Get Paid To Take Online Surveys At PaidViewpoint

If you’ve been on my blog before, you know that I’m a huge fan of making money online anyway I can.

Although I make most of my income blogging, there’s still one survey site that I use all the time. That survey site is PaidViewpoint.

The reason I love PaidViewpoint is that they only send you surveys that you’re pre-qualified for. This means you never have to answer a few questions just to be told you’re not eligible for the survey!

Another reason I love PaidViewpoint is it’s available in any country that PayPal is available!

Please understand that although PaidViewpoint is my favorite survey site, you will never earn a ton of money taking surveys. If you’re interested in making a full-time income online, check out My #1 Recommendation, it’s how I made over $13,000 online last month!

On this page, I’ll show you how PaidViewpoint works and how to get started making money taking online surveys!

How Does PaidViewpoint Work?

1. Join PaidViewpoint For Free & Earn $1 For Joining

Joining PaidViewpoint is completely free. You can do so by visiting Once you join, confirm your email, and complete your profile, you’ll earn $1 just for joining!

2. Take Surveys To Earn Cash

Once you complete your profile, wait for surveys to come in. There’re two types of surveys at Paidviewpoint. I covered both below:

Trait Surveys: Trait Surveys are ten questions each and pay $.10 for each survey. With these surveys you’ll see questions repeated, that’s because they’re building your profile and want to see consistent answers.

Market Research Surveys: Occasionally PaidViewpoint will send you Market Research surveys that you’re pre-qualified for. These surveys vary in length and pay, but most take under 5 minutes to complete and pay $.25-$1.50.

3. Raise Your Trait Score

The key to earning more at PaidViewpoint is raising your trait score. To do this, you need to complete all the trait score surveys they send you. Make sure to be consistent with your answers; slowly your trait score will rise. As you raise your trait score, you’ll be sent more surveys and earn more for every market research survey that you complete.

4. Cashout Earnings

Once you make $15, you can cash out your earnings via PayPal. You’ll see the payment in your account with 24 hours of cashing out.

5. Invite Friends To Earn More

Once you join PaidViewpoint, you can invite your friends to make more. You’ll receive 20% of all their earnings from market research surveys!

How Does PaidViewpoint Pay?

PaidViewpoint pays via PayPal, which means it’s available in every country you can get a PayPal account. You’ll need to earn $15 before requesting a cashout. Once you request payment, earnings show up in your account within 24 hours.

PaidViewpoint Payment Proof!

I’ve been using PaidViewpoint now for over three years and have made over $600 (includes some referral earnings.) Below I’ve included screenshots from my account and proof of my latest PayPal payment!

paidviewpoint payment proof

paidviewpoint proof of payment

Join PaidViewpoint and Earn $1

How To Join PaidViewpoint

Now that you know how PaidViewpoint works and that it’s a legitimate site, it’s time to join for Free. As mentioned, when you join and complete your profile you’ll earn a $1 sign up bonus!

To signup, visit

If you’re interested in making money online, I highly recommend checking out all the Extra Income Sites I use to earn money online.

Extra income not enough? Check out My #1 Recommendation, it’s how I made over $13,000 online last month!

Do you have questions about PaidViewpoint? Make sure to leave comments below!

14 thoughts on “Get Paid To Take Online Surveys At PaidViewpoint”

  1. It is not worth the time and effort to join Paidviewpoint if you are in South Africa. You are paid .03 USD per survey and with the threshold of 15 USD it will take you approx 500 days to get paid. I participated in Paidviewpoint for nearly a year and 2 months after reaching 10000 points I still only received .03 USD per survey. There are many other online survey companies who works better for South Africans and whilst many recommend Paidviewpoint I am very disappointed. I never received any higher paying surveys from Paidviewpoint and looking at reviews you only receive good surveys in the USA and some other companies, unless you invite participants to the site. If there are any South Africans who had a better experience than me it will be great to hear your journey.

  2. I just registered on /paidviewpoint under your link, hope this survey will work good for me, because I’M INTERNATIONAL USER.

  3. Hey

    Sorry. I also needed to query this: You have been invited by: brokwebb
    You have no invited friends

    This was under history of friends invited. Am i inviting or are you?. This would have an implication on the commission if they accept. Are you going to earn the commission or am I earning the commission.

    Sorry this doesnt make sense. An explanation would help.


    • Gita that message means you were referred by me. I’ll earn a percentage of what you earn. But you can use your referral link to refer your friends. Everyone you refer will show up on that page and you’ll earn a percentage of what they earn.


  4. Hey

    I read your review and I thought that I will give it a go. I am retired and I thought that it would be fun.

    My trait score was 618 and they talk about it being like 9000 or more. What are the implications of this low score. Am I to be excluded or do I expect to get surveys coming through. How does ths work? I am in South Africa.


    • Gita, when you join you’ll start with a low score. It takes several months of consistently answering trait surveys to raise your score to over 9,000. Just respond to all the surveys they send you and answer consistently and you’ll see your trait score raise overtime.


  5. Hello Brok
    Thanks for sharing your opinions on Paidviewpoint.I can see that earning $1 can be easy online when one earns paid view point.
    But like many surveys out there,I do find them to be a real waste of time unless one can refer 100s of members who earn you money from their activity.Unfortunately I’m not good at referring people to websites so I will do poorly if I joined paid view point.
    Having said that, for people living outside the USA and Canada, it`s almost impossible to make money taking surveys, I`ve tried taking surveys for cash, as I live in Switzerland, surveys are hard to come by, sometimes there will be no survey for a full week.
    For someone looking to make little pocket cents,surveys might be ok, but for anyone who wants to earn real income online, like you say, there are better ways out there.
    Really enjoyed your post, unfortunately for us people out of USA, Canada, and the UK,it`s almost impossible to earn with surveys.

    • Thank you for sharing your opinion on surveys! You’re correct when you say there’s less surveys available if you live outside the US. PaidViewpoint does let you join still (it’s available anywhere you can get a PayPal account.)

      Out of all the survey sites I feel like PaidViewpoint is the best based on time. The surveys are very short and you always qualify, but as you said it’s a small extra income.

      Thanks again for sharing!


  6. Wow, I really like that PaidViewPoint sends you surveys that you can actually take versus other ones where you get rejected because you don’t fit the criteria that they are looking for. I’m glad you posted your life time earning to show what you can actually earn. Thanks for posting this review as I think I’ll join it.

    • Thanks for checking out my review Brian! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. You’re right that PaidViewpoint only sends you surveys you’re qualified for so you’re always earning when you answer questions.

      Keep in mind the lifetime earnings do have some referral earnings in it, but PaidViewpoint is the only survey site that I still take surveys when they email me!


  7. Since one will be doing Market Research Surveys if will decide to join,can we from Asian countries also do it? How are we going to do a satisfying survey if we are not familiar of any products, stuff & so on because we don’t have them here?

    I’m so intersted to join to earn extra money to support my otherwise insufficient earnings. So please Brok, make me understand this point.Thanks.

    • Hey, Ruth, it’s available in any country you can get a PayPal account. You bring up a good point. Some surveys will apply to you, but there’re fewer surveys available for some countries. Of course, they’ll only send you surveys that you can take, so you won’t be wasting time.



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