10 Free Sites That Can Make You Money Online Today

Do You Want To Learn How To Make $10 Online Today? These 10 Sites Will Earn You Over $10 Just For Signing Up! Everyone is looking to make money online. There are 100s of legit ways to make money online. Some can make you money online today, and others take some time to build up and start making money. Today I’m going to focus on 10 Free sites that can make you money online today.

On this list, you’re going to find some survey sites and other supplemental income opportunities. A lot of these sites will pay you money just for joining, and I have marked those on this list. Just so we are clear these sites aren’t going to make you super rich but can earn you some extra spending money each month. I get paid by each of these sites every month, so I’ve included some proof of payment.

This list is catered to US readers, some of the sites on this list will not work for all users outside the US. If you’re struggling on this list, make sure to check out the top 10 extra income sites open worldwide!

If you’re looking to make a full-time income online check out my #1 recommendation. This won’t earn you money today, but a month from now you could be making money and a year from now you might have a full-time income.

No more chit chat let’s jump right into some sites that you can make money online with today!

10 Free Sites That Can Make You Money Online Today

Fusion Cash: Earn $5 Just For Signing Up

Fusion Cash is an awesome site that pays you $5 just for joining. You can make money with Fusion Cash in many different ways such as surveys, offers, listening to music, watching videos, visiting websites, and shopping.

Fusion Cash also has a great referral program that pays you $1 for every single friend that you invite.

You can see proof below of being paid $44.72 directly to my checking account!

fusion cash payment

fusion cash payment proof

I highly recommend this site to anyone looking to make money online today. To learn more about this site visit my Fusion Cash Review or use the link below to join.

Earn $5 With Fusion Cash Today

SwagBucks: $.70 Just For Joining

SwagBucks is a paid to do site that I highly recommend, they do have a sign-up bonus, so you can make money online today with this site.

SwagBucks offers tons of different ways to earn like surveys, offers, watching videos, and my favorite searching the internet. I get paid by this site every single month and here is proof of my latest payment.

swagbucks payment proof

SwagBucks is a good site to start making money online today with, and you can also get paid at any time. To learn more, you can visit my SwagBucks Review or join through the link below!

Join SwagBucks For Free

PaidViewpoint: Earn $1 Today For Joining

PaidViewpoint is an awesome pure survey site. This site only sends you surveys that you’re already qualified for so it cuts down a lot of time spent answering unnecessary questions only to be told you don’t qualify.

All PaidViewpoint surveys are ten questions long and are multiple choice answers. This is by far the best site for taking surveys I’ve ever seen. I also get paid by Paid Viewpoint every single month. Here is proof of my latest payment.

paidviewpoint proof of payment

PaidViewpoint is a great site to make money online today. To learn more visit my PaidViewpoint Review or join through the link below.

Join PaidViewpoint

CashCrate: $1 For Joining

CashCrate is one of my favorite Paid To Do Sites. With CashCrate you can earn money in many different ways like surveys, offers, visit sites, completing tasks, and shopping.

I get paid by CashCrate every single month and highly recommend it to anyone trying to make money online today. Here is proof of my latest payment from CashCrate via PayPal.

cashcrate payment proof

I highly recommend CashCrate to people looking to make money online. To learn more visit my CashCrate Review or sign up through the link below.

Join CashCrate Earn $1 Today

Ibotta: $10 Sign Up Bonus


Ibotta is an app that pays you to shop at your local store. The awesome thing about this app is that you’re going to buy groceries anyways. Why not get paid cash back when you do.

All you do is go to the store and shop normally. When you’re done, upload a photo of your receipt to earn cash back.

ibotta payment proof

As you can see from above, Ibotta pays via PayPal and a few other options starting at $10. You can learn more by reading my Ibotta Review.

Join Ibotta Now

Or use the code:  xsolsia to earn $10

Ebates: $10 Gift Card When Joining

I’m sure most of you have heard of Ebates. It’s a site that gives you cash back on all your online shopping. This site differs a bit from the rest since you will have to spend money at stores to actually make money, but it’s completely free to join and why would you not want to make money when your shopping!

Here is proof of my latest payment from Ebates. As you can see a total of $54.10!


ebates payment proof

I highly recommend joining Ebates; you may not make money online today, but it’s a great site that can earn you money in the future. To learn more visit my Ebates Review or join through the link below.

Join Ebates and Earn Money While You Shop


ClixSense is another great site to start making money online today. Clixsense lets you earn money in a few different ways. The main way being visit websites, you can start making money right away by clicking on websites and staying on them for a few seconds.

ClixSense also lets you make money with surveys and offers.

You can see proof of payment below, $8.09 directly to my PayPal account!

clixsense payment

This is a great option for people looking to make money online quickly. To learn more visit my ClixSense Review or join through the link below.

Join Clixsense

Instant Cash Sweepstakes

Instant Cash Sweepstakes is a site that pays you for taking short 3 question polls. This site is similar to survey sites, but has the same feel as PaidViewpoint, with short multiple question polls.

They don’t offer any other ways to earn, but taking short polls can earn you some cash today. Here is proof that I get paid by Instant Cash Sweepstakes via PayPal.

instant cash sweepstakes payment proof

This site is a great option to join and start earning money online today. To learn more visit my ICS Review or join through the link below.

Join Instant Cash Sweepstakes


Qmee is a site that pays you to search the internet. The way it works is Qmee shows paid search results on the side of your normal search results. All you have to do is click on the paid ad, and you get money.

The cool thing about Qmee is it doesn’t affect the standard search results, and you can start earning money online with this site today. Here is proof of my last payment from Qmee.

qmee payment proof

Qmee is a perfect site to make money online by searching the internet, and it’s something that you already do every day. To learn more visit my Qmee Review or join below.

Earn Money For Search With Qmee

Earnably: $1 Sign Up Bonus!

Earnably is a paid to do site that’s just a few months old. Although they’re a young site, it’s a fantastic paid to do site that pays you to take surveys, watch videos, complete offers, and much more.

One of the best things about Earnably is the rewards. They have PayPal and Amazon gift cards that start at a low $2. You can see I recently got paid via PayPal!

earnably payment proof

When joining, you’ll earn an additional 100 points just for signing up!

To learn more about Earnably visit my full review here.

Join Earnably and earn $1 Instantly!



BevRAGE App: Pays you to buy beer, liquor, and wine! 

BevRage is a free app that pays to buy beer, liquor, and wine. The awesome thing is they’ll pay you to buy any brand of alcohol! Payments made via PayPal.

Limited Time Offer: Earn $1 for signing up for BevRAGE. Enter code: FTJFH


beverage app payment proof

Visit BevRAGE.com

Or Download the app and Enter code: FTJFH

There you have it 10 Sites that you can make money with today. If you join some of these sites, you can actually earn over $10 today in sign up bonuses. All of these sites are scam free, and I showed you that by sharing payment proof.

You don’t have to join them all, but these are all good options for making money online today. If you’re looking for a larger online income, you may want to check out how I make money online at Start Your Own Online Business. 

Thank you for reading, and I hope I can help you make money online today with these ten sites. If you have any questions, feel free to leave comments, and I will get back to you right away!

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