MePrizes Scam Review: “Money Earners Prizes”

MePrizes Scam ReviewWelcome to my MePrizes Scam Review. You may be a little confused by the title so let me explain. This site’s URL shows MePrizes, but their logo says Money Earners Prizes.

Since Money Earners Prizes makes no sense I will be referring to this product as that MePrizes for the rest of this review.

Me Prizes looks like a start-up new “paid to do” site. The layout and design looks pretty poor, but it does seem that this site is completely legit.

In this MePrizes Scam Review I will show you how you can earn money, how you get paid, and give you some other details about this program!

MePrizes Scam Review or Money Earners Prizes


Price: Free

Score: 65 Out of 100

Verdict: Legit Not Recommended

I gave MePrizes an okay score and marked it legit, but I do not recommend joining this site. Right now it’s still new and doesn’t compare to the best paid to do sites like SwagBucks, Fusion Cash, and CashCrate.

Although this site is completely legit, there are better sites out there that I recommend joining first.

With that being said MePrizes is completely legit and will pay you your earnings, so if you’re already a member you won’t get scammed, but you may want to check out the products I recommend at the end of this review.

How To Earn With MePrizes

MePrizes is a bit different than most paid to do sites, they actually only give you 3rd party tasks completing sites such as Crowdflower and PeanutLabs. There is about 15 in total that you complete the different type of tasks below to earn cash.


From what I see the surveys seem to pay pretty well. There really isn’t anything different than any other legit survey site.

They do a good job saying how much the survey pays and how long it will take before you begin the survey!


Most of the offers are completely free and require you to join a free site or fill out forms. They also will have some paid offers that require you to sign up for a credit card free trial. These usually pay pretty well, but you do need to cancel your membership to avoid being charged.


These usually pay small, but are easy to complete. They have to do with visiting sites and filling out forms.


In this section all you have to do is click on a video and watch it till the end. After the video has finished you will get paid for watching the video. These usually pay a few cents, but once again it’s easy and does add up.

Viewing Websites

Basically here all you have to do is visit a website for a few seconds time and you get paid. These usually pay very small amounts, but they do add up and are easy to complete.

How To Get Paid By MePrizes

MePrizes offers payments by PayPal and Serve. Personally I’ve never even heard of Serve so I’m assuming not many people use it.

The minimum cash out amount is $1.

PayPal payments are processed immediately and credit your account within a few minutes of requesting it.

 MePrizes Concerns

Low Income

The first thing to know is this site is not going to make you rich. With sites like these you can expect to earn a few extra bucks a month that can give you some spending money or pay off a small monthly bill.


Looks Unprofessional 

The biggest concern for me is that the site looks like crap. I’m used to sites like SwagBucks that are professional and easy to navigate.

First off their logo doesn’t match the URL and the name doesn’t make any sense, but the site also has two sidebars that have all kinds of information on them with different size fonts that gets very distracting and annoying.

This is really a big concern to me because to earn money on this site you’re going to be completing tasks on it. If your annoyed by the site design most likely you won’t stick with it and earn money.

Is MePrizes A Scam Or Legit?

MePrizes is not a scam, it’s completely legit, but to me MePrizes is not a site worth joining due to the concerns that I listed above.

If you’re already a member don’t worry you will get paid, but I would recommend finding a different site that is better.

If you would like to see a full list of sites that I recommend over MePrizes visit All Scam Free Jobs.

Thank you for reading this MePrizes Review. This product is legit, but find a better site from the list above. If you have any questions about this site or any others please leave comments below. If you would like to see how I make a full-time online income visit Start Your Own Online Business.


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