Uber Job Opportunities and Openings: Uber Email Support Jobs

uber job opportunities and openingsSome of you may have heard of a company and app called Uber, basically this is a ride sharing app where you can arrange for a ride just like you would a taxi. Everything is done through the app and you even pay, with no cash changing hands.

So you can get rides, but where are these rides coming from? Uber actually hires drivers to work and pick up the customers arranging rides with the app. But I’m all about working from home not in my car so I dug a little deeper and found an opportunity for you to work at home and still be have an Uber Job.

It’s called Uber email support jobs and they are highering in most major cities around the world. I wanted to cover these Uber Job opportunities and openings in detail to give you a better idea of what to expect. So without further ado let’s take a look at what to expect with an Uber Email Support Job.

What Is an Uber Email Support Job

What they have done is basically combine two jobs into one, email support and local marketing. The official job title is community manager of local marketing and support. Basically what you will be doing is finding ways to promote Uber within your city. By finding key parts of the city for travel and spreading the word about the app and business.

The other side of the job has to do with local support. If a customer is unhappy with an experience you have to deal with it. Also if they are having problems getting what they want you’re there to help them along the way. It doesn’t look like you will be involved in major technical support, but general problem inquiries will need to be handled.

What Are the Requirements

Uber jobs have a long list of what type of person they are looking for, but I’m not going to get too deep into that, other then they’re looking for someone self driven, motivated, can deal with customers, and great writing skills. Really that’s what most jobs are looking for so nothing unexpected yet.

But here are the requirements they are looking for that don’t have to do with a measure of your personality.

  • At least 3 years experience in marketing
  • Familiar with Social Media
  • Writing Background (prefer that you’ve done some type of blogging)
  • Customer Support Background
  • Fluent In English + (native language if outside the US)
  • Graduate from college (I’m assuming at least a bachelors degree, but doesn’t really say exactly)
  • High Speed Internet Connection

How Much Can You Make

Now the part that you’ve all been waiting for, but unfortunately I’m a bit in the dark on this subject. If you’re reading this and have worked for this company please leave a comment giving me a general idea of income!

But here is what I’ve found from other forums and sites, but keep in mind this isn’t an exact number and could be off.

From what I’ve found you can expect to make $12-$14 per hour at 40 hours a week.

What I like about Uber Jobs

I cover a lot of work at home opportunities so instead of just giving you the facts I want to throw my two cents in about this opportunity. Here is what I liked.

Full Time Job

In my experience helping people find online work I’ve found that most people are looking for part time work, which is why you will find this as a negative, but there are some advantages of this being full-time.

The biggest advantage is your required to work 40 hours a week which means you know that you will have work as long as you stay employed. Compared to a freelancer that has to work hard to acquire new jobs or they don’t have anything to do.

Depending on your situation and what you’re looking for you might see this as a disadvantage, but you can make that decision.

An Employee Not A Contractor

Almost all online jobs have you work as an independent contractor, but with Uber you will actually be an employee. basically this just means that it will work just like having an office job offline, where you receive your paycheck with taxes already taken out. I couldn’t find much information on any extra benefits, but if they do have some being an employee gives you access to those which is a major plus!

What I don’t like About Uber Jobs

Well I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t also point out the negatives I see with see opportunity. Here is what concerns me with Uber Jobs.

Nights and Weekends

I really don’t have all the information about this job, but here is something that stuck out to me. It says that you must be available to work nights and weekends. It really doesn’t go into detail on shifts or anything like that, but I’m assuming that this means that they have shifts during the day, night, and on weekends that you may be required to work. This really isn’t a huge concern, but good to know if you’re wanting to apply.

Full Time Job

I know Full Time Job was lucky enough to make the list of what I liked and concerns, but this really just depends on the person and what type of work from home job your looking for. Most people wanting to work from home are looking for a flexible schedule and maybe even something to lighten there load with less hours to work.

With this Uber job your required to work 40 hours a week so if freedom and more time is what you’re looking for this might not be the best opportunity for you.

Uber Job Opportunities and Openings

In this post I’ve tried my best to give you all the information about this email support uber job. So I hope you found the information that you’re looking for. I wanted to now talk about actually seeing what jobs and locations they are hiring at.

Uber does offer some other work from home jobs, but it seems like the email support/marketing job is the most popular. Finding a job with Uber is going to depend on what positions they are hiring and for what cities. But if you would like to see what they have available visit work from home jobs uber.

Other Work From Home Jobs

So maybe an Uber Job isn’t what you’re really looking for. Well no problem lucky for you I have some other great work from home opportunities to share with you. If you would like to see to see all the work from home jobs that I’ve marked scam free visit All Scam Free Online Jobs.

On this list you will find some opportunities that are very similar to Uber, and some that are completely different. Most likely you can find something that interests you.

If you had a problem with the whole 40 hours a week and having a boss idea you should probably visit Start Your Own Online Business. It’s how I work from home, create my own owners, and have no boss to answer to.

Thank you for reading this post on Uber Job opportunities and openings. Hopefully you found the information you’re looking for about this opportunity, but I know I have some unanswered questions still.

If you’ve worked or have any information about Uber Jobs, I’d love to clear up some questions so just drop me a comment with what you know!


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