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Is Motor Club Of America A Scam: My MCA Review

is motor club of america a scamYou’ve probably been seeing a lot of hype about a company called Motor Club Of America or MCA. You may have heard of the company due to the roadside assistance and other benefits of being a member, but most likely you heard about it from one of their members trying to build their down line in this MLM scheme.

If you’ve read my site before you know that I am not a huge fan of MLM companies, but their are a lot of legit ones. Motor Club of America is not a scam, but I think you’re money and time can be spent in better ways to make money online.

In this MCA Review we will take a look at what this company really is and why this MLM system is not the best choice if you want to make money online.

My MCA Review


Price: $39 Start Up + $19.95 Monthly

Score: 25 Out of 100

Verdict: Legit, But Not Recommended

In this MCA Review, I gave them a pretty bad score, but I did mark the company legit because you can make money with this program. There are a lot of concerns about MCA, but if you really work hard you could make some money.

Personally, I don’t get involved in MLM companies because I don’t like bother friends and family and to make money you have to convenience people to buy with spoken words. What I do is convenience people to buy with written words. Even better I only have to write a review once and 100s of people will be convinced to buy, see the difference and how what I do is much less work in the long run then MLM companies.

With that being said MCA doesn’t really have that great of a MLM program. There have been a lot of complaints about the program and all the hoops you must jump through. Also the product that you will be promoting isn’t that great of a value.

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My recommendation is stay away from this program and check out my #1 recommendation. It’s how I make money online and I feel like it’s much more effective.

What Is Motor Club Of America

Before we get into the MLM part of the company lets talk about What Motor Club Of America really is. MCA is basically a membership to a roadside assistance program. They offer multiple levels of membership, but that is the main benifit of being a member of this company.

They also offer some benefits in Hospital Visits, Hotel Discounts, Attorney Fees, and Discount card for prescription medication. The different levels of memberships all have different benifits, but here is a breakdown of the memberships.

motor club of america review

The 5 different membership levels all have a larger sign up fee and cost the price above per month. Each one has different benefits, but a lot of fine print with each benefit you receive. That basically wraps up this portion, lets move on to the money making side of the company.


When you join the MCA you will become what they consider a sales associate. One thing I want to say real quick is you don’t actually have to buy the product to promote MCA. If you join with any other sales associate they will tell you to buy that product because that’s how they make money! But it does not require you to pay for the product to promote it.

The way you will be earning money is by having people purchase some level of MCA membership. You will also make money with your down line, which makes this a Multi-Level Marketing company.

For every new member that you refer you will be paid a front end commission of $80 and monthly commissions after that, there is a catch to this, but I will cover it a bit later. Along with the sales that you make, you will get paid $6 every time someone within your down line makes a sale. Within your down line you get paid $.66 every time someone pays their monthly bill.

Motor Club Of America Concerns

MLM Side

I’ve never been a huge fan of MLM companies because it relies heavily on bothering your friends and word of mouth marketing. I touched on this above, but basically with the way I make money online I write my sales pitch one time and it can make sales for me forever. With this type of company you have to give your sales pitch to every single person you want to sign up.

The next big concern is the MLM system, you’ve heard about MLM companies before and it probably went something like the people on the top get richer while the people at the bottom struggle to make money.

Not to say you can’t make money with this program, but it’s a lot harder then you think to actually get people to sign up for these services, especially when there are better competing products for a better price.

Charge backs

I hinted at this earlier, MCA is going to pay you a front in $80 commission which is 200% of what they will make for the sale. The reason for this is MCA expects a member to stay with the program for at least 17 months.

So what happens if they don’t? MCA will start to take back that front end commission in small amounts over each pay check. It is good that they spread it out over paychecks, but having money that you earned taken away from you really stinks!

That is one major reason why I would never promote this program even if it was a good company to get involved with.

Some Dishonest Marketers

Just like any other making money company or system, there is going to be dishonest people who give a bad name to everyone. For example I actually have a Facebook Friend who’s involved in this system. Everyday he posts pictures of him with wads of cash ($1000 in twenties probably) and has people inbox him for details.

Come to find out he actually is not making that good of money with the program and struggling to get more people to sign up, mainly because no one wants to buy the program.

I went ahead and messaged him just to see what he said about the opportunity and man did he ever give me false earning expectations and ease of being successful. Not to say he won’t someday be making good money, but some people are just in it to make money and really don’t give a crap about if the product helps you or not and that’s a recipe for disaster!

Product isn’t that great

That last and biggest concern I have with this product is the product you will be selling. MCA has been around for a long time and know they have a ton of competition like AAA and even local insurance agencies that offer similar programs.

MCA isn’t any better then most of those programs and really don’t have a competitive price either. This leads me to believe to get people to sign up you’re going to have to promote the MLM side, or money making side of the business and not the actually service MCA offers.

That means to make consistent money you’re going to have to lie to the people interested and tell them you must purchase the service to promote it, which IS NOT TRUE! So from the beginning this product is dishonest and to earn good money you’re going to need to lie to be successful. Not really a program I want to be a part of, but here is the most honest product I’ve ever reviewed.

Is Motor Club Of America A Scam

Motor Club of America is not a scam. You can actually make money with this system, but there are a lot of loops to jump through to be successful. People usually fail at MLM programs because they don’t have a great way to market them. Most start bugging their family and friends, which isn’t fun and then move onto social media. But eventually you run out of people to bug and give up.

I’ve seen it happen to tons of people with myself included. Although you may get a few friends to join you need a way to bring traffic to your links to actually make a consistent online income from this program. MCA does not teach anything that will be effective which means if you want to turn this into a lot of cash your’re going to need to do a lot of network marketing, which most people aren’t cut out to do.

My recommendation is to stay away from this product and MLM companies completely. They don’t teach you what you need to know and the people at the top get richer while, you on the bottom have no success.

That is why I do affiliate marketing. I create my own websites, drive traffic to them, and have a consistent income from products that I promote on my site. To see how I do this check out How To Start Your Own Online Business

Thank you for reading this post on The Motor Club Of America Scam. Hopefully you found this review before wasting to much of your time. If you have any comments about this review or the program please leave questions below. Or if you’ve been successful with this program, I’d love to hear your story and how your promote this product. Thanks again for reading.

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