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Is Paid To Watch Movies A Scam? My PaidToWatchMovies Review

Learn If you can really get paid to watch movies or if Paid To Watch Movies Is A Complete Scam! I recently came across a site called PaidToWatchMovies.com and thought it had to be a scam! I went ahead and purchased the product just to take a look at what you get inside the product.

I’ve heard of a few ways to get paid to watch movies, but there’re a very select few people that get accepted for the job, so I felt that Paid To Watch Movies wasn’t going to be more than a hyped up product that’s a scam.

I was right, In this Paid To Watch Movies Review I’ll show you what you get and prove that this product is a scam!

Paid To Watch Movies Review

Product: Paid To Watch Moviesget paid to watch movies scam review

Website: PaidToWatchMovies.com

Price: $47 After Discount 

Score: 10 out of 100

Verdict: Scam!

In this review, I gave Paid To Watch Movies a terrible score and marked it a scam. There’s nothing inside this product that you should pay for. They don’t have a secret to getting paid to watch movies.

You’re paying for a bit of information that you can find for free. It is possible to get paid to watch movies, but there’re very few positions available. Most likely you’ll never get hired in those positions, so this product shows you how to get paid to watch videos.

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Getting paid to watch videos online is legitimate and here’re a few sites that do pay you, but it’s just to watch short videos, the pay is small, and it’s not a huge income watching movies like this product promises you.

Is Get Paid To Watch Movies A Scam?

Once you get inside the Paid To Watch Movies Product you’ll see that there’s not that much helpful information.

There’re only a few ways to get paid to “watch movies” and like mentioned above; it’s really for watching videos.

The only real ways to get paid to watch movies, is a few companies hire people to go into a movie and count how many people are there, you may also need to comment on reactions.

Another way to get paid to watch movies is by writing reviews of the movie. This method requires a bit more work, and it’s not easy to become a respected movie reviewer that people care about.

The only other way to get paid to watch movies isn’t even watching movies. It’s watching videos. There’re a few websites that pay you to watch videos and a few smartphone apps.

So Why Is Get Paid To Watch Movies A Scam?

It’s hard to say that this product is a complete scam, but honestly, there’s no reason for you to pay for the information inside.

This product will not help you get paid to watch movies. Even if you purchase this product, you’ll have to join other sites and maybe even apply before ever getting paid to watch movies/videos.

There’s no reason to pay $47 to access a list of sites and jobs; you’ll be surprised at how much you can find for completely free on the internet.

In my opinion, you’ll be wasting your money on this product because these types of jobs are impossible to get and the only sites you can join instantly are paying you to watch videos, not movies. If you’re interested in watching videos for cash, here’s 5 sites that will pay you.

Free Options To Get Paid To Watch Movies

As I’ve mentioned, this product isn’t watching movies. It’s more of getting paid to watch videos. Below I’ve put together a list of completely free sites and apps that pay you to watch videos.

FusionCash – Get paid to watch videos, take surveys, and much more. Probably my favorite site to get paid to watch videos. Pays with PayPal, Direct Deposit, and Check.

SwagBucks – Get paid to watch videos, take surveys, complete offers and more. One of the most popular rewards sites. Exchange “Swagbucks” for awesome gift cards.

InstaGC – Another reward site that pays you to watch videos and much more. Exchange points for gift cards or get paid via PayPal or Direct Deposit.

AppTrailers – An app that pays you to watch videos. One of the more popular paid to watch video apps.

Viggle – Get paid to watch videos and listen to music on your mobile device.

All of the sites and apps listed above are legit and are completely free to join!

Other Ways To Make Money Online

Hopefully you understand that Get Paid To Watch Movies is not a necessary product and is a borderline scam. There’s no reason to pay for a list of sites, when I’ve given you some free options above.

If you’re not interested in getting paid to watch videos, here’s a list of other great ways to earn an extra online income. If a larger income is what you’re looking for, here’s how you can make a full-time online income with My #1 Recommendation.

Do you think Get Paid To Watch Movies is a scam? Let me hear your thoughts on this review in the comments below!

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