Maximum Paid Surveys Scam

maximum paid surveys scamOne of the most popular ways to make money online is with Paid Surveys. Most Paid Survey Sites are a completely legit way to make money online, but unfortunately companies like Maximum Paid Surveys are taking advantage of people and scamming them out of their money.

Maximum Paid Surveys are scamming people by making them believe that they hold the secret to making more money online with paid surveys and telling you they have a list of survey sites that will pay you more than any other sites out there.

We will cover more about how this company is scamming people in this Maximum Paid Surveys Scam Review.

What Is Maximum Paid Surveys

Maximum Paid Surveys is a site that promises people that they can help them make more money with survey sites and that they have a list of survey sites that will pay more than any other sites out there.

How Does Maximum Paid Surveys Work

Maximum Paid Surveys works a little bit different than most people think. Maximum Paid Surveys does not actually pay your or send you any surveys. Maximum Paid Surveys only has a list of survey sites for you to join. The companies you join will be the sites that send you surveys and pay you.

Along with this misconception a lot of people don’t realize that not only are you paying to get into the members area, but when you join survey sites through Maximum Paid Surveys you become their referral. This means they earn a commission on all the earnings you make within the survey sites you join.

Maximum Paid Surveys Scam Review


Price: $39.95

Score: 5 Out Of 100

Verdict: Scam!

I gave Maximum Paid Surveys a 5 out of 100 and called it a scam because they are giving you unrealistic expectations to get you to buy their product. Then once you get into the members area they teach you a little bit about how surveys work and then have you sign up for free survey sites.

There is no secret system to making more money with paid survey sites and they do not have any sites listed that pay more for their surveys just the normal $1-$5 surveys.

Maximum Paid Surveys Scam Concerns

So Called Training

The big selling point of Maximum Paid Surveys is that they will teach you how to make more with taking surveys. I wish I could tell you this is true, but it’s not. The training is not a secret system to making more. Basically the training is an overview of what paid surveys are plus a few helpful tips to get started.

The tips are start a new email, use robo-form, and sign up for all the sites they have listed. The first two tips really are good ideas to stay organized with taking surveys, but of course this isn’t going to make you more money with surveys. The third tip is just so you sign up for more survey sites and you become their referral.

Survey List

The survey list has a few sites that I actually recommend on it you can see those here. But there is over 100 survey sites on the list including a lot of sites that are complete scams.

A big selling point of Maximum Paid Surveys is they have sites that pay more for surveys like $20 per survey. Unfortunately this is not the case. All the survey sites listed are not secret sites that pay more. They are all sites that are free to join and can be found anywhere on the internet.


There are a few bonuses included with Maximum Paid Surveys. They are basically E-books with brief overviews of how to make money a different way online. All they are doing with the bonuses are giving you more sites to sign up for, where you will become their referral and earn them more money.

Some of the bonuses are listed below.

  • Mystery Shopper
  • Paid To Visit Websites: You can learn how to do this with ySense
  • Paid To Open Emails: You can learn how to do this with Inbox Dollars

Final Verdict

I do not recommend purchasing Maximum Paid Surveys. The company is a complete scam and it’s sad to see companies out there taking advantage of people on the internet. If you purchase this product you will in no way make more money with survey sites. You can find all the information you need about legit survey sites all over the internet for free. A good place to start is the 30 Best Survey Sites That Pay

What To Do Now?

Thanks for reading my Maximum Paid Surveys Scam Review. Obviously I do not recommend this product, but I do recommend some survey sites like PaidViewpoint, Cash Crate, & Survey Savvy. If you would like to see the full list of sites I recommend visit All Scam Free Jobs.

If you would like to learn more about how I make 95% of my online income visit Start Your Own Online Business.

Hopefully you enjoyed my Maximum Paid Surveys Scam Review and let me help you find a legit way to earn money online by visiting the links above. If you have dealt with this company or any other scam in the past I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below!

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