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3 Ways To Earn Max CashBack At Walmart!

Today I'd like to cover three ways you can maximize your cashback earning at Walmart. I'm going to recommend a few apps and sites that you can use to receive cash back on every purchase you make at Walmart. In no way am I a financial manager, so I won't be recommending a Walmart credit card or any credit card that offers cash back. With that being said, you can earn even mor [...]

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19 Ways To Get Free Amazon Gift Cards!

Who doesn't want free Amazon Gift Cards? Today I'd like to cover 19 ways you can earn free Amazon gift card codes online. Before we get started, these sites won't make you rich and are what I call extra income sites. You can expect to earn anywhere from $10-$50 a month depending on how active you are on the site. As long as you know that going in, you should be happy with [...]

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3 Ways To Earn Free Minecraft Gift Card Codes!

If you or someone you know plays Minecraft, you're probably tired of paying to play. Today I'd like to cover three ways you can earn free Minecraft gift card codes so you can play the addicting game for free! Below I'll list three extra income sites that you can use to earn gift cards. These sites are just an additional income, but it's a great way to get free gift cards. [...]

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BitcoinReward Review: Is Bitcoin Reward a Scam?

I recently reviewed a site called BitcoinGet and today I'd like to cover a similar site called BitcoinReward. BitcoinReward is basically a reward site that only pays out via Bitcoin. If you're not interested in getting paid via Bitcoin, feel free to check out all of the other Extra Income Sites I Recommend. Keep in mind that BitcoinReward is just an extra income site. If [...]

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GiftLoop App Review: Scam or Legit Money Maker?

GiftLoop is a new app that's available on the Google Play Store. It's a make money app that has a lot of hype around it due to their advertising stating you can "make money while charging your phone" and other passive ways of earning. I figured I'd write a GiftLoop app review to see if it's really worth all of the hype. Make sure to check out all of the apps I use to make [...]

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BitCoinGet Review: Scam or Legit Money Maker

Today I'd like to review a new site called BitCoinGet to see if it's a scam or legitimate way to earn Bitcoin. Before we get started, BitcoinGet won't make you rich. It's similar to other reward sites; it just happens to pay out via Bitcoin. If you see other sites that promise a huge Bitcoin income, make sure to be careful, it's most likely a scam. To sign up for Bitco [...]

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Snuckls Review: Scam or Legit Free Money Earner?

Snuckls is a lotto site that pays you to watch YouTube videos, select their category, and gives you a chance to win cash via the lotto. Snuckls pays via PayPal or Bank Wire, so it seems to be available worldwide! The first thing you should know is there's no guarantee of winning any money. You need to select winning lotto numbers to actually earn any cash. If you do win, [...]

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5 Legitimate Sites Like InstaGC That Pay!

One of the most popular reward sites is called InstaGC. Today I'd like to cover five legitimate sites like InstaGC that actually pay! InstaGC is one of my favorite reward sites, but there're some sites I prefer over it. On this page, I'll cover the sites I use and prefer over InstaGC. I'll list the ways to earn, how to get paid and show payment proof. If you have questions, [...]

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