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15 Awesome Paid Online Part Time Jobs For Students

Are you a college student struggling to make ends meet? Here're 15 online jobs that you can use to make money in your spare time!Are you a student who would like eat more than just ramen noodles for dinner? Or maybe you want some extra income for everyday basics!

Don’t worry; we have got you!

We have curated a list of 15 awesome online part-time jobs that are going to give your student life a great smooth sail!

15 Paid Online Jobs For Students

1. Paid online surveys

Taking up online surveys is a great way to kill time and earn without making any investments whatsoever. In fact, you don’t even need any technical skills to do this.

All you need do here is sign up for paid survey sites such as SwagbucksToluna, Global Test Market, etc. Ensure the authenticity of the site you are signing up with. You can go on the internet and research about the sites and read reviews about them from other survey takers. This will help you find the site most suitable to your liking.

Then, you need to create an attractive and factually correct profile on these sites. Once you are done with the registration process and have created your profile, you will start getting emails on different surveys. These surveys are going to be most relevant to your profile. So, make sure you keep updating your profile as well.

Here, you have a chance to earn as much as you can based on the number of surveys you take.  If you want to stay on the good side of the survey sites, make sure you don’t rush through the surveys without contributing much. After all, the whole idea of conducting the survey is to get valuable feedback!

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2. Freelancer

If you think that you possess some great skills, then you can outsource your services through freelancing avoiding all the hustle and bustle of a 9-5 job.

All you have to do is register with freelancing sites that are filled with numerous jobs suiting everyone. Some of the most well-known sites in the freelance community are Upwork, freelancer, guru, Fiverr, and many more! Just remember to stay far away from the scammy websites.

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As a freelancer, you get to decide the charge for your services. If you are really good and build up a name in your niche, you’ll easily scale up your rates in no time.

3. Online Tutor

If you love teaching and truly believe that you have enough expertise and knowledge to do so, you can become an online tutor!

You won’t require a lot of fancy degrees and can easily pursue this as a student. Many sites offer easy online tutoring jobs such as Tutor Vista, Tutor.com, Elance, etc.

As an online tutor, your earnings are going to depend on a lot of factors including the subject you are tutoring in, your qualifications, your teaching abilities, etc

VIPKid is hiring now and pays up to $21 an hour!

4. Virtual Assistant

If you haven’t heard already, there’s a new freelance job in town!

As a virtual assistant, you will carry out the traditional tasks of a virtual assistant. The only difference being, you will work from wherever you want, whenever you want.

Your tasks can vary from basic administrative work to handling digital marketing campaigns. As a virtual assistant, you will earn on an hourly basis. You get to decide your charges based on the level of services you are providing.

You can easily apply for virtual assistant jobs on freelance sites. Let your work speak for yourself!

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5. Part Time Blogger

As a student, you might feel that blogging is going to require a lot of time and efforts from your side. Even though that fact is partially correct, once you have set up your blog all that stress is going to vanish.

To become a part-time blogger, you need to research about the niches that you want to blog about. Your niche can either be something that you are truly passionate about or a niche that can be easily monetized.

Once you have determined your niche, you can then create a blog using free blogging platforms. The key to a successful blog is valuable content supported by great marketing. Once your blog is well equipped with both these tactics, you can then monetize your account and make money.

There are a few different ways through which you can make money with your blog like using advertisement programs, affiliate marketing, referrals or selling your merchandise!

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6. Transcriptionist

The job of transcriptionist is easier than it sounds.

The transcription jobs are divided into different categories including medical and legal. But, as a student who is a beginner, you should opt for general transcription jobs.

As a general transcriptionist, all you are going to have to do is listen to audio files and then type all the necessary information and turn it into a written document.

Here, you can expect to earn based on the company you are working for as well as your speed along with your skills and knowledge.

Check out all of the transcription companies hiring now!

7. Online Data Entry Jobs

The data entry job is yet another simple job that isn’t going to require a lot of grinding from your side.

An online data entry job involves entering or inputting different types of data information into a computer system. These data’s can be alphabetic or in the form of an audio file or an image.

For this job, all you need is an internet connection, possess basic computer skills and should be a fast typist.

Virtual Bee, Dion Data Solutions, and Axion Data Services are some of the well-known data entry companies of the industry.

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8. Social Media Manager Jobs

Don’t we all love social media? What if I told you that you could earn by being on social media all day long?

Social media manager jobs have made all that possible. Here, all you need to do is manage a company’s social media account and engage with their followers and promote the company.

As a social media manager, you are going to be the voice and face of the company. So make sure your morals and values are in line with the company you are working for.

To bag this job, you need to have the basic social media managing skills along with a decent following of your own.

Interested? Check out the Social Media Manager School!

9. Micro jobs

Micro jobs are nothing but small one time jobs that you can complete and get paid for it. These jobs can be anything from any niche. The sky is the limit here.

You can choose to do any job that suits you. The earning potential with these totally depends on the niche as well as the period of the job.

Here’re several sites that offer Micro Jobs.

10. Earn from PTC websites

PTC (Paid to Click) websites are nothing but websites that pay you to watch the advertisement. Yes! It’s that simple.

All you need to do is register with genuine PTC websites such as Clixsense, Neobux, GPTPlanet, etc. and then watch as many advertisements you want.

Here’re all the legitimate sites that pay you to click

11. Captcha Solving Jobs Online

Don’t we all hate when we go to a website for important work and then end up solving captchas! Well, there aren’t all that bad for us because they have opened up a whole array of jobs.

Most websites use captcha to keep the spammers away. In order to fulfill that need, many companies pay people to solve captchas. The faster you are at solving them, the more you’ll earn.

You can even work using your phone if you don’t possess a computer. There are many captcha entry work sites that are perfect for students and anybody who wants to work from home.

12. Buy and Sell domain

Having an online presence to stand out from the competition, has become very important for most companies.

An attractive website is a beginning to that. However, these companies don’t have a lot of time to build a domain from scratch. Here’s, where you come in. You can make money by purchasing a domain name for very cheap and then building it and selling it for however much you want.

13. YouTube Channel

Similar to the blogging world, you can earn a great part-time income by monetizing your YouTube channel.

All you need to do is create a YouTube channel, and it is absolutely free. Then you need to start uploading good content and create a good following on it. Having great content is a necessity. This is the only way to get more people to view and subscribe to your channel.

Once all the bases have been established, you can then monetize your account. There are a few ways to earn through YouTube. You can earn through advertisement platforms, sponsorship, affiliate programs, or even sell your own merchandise.

Learn how to make money on YouTube here

14. Make Money Online By Playing Games

Are you a gamer?

If yes, then I have good news for you!

You can now earn money by playing and winning games. You don’t even need fancy gaming equipment. An internet connection and a computer are enough.

You can easily register with gaming websites like GSN Cash Games, Paid Game Player, Galesville etc. and play! play! play!

Here’re several ways you can earn money playing games online

15. Stock or forex trading

Even though the stock market is a risky bargain if you research enough and gain a little expertise you can make a lot of profit from stocks and forex trading.

If you still feel a bit unsure about it, try finding more people like you. As a student, you are bound to find someone in your community to share this with.

More Ways To Earn Money Online

                  Finding jobs as a student that are flexible and don’t affect studies isn’t an easy task. However, the revolution of the internet age has definitely made it easier. Nowadays, online jobs have not become easy to find, but the added comfort in doing them has made it all too easy for us. The internet is now filled with thousands of part-time jobs satisfying all our needs. Especially the list mentioned above is going to save up a lot of your time and you can start earning right now.


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