Smore LockScreen App Review: Legitimate Or Scam?

Did you know you could get paid to download the smores app and earn $3 a month just by viewing ads. An easy $3 a Month in Amazon Gift Cards!I’ve covered several apps that pay you to unlock your phone, but today I’d like to cover a new one called S’more. It’s very similar to the other apps, but it pays you whether you interact with any ads or not.

Please know that this app won’t make you much, an income of $3 a month is about the limit when it comes to this app. If you’re not happy with that type of earnings I recommend checking out these extra income sites.

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If you’re interested in seeing ads on your Android device, S’more might be a good app for you. In this S’more app review, I’ll cover how it works, how to get paid and see if this is a scam or a legitimate way to earn money unlocking your phone.


S’more LockScreen App Review

smore app review is it a scamApp: S’more LockScreen

Type: Paid To Unlock Phone

Verdict: Legitimate

In this S’more LockScreen App review, I marked them legitimate. Please understand that you’ll earn around $3 a month if you keep this app installed, so it won’t be a big income. With that being said the app is legitimate.

I like that you earn a flat $.10 a day and don’t need to interact with ads to earn. I also like that you can cash out $1 gift cards, so it doesn’t take forever to reach the cashout amount.

Overall, the app is one of the better lock screen apps, but it’s up to you to decide if $3 a month is worth the annoying ads.

How To Earn With S’more?

Lock Screen Ads

The main way to earn with the S’more app is through lock screen ads. When you go to unlock your phone, an ad will appear you can choose to interact with the ad or ignore it and unlock your phone. Either way, you’ll earn $.10 every day you have the app installed on your phone.


Occasionally, S’more will have surveys available for you to take. This is an additional way to earn some extra points.


S’more does have free and paid offers that can help you make more. Get paid to sign up for sites, download apps, and sign up for free credit card trials.

Refer Friends

The S’more app does have a referral program that can help you earn more. Every friend you invite makes you 25 points once they keep the app installed for 10 days.

How Does the S’more App Pay?

You’ll earn $.10 every day you have the S’more app installed on your phone. Once you earn $1, you can exchange your points for a $1 Amazon gift card. Once you cash out a reward, S’more will send you the gift card code via email within 24 hours.

Now S’more offers gift cards to Amazon, AMC Theaters, Applebees, Best Buy, CVS, Domino’s Pizza, GameStop, Starbucks, and Target.

S’more App Complaints

Drains Battery

I didn’t see a noticeable difference in battery life, but if you look through Google Play Store reviews, you’ll see that the complaint of battery draining coming up quite a bit, even in the positive reviews. For the small monthly income, it might not be worth the hassle of worrying about keeping your phone charged.

Small Income

At $.10 a day, this won’t make you rich. Most people won’t think the small income is worth seeing annoying ads everytime you unlock your phone, even if you don’t interact with them. I’ve tried the app and feel the same way, but if you’re looking to make a small passive income, the S’more app can easily make you $3 a month.

Is the S’more App A Scam?

The S’more app is not a scam, but it’s not going to be a big income either. Compared to other apps that pay you to unlock your phone, it seems to be pretty good, but I feel like most people won’t feel like seeing ads is worth the small $3 monthly income.

With that being said, if you’re interested you can learn more or join by visiting the S’more app in the Google Play Store or by downloading the app on your phone.

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Do you think the S’mores app is a scam? Know of other apps that pay you to unlock your phone? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this review in the comments section below!

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17 thoughts on “Smore LockScreen App Review: Legitimate Or Scam?”

  1. I really liked them. At this time, they are not paying out on the gift cards and the lock screen was malfunctioning. Many of us on their Facebook page actually sent message after message with our concerns, with no reply. Pity. As I stated before, I really liked them. App deleted.

  2. Brok,
    Thanks for this information. I had added the S’more app 2 weeks ago
    (because of the incentive I got in another earning site I am active in).
    I basically had no clue what all the app would do or offered.
    This helped me know more about it when I Googled it –
    your review /info came up in results.I appreciate it.
    I also intend to read your other info as making $ at home when I can
    is the only way I can make any extra anymore,even f S’more only makes
    me $3.00 a month that is 1/4 of my garbage pick up fee each month.
    I will GLADLY take it, Free $ with No effort.
    I make about $3.00 in earnings on another site ( not passive )
    I also recently started earning another way and cashing out on it about weekly,
    small $ ( about $7.00 weekly ) but it is passive.
    I look forward to using your links above to see other ways I might do.
    I have not looked into cashing out yet but I see above others did
    without issue so I am not concerned, I will cash out soon to see.
    Thanks so much, have a Great Day.I am happy you found a way to
    support yourself working at home and help others while doing it.
    WELL DONE 🙂 Off to learn and earn more ( Been earning while doing this 🙂

  3. Smores app is full of crap they cheated me out my points then said my cell number and email address was invalid and they never respond to complaints I deleted it

  4. I got 1000 points and redeemed a $10 gift card for google play and it gave me a code but I never got my money, its a scam to waist your time.

  5. I’m a big fan of S’more myself, but I just found a new lockscreean app that I like even better AND it works alongside S’more with no problems. BillsBoardApp

    • Thanks for sharing Aahz. I removed the link because it was broken but I’ll make sure to check it out.

      For any readers interested I have not reviewed this app so have no clue if it’s legitimate at this time. Join with caution.


  6. I have yet to receive a lock screen incentive. What am i doing wrong? Im super pissed at all of these apps that are advertising the same shit. All I wanted was to play a few games and make a couple worthwhile Amazon Gift Cards not a $1… Come on find stuff for us to do for a higher rate that we don’t have to subscribe or pay for to get a lousy $3 Amazon Card.

  7. This app is not worth it at all. You get 32 cents for doing a survey (sometimes). Surveys are hardly ever available. You’ll be 1/2 way into one (5 or so minutes) and suddenly “you’re not a match” – you get 2 pennies. Several times I completed the surveys and never received the reward. When I contacted Customer Service, they insinuated it was my fault, but gave me a “one time courtesy reward” of 32 cents. You thought it was coming out of the dude’s weekly allowance or something. I made it to $5.00, cashed in, and deleted/uninstalled the app. Biggest pain in the you-know-what out there. My advice is to avoid it. You’ll earn (save) more money by having one less cup of coffee in the morning.

  8. So maybe I am reading this wrong but the way I am understanding it, I can make $300 for every 30 days S’more is installed on my phone. Please let me know if I am correct or not.


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