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Welcome to my website, Full Time Job From Home, my name is Brok, and no I’m not another online guru here to sell you the latest and greatest product. Just a few short years ago I was also looking to find a way to make money online and work at home. I struggled online for many years, basically trying anything that I came across.

What I found was there’s a lot more scams online than actual legitimate ways to make money.

That’s the #1 reason I decided to start this site. I share my experiences with companies, jobs, and sites so you have an idea of what to expect and what to avoid before you spend your valuable time and money! I personally try or use each site I review before sharing, that way you know exactly what the deal is!

Since, 2013 I’ve been helping people just like you find legitimate ways to make money online and I could not be happier for the opportunity it’s given me!

What Will I Find Here?

When I first started Full Time Job From Home, my main focus was what I now consider “extra income”, I know doesn’t make much sense based on the name of my site lol.

Since starting a few years back I’ve expanded and now cover a few different categories of “make money online”

I’m sure I’ll get into more categories here soon, but for now my main focus is to provide you accurate and detailed information about companies, sites, and products in these main 3 categories.

Within these 3 main topics I cover a few subtopics, I’ve listed them below:

  • Detailed Reviews of Companies, Sites, and Products
  • Long Lists of Legitimate Companies, Sites, and Products
  • Detailed Reviews of Scams and Why You Should Stay Away

You’ll occasionally see content that doesn’t fall in these categories, but this is what you should expect if you decided to make my site a typical read 🙂

What Will I NOT Find Here?

Now that you know what to expect to find here. Let’s cover a few things that you won’t find, and if you’re looking for these, I recommend reevaluating what “make money online” really means!

  • Me Recommending Sites That Promise “Get Rich Quick”
  • Me Recommending A Product Just To Earn A Commission
  • A Sales Page Promising Anything That’s Not Realistic

I honestly take a lot of pride in my site and reviews. You won’t see me recommending products just to earn money. If a site sucks, I say it sucks! I do my very best to give you my honest opinion, sometimes you might not like what I say, but again you probably have unrealistic expectations of what making money online really means…..WORK!

How Do You Make Money Online?

Every single day I get asked how I make money online, so I’d like to cover that topic a bit. Although I talk about Work At Home Jobs and Extra Income Sites on this site, more than 95% of my income comes from blogging and building websites.

If you stumble around my site for a few minutes, you’ll probably see me mention My #1 Recommendation. If you visit that page you’ll learn how I make money online and a pretty awesome place where you can learn how too.

I won’t get in to much detail here, but take a look at My #1 Recommendation if you’d like to learn more.

I’d Like To Contact You!

There’s quite a few ways to stay in the loop with me and with my blog. First I’d highly recommend becoming an email subscriber. You’ll get all my latest reviews sent to your email once a week.

If that’s not for you, I can always be reached on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. I’ve also included a form below where you can easily contact me directly via email with any concerns or questions you may have!

I’m here to help you make money online, whether it be through blogging, work at home jobs, or just extra income. I’m always just one message away. Don’t be shy, I always love to hear from readers.

I hope to hear from you soon, use the email form below to get in contact with me directly:

*It was brought to my attention the old contact form did not work. I’ve changed it and I’ll receive your email immediately.

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If you have some questions or offers for us - fill the contact form below. Our support team is happy to help you 24/7 and we can answer every your question.

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Danny - June 9, 2016

Would you be interested in writing a review for prizerebel.com? we have been around since 2007 and have paid over $9 million to our members. Our primary focus on surveys, offers, tasks and videos for members. We would love for you to check us out and we offer a 30% referral for all users that you refer to our site (30% of their earnings). Please let me know if you have any questions!

    Brok - June 9, 2016

    Hey Danny,

    Thank you for reaching out and contacting me. I’m actually a member of Prize Rebel and have already reviewed the site. You can see my Prize Rebel review here. I also recommend it on most of the “extra income” list posts I publish here.

    It’s an awesome site and I’ll keep promoting it to readers. Let me know if you all ever add a CPA offer!


Patricia gildemeister - June 5, 2016

Yes I like to try working from home.

Sharon - May 4, 2016

Hi Brok Firstly dont have my own website and ive signed-up to Wealthy Affiliate sometime back just never went forward with it!Im a total newbie to earning online and have been searching for something easy to follow and no sign-up fees!Its so frustrating when i receive an email and im told this ones free and duscover its not! theres no -way i can pay for it,so would it still be possible for me to work with you even though i signed up previously!thanks~

    Brok - May 4, 2016

    Hey Sharon,

    Great to hear you’re already a WA member, what’s your username I’ll search for you and make sure to give you a follow. IF you’d like my help for FREE you can send me an email at brok@fulltimejobfromhome.com

    I’d be more than happy to answer any questions you have and give you some tips.


Cedric - April 18, 2016

Please call me

Amanda Dugas - June 3, 2015

Hi Brock, I just wanted to let you know that I have had nothing but trouble with Netspend since February cuz I was scam out of my tax refund. I have everything on BBB Website. FEEL FREE TO READ IT COPY PASTE ON UR PAGE TO SPEAK THE WORD.. Thanks for your time

    Brok - June 4, 2015


    I will check it out. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been scammed by Netspend so please share my review to try to get the word out there!



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