, you’ll be earning pennies for completing tasks. If you’re interested in making a full-time online income, check out My #1 Recommendation to learn how I made over $13,000 online last month!

In this SuperPay.Me review I’ll cover how to earn, how to get paid, the complaints I have, and if this site is a scam!

Update 3/12/18: I never recommended SuperPay.Me but it seems they’ve stopped paying so make sure to avoid this site and check out some legitimate options.

SuperPay.Me Review review is it a scamName: SuperPay.Me

Type: Rewards

Verdict: Not Worth Joining 

In this SuperPay.Me review, I gave them a good score and marked them legitimate. Overall it’s a pretty good rewards site that offers a few different ways to earn.

The thing I like about SuperPay.Me is that they offer many ways to get paid and the cash out amounts are extremely low!

It’s not my top rated extra income site, but overall it’s a pretty good site that I’d say is worth joining.

How To Earn At SuperPay.Me

Paid Offers

SuperPay.Me has free and paid offers available worldwide.

Most free offers pay from $.50-$2 and usually consists of signing up for another rewards/survey site.

Paid offers usually pay $2-$10. They might require you to purchase a product/service or might require a free trial, but you’ll have to enter your credit card information.

Paid Surveys

They have surveys that they host themselves and from other 3rd parties. Most surveys pay from $.50-$2.

It will show what the study’s about, how much it pays, and estimated time to complete the survey.

You’ll need to qualify for the survey before you can complete it and get paid.

Paid Videos

In this section, you’ll see videos that you can watch for points. Most videos are 2 minutes or less and usually, pay .5-1 point.

There’s usually just 2-5 videos available, so this won’t be a huge earner.

Paid To Click

In this section, you’ll get paid to visit websites/ads for 15-30 seconds. You’ll see a long list of sites available. Just click on the site, stay on the page for the required time, and your earnings show up in your account balance.

Most paid to click websites pay $.01-$.0001 and require you to stay on the page for 30 seconds or less.

Referral Program

They do have a referral program that can help you earn more. You’ll receive 25% of your referrals earnings for life. They give you your own link, and they have banners you can place on your Blog/website if you have one.

Prize Contests

SuperPay.Me runs quarterly contests that let top earners win a large cash prize. The terms change each quarter, but it’s usually the top 20-25 members win a cash prize.

The cash prize is divided up between the top earners; total prize amount is generally around $1,000.

SuperPay.Me Rewards

My favorite thing about SuperPay.Me is the payment system. You can cash out via PayPal, Payza, or Skrill.

Each payment type has a minimum cash out amount of $1. Once you earn $1 you can cash out at any time.

All payments are reviewed and made within 24 hours. They do say that most happen within 2-8 hours though.

SuperPay.Me Complaints

Won’t Make You Rich

It’s a pretty common misconception that all online opportunities are going to make you rich. SuperPay.Me will not make you rich; it’s one of those extra income sites that can help supplement your income.

I wouldn’t expect to make more than $50 a month, and most members will make less than that.

As long as you know ahead of time, you should be pretty happy making an extra income at SuperPay.Me.

Is SuperPay.Me A Scam?

SuperPay.Me is not a scam; it’s a legitimate rewards site that offers a few different ways to earn and does pay its members.

If you’re interested in joining, you can learn more or join at SuperPay.Me.

I honestly don’t use this site and recommend some other reward sites over SuperPayMe. You can see the sites I recommend at Legitimate Extra Income Sites.

Extra Income is great, but you might as well learn how to make a larger income. Here’s how I make a full-time income with My #1 Recommendation. You can even work with me directly building your own profitable online business for free! 🙂

Do you think SuperPay.Me is a scam? Have payment proof? I’d love to hear more in the comments below!

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10 thoughts on “Is SuperPay.Me A Scam? A Detailed SuperPay.Me Review”

  1. Superpay. Me is def scam. They pay little money for a while, then they ask you to send them a valid document and falsely accuse you of providing false informations saying that the informations on the document don’t match the ones you register with!

  2. Superpayme is def a scam. I spent hours on it. Seemed like it would be legit. Then when I cashed out, my acct gets locked saying account verification needed. Sent in my documents to prove that I am who I am days ago. And still nothing. I would not recommend this site unless u want to waste a whole lot of time. Looks like they are just keeping all the referal money and claiming “account verification” when u go to cash out so they can just keep the whole amount . Scam scam scam.

    • Thank you for sharing your experiences, Angela. And I’m very sorry to hear you didn’t get paid it’s awful to not get the money you worked for.

      Hopefully you can find a legitimate extra income site to make some money with. Here’re the ones I use. I show payment proof of any site I recommend.


  3. Like the users above, when I attempted to cash out my account was frozen with instructions to open a ticket; when I talked to them they informed me I needed to verify my identity, I have pictures of the front and back of my drivers license already on my computer ready to upload for exactly this scenario, so I immediately responded with the requested information and got my account unfrozen. I then attempted to cash out again, and my account was frozen AGAIN; when I talked to them they said they wanted to review my completed surveys and to check back in 30-60 DAYS. I only used this site for 2 days and made ~$20, if they actually paid it would be one of the best survey sites, but it seems they are actually a scam website. They’re based in London so I filed a complaint with as well as which is where the FTC directed me for international online scams, and I encourage any readers to do the same.

    • Thank you for sharing. As mentioned it’s not a site I recommended even when they were paying. Sorry to hear about the issues hopefully they can take action and get them shut down.


  4. I also was scammed by Superpayme! When I went to cash out, they blocked my account, asked me for utility bills,which I sent to them and THEN they wanted my drivers license! I drew the line there! Why would I send that to a SURVEY company? This is absolutely a scam!

  5. is definitely the most untrustworthy website I’ve ever come across.On multiple occasions, I’ve attempted to cash out from this abomination of a website, and anytime I tried they would always tell me that in order to gain access to my back.I would have to email documents that contain my personal information to the support staff.Like a drivers license or even a state identification card.If anybody reading this that hasn’t signed up for this, probably shouldn’t.But if you do I can guarantee that the same exact thing will happen to you at some point.


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