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WunWun Jobs: Get Paid To Deliver Review

wunwun jobsWunWun does offer many jobs such as engineer, design, and marketing, but today I’m going to be covering the get paid delivery portion within this review. I’ve already reviewed many jobs just like this one, and just like all the others, WunWun is limited to where it’s available.

It has a pretty easy application process, but this job will require you to have some transportation and a smart phone.

As a WunWun Helper, you will be responsible for filling orders and delivering them to customers. Stick around to learn more about this WunWun job in this review.

WunWun Jobs Helper Review

As a WunWun deliverer, you will be required to sign up for shifts throughout the day. During your shift, you will be given orders to complete. This could be picking up food at a restaurant or buying groceries at the store. Either way, you’re required to get the items needed and deliver them to the customer.

WunWun allows you to set your own hours, but from what I can find there is no guarantee of you getting any deliveries during this time. I’ve found a few complaints from employees, but overall it seems like a decent opportunity.

WunWun Requirements

To become a WunWun Delivery man or woman you will need to be at least 18 years old, knowledge of the city you live in, have a bike, scooter, or vehicle, and be able to provide a valid drivers license and proof of insurance.

WunWun Application Process

You may apply anytime on their website here. You will be required to pass a background check and if all goes well they will set up a face to face interview. If they want to hire you, you may begin working immediately.

How Much Does WunWun Pay?

On WunWun’s website, they say that some workers are making $22+ an hour. From what I can find from workers this really is not the case. There might be a few workers making this, but that is just a few. They do guarantee a rate of $10 an hour even if you don’t get any orders (some employees say this has changed, check complaints for more info).

I could not find any information on how they actually y, but based on other companies most likely PayPal or Direct Deposit Weekly.

WunWun Jobs Complaints and Concerns

I mentioned earlier in this review that there were some complaints from workers, and honestly I could not find any positive reviews of this job. I’m going to give them the benifit of the doubt because unhappy people are much more likely to share then happy workers, but here is the complaints I’ve found.

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Skill Level

One thing that hasn’t come up in the other similar jobs that I’ve reviewed is skill level. I’m sure they allow customers to write reviews, but with WunWun it’s very hard to start out and failure to complete jobs in a strict time frame lower your level.

Some beginners have reported working a 40 hour week and getting a total of 8 orders. I guess there is no guarantee of getting orders and as a newer member they send you less orders then anyone else.

I cover this more in the 1 hour deliveries section, but if you don’t complete orders in less then a hour your score level is automatically lowered, meaning less orders and money for you.

Unfair Rates (No Pay Guarantee) 

So on the WunWun website they say they pay a guaranteed rate. One member said he was guaranteed $10 an hour no matter what. But after a few weeks that changed and was told $10 minimum per order with no hourly rate.

That would be fine if he was raking in orders, but they put in a 30 hour week and completed a total of 4 orders.

My big issues here is they changed how they were going to pay all of a sudden and it wasn’t what they said up front when he applied for the job.

1 Hour Deliveries 

WunWun does not guarantee orders to be complete in an hour, but it is their goal. So for delivery people if you don’t complete an order in under 1 hour you will be penalized. This would not be a huge deal, but some orders just can’t be completed in under an hour.

For example if a customer wants food from a pick up restaurant and they have a long line you may have to wait 30 minutes in line. Factor in the time it took you to get to their and to the customer it might be over an hour. This really isn’t your fault, you can’t just jump in line and make it move faster, but you will still be penalized. Which means a lower score and less orders sent your way.

Is WunWun Legit or Scam?

From what I can see WunWun is legit, but there seems to be some previous workers that might call it a scam. There are some pretty big complaints about the company, but I can’t call it a scam. However I think there are better companies to get involved with.

I recently wrote reviews on TaskRabbit and InstaCart. These are both similar companies available in the same areas that are more popular. To me these sites might be a better place to work for then WunWun.

If WunWun still sounds like your cup of tea you may apply on their website here.

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Either way thanks for reading this WunWun Jobs Review. Have any more information about WunWun Jobs? Worked As A WunWun Helper? I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments below!

Did you know you could get paid to make deliveries in your city? With WunWun you could make up to $22 an hour!


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