5 Sites That Pay You To Watch Videos

Do you watch videos online? Bet You Don't Get Paid To Watch Them, Here's 5 Free Sites That Will Pay You To Watch Videos!If you’re looking to get paid to watch videos you’re in the right place. I’ve compiled a list of 5 great sites that actually pay you to watch videos!

All of these sites are completely legit and scam free, they also all offer multiple ways to earn other than videos.

Please know that watching videos for cash isn’t going to make you super rich. Watching videos usually only pays a few cents per video, but it’s a good way to make a few extra bucks each month and I bet you’re not getting paid to watch videos now.

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Keep on reading to see my list of 5 sites that pay you to watch videos!

5 Sites That Pay You To Watch Videos

Fusion Cash

Fusion Cash ReviewThis is my favorite out of all the sites on this list. Fusion Cash is one of the best paid to do sites and of course they pay you to watch videos.

From my experiences the videos pay 1-2 cents and range from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. There is usually at least 10 videos for you to watch every day.

Along with watching videos you can get paid to take surveys, complete offers, view websites, shopping, and much more.

To join or learn more about Fusion Cash visit my Fusion Cash Review. 


swagbucksSwagBucks is my next favorite site that pays you to watch videos. SwagBucks is also a Paid to do site that is probably the most popular and most people have heard of.

SwagBucks works a bit different then the other sites, but they have a gallery full of 100s of videos that you can watch. They have a progress bar that must be filled before you get paid.

From what I’ve seen it takes about 10 minutes of watching videos to fill the bar. After the bar is full you will receive 3 SwagBucks for your time. There is a limit of 150 SwagBucks that can be earned per day watching videos, but that should not be a problem for most.

With SwagBucks you will be able to make money other ways like surveys, offers, searching, and much more.

To join or learn more about SwagBucks visit my SwagBucks Review.


instagc reviewInstaGC is another site that pays you to watch videos, just like the other sites listed InstaGC is a paid to do site that allows you to earn cash through multiple ways.

The InstaGC videos section works a bit like SwagBucks. Basically you need to watch 5 full videos to earn 1 point, which is equal to 1 cent.

InstaGC usually has hundreds of different videos to watch and there is no limit to how many you can watch daily.

Like I mentioned with InstaGC you can also earn by completing offers, surveys, tasks, and much more.

To join or learn more about InstaGC visit my InstaGC Review. 

Inbox Dollars

inbox dollars scamThe next two sites are very similar, but both do pay you for watching videos. Inbox Dollars works very similar to Fusion Cash.

You’re given a list of videos to watch, usually 3-5 a day. Each video pays 1-2 cents and lasts 1-5 minutes. All you have to do is open the video, watch it till the end, and you’ll be paid your reward.

Along with getting paid to watch videos you can also earn by completing surveys, offers, tasks, and even reading emails.

To join or learn more about Inbox Dollars visit my Inbox Dollars Review.

Send Earnings – No Longer Available

Send Earnings ReviewSend Earnings is another site that pays you to watch videos. Personally this is my least favorite site out of the 5, but still is a completely legit site.

Send Earnings videos works just like Fusion Cash. You will see a list of videos to choose from and the price they pay. Most of the videos pay $.01-$.02. From what I’ve seen there is usually 1 to 5 videos available a day.

All you have to do is click on the video and watch it completely. Once you close the video you’re earnings are in your account.

Send Earnings does offer plenty of other ways to earn as well such as surveys, offers, and much more.

To join or learn more about Send Earnings visit my Send Earnings Review.

There it is my list of 5 Sites that pays you to watch videos. Like I mentioned before they are all scam free and a good join.

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Thanks for reading and if you have any questions about this list or any of the sites on it leave comments below!

10 thoughts on “5 Sites That Pay You To Watch Videos”

  1. Helpful advice! RadioEarn is a new website that will pay you cash to listen to internet radio stations in the background while you browse the web.

    Just pin the open tabs in your browser and listen to up to four stations at a time on a single IP address (Dance / Remixes, Mixed music / Top 100 / News, Easy Listening, and Rock / Pop). It’s completely passive.

    You’ll earn as much as $10 per month and you can cashout via PayPal. There’s also 3 referral levels.

    • Thanks for sharing Ora. I’ve never heard of RadioEarn. For visitors reading this. I have not joined or reviewed RadioEarn yet, so join with caution and do your research.


  2. Hey thanks for the write up. I haven’t heard of most of these before, though I am using swagbucks a little bit, haven’t got into it too much and videos don’t seem to work in my country. Though I do sometimes notice I get more swagbucks from browsing, though I’m not actually sure where in particular.

    • Vincent,

      Thanks for reading and for the comment. I’m not for sure if videos are only available in certain countries. I would think that if you can join SwagBucks almost everything would be available to you! But with SwagBucks you can earn a bunch of different ways, like you mentioned with searching. Probably the easiest way to earn with SwagBucks.

      Thanks again,


  3. I’ve tried inbox dollars and wasn’t a fan. But swagbucks I’m willing to let hang around a little to gradually build up bucks for restaurant gift certificates and such. Which is these do you like the best, Brok? Best investment for your time?

    • Sarah,

      Thanks for the comment, Yes I recommend SwagBucks over InboxDollars.

      Overall SwagBucks probably has the most earning potential overall. Fusion Cash has the best system set in place for watching videos though. So if you’re just interested in videos I say Fusion Cash, but SwagBucks is prefer for things like surveys, offers, and other ways of making money!

      Hope this helps,



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