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50 Ways To Make Extra Cash For The Holidays

The holiday season is right around the corner. If you're like me, you'll be spending more than usual, so it's a perfect time to find some extra cash. There're tons of ways to make some extra money for the holidays, but today I'm going to give you a long list of ways to make extra cash online. If you start using some sites on this list, you can have an extra $10, $20, mayb [...]

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Appdango Review: Get Paid To Download Apps Scam?

Appdango is an app available in the Google Play Store that pays you to download apps. This is not a new way to make money on your phone, but not all of the apps are legitimate.   Appdango seems to be legitimate but is it the best option to get paid to download apps? My personal favorite is FeaturePoints, but there're many other options out there!   In this [...]

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Start A Cleaning Business: 90-Day Fast Start Workbook Review

If you're interested in starting your very own cleaning business, you should check out an e-book by Scott Gibbens called 90 Day Fast Start Workbook. The workbook is a 48-page guide to starting your own cleaning business from scratch. The e-book is reasonably priced at $14.95; heĀ also gives away tons of free information on his website: MyCleaningBiz.com. In this review, [...]

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AppKarma Review: Get Paid To Download Apps Scam?

AppKarma is an app available for Android and IOS devices that pays you to download apps and watch videos. The app is completely legitimate and one of the better "paid to download" apps I've seen. Just like all the other apps, it's incredibly easy to install on Android, but there're a few extra steps on iPhones, but it still works well. In this AppKarma review, I'll cov [...]

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FTJFH Blog Income Report September 2016: $4,116.62

Welcome to another blog income report, today I'll share this blog's income for the month of September 2016. I hope these blog income reports help to inspire you to start your own blog. Over the last four months, I've gone from an income of $1,000 to over $4,000. If you take the time to learn and put what you learn into action, anyone can make money with a blog. If you have a bl [...]

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SurveyCow App Review: Another Unlock Your Phone Scam?

SurveyCow is an app available in the Google Play Store for Android mobile phones only. It's an app that pays you to answer short surveys/polls before you unlock your home screen. Getting paid to unlock your phone is not a new concept, but most of the apps just have display ads. SurveyCow does it a bit differently by giving you polls to answer. In this SurveyCow App rev [...]

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Fliiby Review: Is Uploading Pictures At Fliiby A Scam?

Fliiby is a relatively new site that pays you to upload images and videos. Share your content links with friends and family to earn cash based on views.   If you have content to share you might as well get paid for it. This won't be a huge income, but if you can accumulate 1,000s of views it's better than earning nothing.   In this Fliiby Review, I'll [...]

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Home Product Testing Review: Scam Or Free Amazon Products?

Home Product Testing is a site that offers free or discounted Amazon products in exchange for a review. I decided to write a review because I've seen other sites that are scam free and wanted to make sure this site was too before recommending it. HomeProductTesting.org seems to be the least popular of the few available sites. They don't have many offers available, but the on [...]

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