Is Gaming Jobs Online A Scam? Well It’s Not Legit.

is gaming jobs online a scamThere has been a bunch of hype about a new product called Gaming Jobs Online. As you probably guessed it has to do with the gaming industry and promises an easy way for gamers to find jobs to test games.

I will be honest, people actually do make a living testing video games, but that is just a handful of people. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but the real question is gaming jobs online a scam or will it actually help you find an online job testing games.

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From what I’ve found Gaming Jobs Online is not legit and won’t help you find a job. Let’s go ahead and get started and learn why Gaming Jobs Online is a scam.

Gaming Jobs Online Review


Price: $1 7 Day Trial + $27 Monthly

Score: 10 Out of 100

Verdict: Scam

In this Gaming Jobs Online Review, I gave them a terrible score and marked it a scam. With these type of products, the big question is will paying for this product give me a better chance of getting a job and the honest answer here is no.

Yes they have some training on how it all works and have links to places to find online gaming jobs, but most links seem to be outdated and the company no longer highers or it’s just a broken link.

Not to mention, all the information that you can find within the Gaming Jobs Online membership area can be found on the internet for completely free through a simple search.

I don’t recommend this product to anyone. It’s a waste of time and money!

Is Online Gaming Jobs A Scam?

Within this section, I will show you exactly why Online Gaming Jobs is a scam and why you should not purchase this product.

Sales Page BS

I had a few issues with the Online Gaming Jobs sales page, but the biggest concern is how easy they tell you getting a gaming job will be. Obviously, anyone who is in to games would love to have this type of job so there are thousands of people all looking for a few positions. As you guessed it’s an extremely competitive field.

gaming jobs online review

You can see from the screenshot above that it’s as simple as this 3 step process, but really it’s much harder to actually get a job as a game tester.

gaming jobs online scam

The next issue I found was the earning potential they give you. On the sales page, they have one of those income calculators. It starts off with what they think you should earn per hour, $20.

Now I’m not saying that people aren’t making that much, I really am not sure of the average salary of these type of jobs, but as I said it’s extremely competitive so I doubt companies need to pay people $20 an hour when starting out.

People would be very happy working for $10 if it means they get to play video games all day. I don’t find it realistic to make that much per hour and from what I can find there is no guarantee companies will hire you full time so a yearly income can not really be calculated.

Members Area

I had a few big issues with the member’s area, the first big issue is to me there is nothing inside that is going to help you find an online gaming job that can’t be found on the internet for free.

They do have a few guides that give you an overview of what the type entails and how some people have got jobs in the industry, but nothing worth paying for.

They give you a list of sites that hire gamers, but once again this could be found through a simple Google search.

The other problem I had with the member’s area is it does not seem to be up to date. There are quite a few links that are actually broken that lead to no where and a lot of links go to companies that are no longer hiring.

Is Online Gaming Jobs Legit?

In no way do I recommend Online Gaming Jobs. They give you a lot of BS hype on their sales page and give you the impression that this is secret information and a guaranteed job if you purchase.

All the information you’re given can be found for completely free elsewhere, for this reason alone, the product should not be purchased.

Please know that having an online job as a game tester is a real thing, but it’s a hard job to get and there is no guarantee that you will ever have a position like this. With that in mind, it’s a scam free online job if you can get hired by a legit company, but I don’t see how this product is going to help you achieve this.

Now that you know Online Gaming Jobs is a scam, here are some of my scam free work from home jobs and extra income sites.


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Do You Think Online Gaming Jobs Is A Scam or Legit? I’d love to hear your thoughts on my review in the comments section below!

Companies will pay you to test video games but can you really work at home by getting paid to test video games?

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