StepBet Review: Win Money For Being Active!

Did you know you could make money by being active and reaching your step goals? With StepBet you can earn cash by reaching your goals!Today I’d like to cover a new site/app called StepBet that lets you make money by meeting your step goals. Some of you might be familiar with the parent site called DietBet, which pays you to reach your weight loss goals.

To use StepBet, you’ll either need a Fitbit, Apple Watch or have access to Apple or Android health on your smartphone. You’ll need this to track your daily steps. If you have the required equipment, anyone can join and bet on their activity.

Please keep in mind you’ll bet money on your step goals. If you don’t reach your goals, you’ll lose all of your money. If you reach your goals, you’ll earn your money back plus a bonus!

StepBet is a great way to stay motivated, but it won’t earn you a ton of money, if you’re interested in making a large online income, check out My #1 Recommendation, it’s how I made over $13,000 online last month!

In this StepBet review, I’ll cover how it works, how much you can win, and prove you can win money for meeting your step goals!

StepBet Review

stepbet review is it a scamSite: StepBet

Type: Fitness

Verdict: Legitimate

In this StepBet review, I marked them legitimate. Please keep in mind you’ll be betting on your step goals, so if you don’t want to spend money, this is not for you. Check out the SweatCoin app that pays you for every step that you take.

With that being said, as long as you meet your goals, you’ll earn money. If you’re looking to become more active, this could be a good way to stay motivated and make some extra money in the process.

How Does StepBet Work?

1) Sign Up For A Free Account

The first step is to register by visiting or downloading the app on your mobile devices app store. It just takes a few minutes to sign up.

2) Link Your Fitness Tracker

During the sign-up process, you’ll need to connect your fitness tracker. At this time you can use a Fitbit, Apple Watch, or the Health app on an Android or Apple mobile device. Once you’ve linked your fitness tracker, it’s time to find an available game.

3) Find An Available Game

Once you’re inside the app, you can see all of the available games. Most games last 6-weeks and most bets range from $20-$40. Games have specific start and end dates, so it’s important to find one that works for you.

4) Join and Pay Your Bet

Once you find a game that starts and has the bet you want you can join. The bet must be paid upfront with a credit/debit card or via PayPal. Once you pay your bet, you’re ready to start reaching your step goals.

5) Meet Your Goals & Win

When you sign up, StepBet will calculate your Active and Stretch step goals based on your past step history. In each week you’ll need to meet your stretch goal twice, your active goal four times, and have an off day where no goals need to be met.

If you meet these requirements for the 6-weeks, you’ll meet your goals, earn your bet back, plus a bonus. If you miss your goals in any week, you’re out of the game and lose your bet.


How Much Can You Win?

This depends on what challenge you chose. StepBet takes all the pot money from the challenge takes a 25% cut and then shares the rest of the pot with everyone that met their goals. Most members report making their money back and at least 50% of their bet. For example, if you make a $20 bet you can expect to earn around $30 if you meet your goals.

Of course, if you don’t meet your goals you’ll lose your bet and walk away with nothing.

StepBet does have a guarantee that if you reach your goals, you’ll at least earn your money back, with that being said it’s doubtful everyone will meet their goals so you should almost always win something.

StepBet Complaints

Small Return on Investment

Some members think that a 6-week contest should earn you more money, but the idea behind this site is to help you stay motivated not to make you rich. If a $10-$20 bonus for winning on the cheaper bets isn’t enough, then StepBet is probably not for you.

If you’re struggling to see this as a positive, think of it as not losing your entire bet instead of winning a few bucks for meeting your goals.

Goals Calculated For You

Honestly, this makes contests fairer, but some members don’t like that their goals are calculated for them based on their history. From my experience, the goals seem more than achievable as long as you keep up with your normal activity level, but you’ll need to be more active than normal to reach your goals.

Is StepBet A Scam?

StepBet is not a scam; it’s a legitimate site that does pay if you meet your goals and I’m happy to see it’s part of a legitimate company called DietBet. This site won’t make you rich, but if you’re looking to be more active, this can be motivation and a way to earn some extra money in the process.

If you’d like to learn more or to join, visit to get started.

If you don’t like the idea of losing money if you don’t meet your goals, make sure to check out SweatCoin, it’s an app that pays you for every step you take.

Are you interested in getting paid to lose weight? Make sure to check out HealthyWage!

If getting paid to lose weight and active isn’t for you, make sure to check out these other ways you make money online!

Making an extra income for your steps is awesome, but you won’t be making a huge income with StepBet, if you’re interested in making a full-time income, check out My #1 Recommendation, it’s how I made over $13,000 online last month!

Do you think StepBet is a legitimate way to stay motivated and make money? I’d love to hear your experiences and thoughts on this review in the comments section below!

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