9 Sites That Pay You To Shop

9 sites that pay you to shopDid you know that some sites will actually pay you for your everyday shopping? I know you’re probably kicking yourself because you could have made so much money by now!

I’ve put together a list of 9 sites that will pay you to shop, some of these sites only pay for online shopping and some will pay you to shop in store. Most of the in store sites are actually apps, which means you will need a smartphone, but there are plenty of options if you don’t!

Let’s jump right in and see how you can get paid to shop!

Updated 10/13/15: Added Giving Assistant

Update 10/17/16: Big Crumbs is no longer available, added BevRAGE

9 Sites That Pay You To Shop

Ebates (Online)

Ebates is a website that you’ve probably heard of. They do a lot of TV commercials so most people have at least heard the name. This site will pay you cash back on all of your online purchases. This is the best site I’ve seen for shopping online because they pay the best cash back rates.

You can earn cash back at thousands of online stores, like amazon, best buy, eBay, Groupon, Gap, and basically any major retail store or online site you can think of.

Ebates is very simple all you need to do is join here, visit their site before shopping, find the store you want to shop at, then shop normally. The purchases you make will now be eligible for cash back!

To learn more visit my Ebates review.

Ibotta (In Store)

Is an app for your smartphone or tablet. Ibotta is not available online so if you don’t have a mobile device check out Snap by Groupon. But if your mobile friendly Ibotta will pay you for shopping in store.

Basically the process is simple. You join Ibotta, find a product you want to buy in their catalog, go purchase the product at the required store, and upload a receipt from the purchase.

There are a few limitations with this app, like having to have a smartphone and having to purchase the product at certain stores, but they pay really good cash back prices and have cash options for payments.

To learn more visit my Ibotta Review.

BevRAGE  No Longer Available

BevRAGE is an app that pays you to buy beer, wine, and liquor. Very similar to Ibotta, but for alcohol.

You can get paid to buy specific brands, but they do offer non-brand specific cash back on beer, wine, and liquor.

Payments made via PayPal once you earn $1.

You can learn more or join by visiting Use the code “FTJFH” to earn a sign-up bonus!

Snap By Groupon (In Store)

Snap By Groupon is an app very similar to Ibotta, but they are kind to people who don’t have smartphones and offer a web version as well. Basically what you will do is join Snap By Groupon, find products that you want to buy on their catalog, go to any store and purchase the product, then upload the receipt from you app or computer.

There are a few major advantages with Snap like not having to have a smartphone, able to purchase at any store (even local stores), and some products aren’t brand specific.

To learn more visit my Snap By Groupon Review.

CheckOut 51 (In Store)

CheckOut 51 is very similar to Snap. They do offer a mobile app, but it’s not required to use this site. They allow you to upload receipts on your mobile app or on your computer.

All you need to do is visit the website or app and see what products they will pay you cash back on, visit the store and purchase the products, then upload a receipt.

The cool thing about this site is it allows you to purchase products at any store, even local stores.

To learn more visit my Checkout51 Review.

Receipt Hog (In Store)

Receipt is an app only paid to shop site. This site works much different then the rest because they give you cash back based on how much money you spend instead of buying particular products.

Basically all you need to do is grocery shop normally and then upload a picture of your receipt. You will get paid cash back based on how much you spend up to $100.

To learn more visit my Receipt Hog Review.

CashCrate (Online) – No Longer Available

CashCrate is actually a paid to do site where you can complete surveys, offers, and tasks. But they also will pay you for shopping. This works just like Ebates where they have a list of sites and you visit the site, make your purchase and get paid cash back.

The cool thing about this site is it does offer other ways to earn as well.

To learn more visit my CashCrate Review.

SwagBucks (Online)

SwagBucks is just like CashCrate, it’s a paid to do site that also will pay you to shop. It offers cash back to thousands of online stores.

The process is exactly the same, visit their site, find the site you want to shop at, purchase the products, and get paid cash back.

To learn more visit my SwagBucks Review.

Fusion Cash (Online)

Fusion Cash is another paid to do site that will pay you to shop online, but it’s not as good as the others I’ve mentioned above.

The process is exactly the same and it works great, but they seem to pay lower cash back rates then the other sites.

They do offer other ways to earn like watching videos, but I wouldn’t join this site just to access the paid to shop section.

To learn more visit my Fusion Cash Review.

Giving Assistant (Online)

Pays you to shop at over 1,000 online stores. Just make a purchase normally to receive a percentage back of your total order.

Cashback percentages seem to be pretty good comparable to Ebates.

Get paid after $5 in earnings. Payments are made via PayPal, Direct Deposit, Mailed Check, or Donation To Charity.

Earn a free $5 bonus just for joining here!


Bonus: Use the Paribus App to price match all of your purchases. It’s free to use and saves you money on autopilot!

Thank you for reading about 9 sites that pay you to shop. All of these sites are scam free and will pay you your cash back.

Most of these sites have a few small details that differ, but all of the sites are really good and I recommend them all.

If you would like to see all the sites I recommend making money online with visit All Scam Free Jobs.

Used any of these sites? Know of any other great sites that pay you to shop? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below!


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