6 Scam Free Reward Sites That Pay You To Complete Tasks

Here're 6 Legitimate Extra Income Sites That Pay You To Complete Short Tasks!I’m a huge fan of making money online as many ways as I can, which is why I use a lot of Extra Income sites to build up an online income. One type of site I use is called reward sites. These sites pay you to do a lot of things like take surveys, watch videos, refer friends, complete offers, and much more.

A lot of reward sites also pay you to complete tasks. Tasks are short and easy things you can do to make a few cents each time.

Please understand that getting paid to complete tasks is unskilled work, so the pay is very low. If you’re serious about making a large online income, check out My #1 Recommendation, it’s how I made over $13,000 online last month!

On this page, I’ll list all the scam free legitimate reward sites that offer paid tasks. I use all of the sites listed below and have been paid by them all. If you have any questions or sites to add to this list, please leave comments below!

What Are Tasks?

As mentioned, Tasks are very short assignments that you can complete to earn a few cents. For example, you might be required to transcribe a short audio file, visit a website, give feedback on a website, categorize a list, or collect information.

As you can see, tasks cover a wide variety of topics, but are always short and usually don’t require much skill. Becuase of that they usually only pay a few cents each.

The leading task site is called crowd flower, but some of the sites listed below also pull tasks from other providers. Either way,you’re paid directly by the sites listed below.

6 Paid To Complete Tasks Sites

Fusion CashRead Review

Fusion Cash is a rewards site that pulls its tasks from the leading provider CrowdFlower but does have other short tasks you complete on their website. They also pay you to do things like take surveys, complete offers, watch videos, visit websites, and have one of the best referral programs out there.

Payments are made monthly via PayPal, Direct Deposit or Check if you have $25 in your account.

To learn more or to join visit!

EarnablyRead Review

Earnably is another rewards site that gets it’s tasks from CrowdFlower. They also pay you to take surveys, complete offers and watch videos. The thing I like Earnably is it’s a newer site that continues to add new features, and they have weekly contests that give you bonuses for being one of the top earners.

Payments are made via PayPal, Amazon, or Bitcoin all starting at $2.

To learn more or to join, visit!

InstaGCRead Review

InstaGC is a rewards site that pulls tasks from Crowdflower but has tasks they provide themselves. They also pay you to do many things like complete offers, shop, watch videos, refer friends, and much more.

They offer gift card payments and also cash payments. Cash payments (PayPal, Direct Deposit, and Mailed Check) all start at $5, but most gift cards start at $1.

To learn more or to join visit!

Prize RebelRead Review

Prize Rebel only provides tasks from CrowdFlower, but they do offer many other ways to earn such as surveys, offers, and videos.

Prize Rebel has tons of rewards to choose from like PayPal payments and many gift cards starting at $5. They also let you exchange points for physical products available on Amazon. Of course, you’ll need a lot of points to get expensive products, but it’s still an option.

To learn more or to join, visit!

ySenseRead Review

ySense is another site that offers tasks from CrowdFlower. The big thing with ySense is this an international opportunity; they accept members from over 50 countries.

They also pay you to take surveys, complete offers but are best known for paying you to visit websites.

They pay via PayPal, PayToo, Neteller, Payza, and Check all starting at $8-$10. ySense now also has over 80 gift card options starting at $3

To learn more or to join, visit!

Inbox DollarsRead Review

Inbox Dollars offers tasks from CrowdFlower, but also offers many other ways to earn. The most notable is getting paid to receive emails. They’ll send you emails every day that you receive a few cents for viewing.

Inbox Dollars pays via mailed check only, once your account reaches $30. They do have a UK version called Inbox Pounds.

If you’d like to learn more or to join, visit!

Other Ways To Make Money Online

As I said getting paid to complete tasks is a very small income, but luckily these sites are legitimate and offer other ways to earn money. If you complete tasks and some of the higher paying options you can make a decent $30-$50 a month with these extra income sites.

Completing tasks isn’t the only way to make money online. Here’s a long list of sites I use to make an Extra Income Online.

Looking for a larger online income? Make sure to check out My #1 Recommendation. They’ll show you how to Start Your own Profitable Blog for free!

Have you used any of these sites? Think they’re a scam? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below! 🙂

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