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SpyVisit Review: Is Spy Visit A Scam?

I recently purchased a product called SpyVisit, it's a new service that lets you track your visitors in a few different ways including a video of their whole session, entry points plus their path, and heat maps of clicks, eye-tracking, and scrolls. The service is pretty awesome and is extremely beneficial to bloggers and website owners. You can learn a lot about your visitor [...]

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SavvyConnect Review: Scam or Easy Passive Income?

SavvyConnect is a part of a well known survey site called SurveySavvy. You can download SavvyConnect on Mac, Windows, Android, and IOS. It's basically an extension that tracks your online activity and unlocks higher paying surveys and projects on SurveySavvy. There's some major privacy issues, that I know some of you may have, but it looks like SavvyConnect is actually sc [...]

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Is SaySo4Profit A Scam? My Say So 4 Profit Review

A reader recently contacted me asking if SaySo4Profit is a scam, so I decided to take a look and see what the site was all about. The site is built to collect emails and get you to sign up for survey sites and other making money online systems and sites. SaySo4Profit really is not a scam, there's nothing that they are doing that takes your money, but really it's not a site t [...]

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20/20 Panel Review: Is It A Scam or Focus Groups For Cash?

The 20/20 Panel is a research company that does in person and online focus groups. They're a very reputable company that's been around for a long time, so I know it's not a scam, but I wanted to write a review to share with you how the company works and what to expect when joining. The 20/20 Panel isn't like some survey sites where you can join and immediately start taking s [...]

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BzzAgent Review: Is It A Scam? Some BzzAgent Complaints

BzzAgent is a website where you can share your opinion of products and try out products for free in exchange for a short shout out review. BzzAgent is not a scam, but there's no guarantee that you'll ever receive any free products. It's similar to survey sites where you have to qualify to get free products. With that being said, most of the complaints you'll hear about Bz [...]

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How To Start A Profitable WordPress Blog For Cheap!

If you're looking to start a WordPress Blog for cheap you're in the right place. On this page I'll cover the steps you need to take to get started with your very own blog. I've personally been blogging for over two years, so I'll also make a few recommendations on this page. The first thing I'll recommend is taking a look at Wealthy Affiliate. It's easier than ever to start [...]

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Gift Hunter Club Review: Another Reward Site Scam?

Gift Hunter Club is a rewards site that pays you to do things like take surveys, complete offers, watch videos, and much more. A reader recently left a comment about this site, so I thought I'd check it out and post a Gift Hunter Club review. After using this site for a bit Gift Hunter Club is not a scam, it's a completely legitimate reward site that is actually pretty popul [...]

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iTalki Teacher Review: Scam Or Paid To Teach A Language?

ITalki is a site where certified teachers or experienced tutors can go and teach their native language online for extra cash. Today I'd like to write a ITalki Teacher Review to give you an idea of what's required and what teaching at ITalki is like. This site is 100% not a scam. It's a legitimate tutoring site where thousands of tutors make extra income in their spare tim [...]

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