Survey Squad Surveys Review: Is it a Scam?

If you’re looking to take online surveys for cash a newer site called Survey Squad seems to be a legitimate option.

With that being said, not all legitimate survey sites are created equal. Survey Squad is a site that offers online surveys, but they also offer in-person surveys.

Although Survey Squad is legitimate, it’s not one of my favorite survey sites. If you want to get paid to take online surveys, make sure to check out these top sites.

In this Survey Squad review, I’ll cover how it works, how to get paid, and if Survey Squad is a scam.

Survey Squad Review

Learn How you can get paid to take online surveys and participate in in-person focus groups at Survey Squad!Site: Survey Squad

Type: Paid Surveys

Verdict: Legitimate Not Recommended

In this Survey Squad review, I marked them legitimate, but it’s not a site I would ever recommend. I like that they have several types of studies available and it seems members report lots of email invitations, but there’re some major complaints about the company too.

I always take the can’t qualify complaints with a grain of salt because everyone has different demographics and it’s pretty much the industry standard for it to be hard to qualify. What concerns me is the payment system. They pay via mailed check, and some members report a delay of 3-5 months before payment’s received.

Survey Squad does pay, eventually, but with so many other survey sites out there that pay almost instantly, there’s no reason to join this site.

If you’re still interested in taking surveys for cash, check out my top recommendations.

How To Earn At Survey Squad

Survey Squad offers a few different ways to earn such as online surveys, in-person surveys, over the phone surveys, and focus groups. Once you join, you’ll receive survey notifications via email. Like most survey sites, just because you receive a survey invitation does not mean you’ll qualify and get paid for the survey.

Of course, all in person studies list the location so you can easily tell if it’s worth bothering with, but regular online surveys require you to answer screening questions before the survey starts.

Most online surveys pay from $1-$3, while in in-person and online focus groups can pay anywhere from $50-$200+.

Once you earn some money completing studies, you can cash out via mailed check.

Survey Squad Rewards

SurveySquad has one cash out option, mailed check. You’ll need at least $20 in your account before you get paid and from what I’ve seen, they don’t pay quickly.

On their website, they also say you’ll earn Sweepstakes entries for completing an online or in-person survey. It says that the grand prize winner gets $200, but just like any sweepstakes, the chance of winning is slim.

Survey Squad Complaints

Payments Take Forever!

I’m not a fan of the payment system to begin with, but I’ve seen several complaints about payments being very slow. I understand that mailed check takes longer than automatic payments such as PayPal, but some members have reported waiting several months to get a check.

It seems that they do pay, but you’ll be waiting awhile before that check shows up!

Hard To Qualify

Honestly, you’ll find this complaint with most survey sites. The companies paying for you to take a survey are looking for specific types of people. The chance of you fitting their target demographics is slim.

There’re several complaints about getting tons of survey invitations, but never qualifying for the survey, which means you never make any money.

The only site that helps you avoid this is called PaidViewpoint. They only send you surveys you’re pre-qualified for which means you earn for every answer you give!

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Is Survey Squad A Scam?

I honestly can’t call Survey Squad a scam because they do eventually pay and they offer legitimate online and in-person surveys, with that being said it’s not a site I would ever recommend. There’re much better survey sites out there that don’t make slow payments. My advice is to stay away from Survey Squad and check out some of the more reliable survey sites I recommend below!

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Do you have questions about this Survey Squad Review? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this site in the comments below!

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  1. Survey squad is a scam..just dealt with them and they wouldn’t let me enter my phone number.
    It’s a rip off to get personal information.

  2. Survey mini in my opinion, survey mini is nothing but a scam website to receive your opinions with no compensation. After doing many many surveys, I accumulated 25,000 points, I submitted for a gift card nearly a year ago and have never received it even though I have emailedcustomer support


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