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Top 10 Benefits Of Working From Home

People opt to do their job from the comfort of their own home for various reasons. Whether it’s their dislike for commuting or an office environment as a whole, more and more employees enjoy having the option of working from home. In fact, it can be a deciding factor when considering multiple employment opportunities.

Sometimes it’s simply the case of a domestic engineer wanting to juggle between both house chores and business, while others want to save on office rent. Whatever reason, working from home has undeniable benefits. Here are the top ten advantages

Top 10 Benefits Of Working At Home

1. Increased Productivity

Working from home is associated with higher productivity. The advantages are that you can set your schedule depending on what is more convenient and comfortable for you. You are not constrained or limited to working from certain hours of the morning to a fixed time in the evening. For this reason, you will never be late or have issues with overtime. Also, you can take breaks, watch a movie, listen to music or even take a nap during work hours. It will be all according to your needs, which means you can achieve more than someone working from a traditional office.

2. Reduced Costs

Working from home saves you costs associated with renting an office space. Besides, there are numerous blog articles, readily available, to help you cheaply set up an office at home. Also, you do not have to worry about the extra monthly utility bills incurred with running an office. What makes it even better is the fact that you do not have to pay for transportation and you can walk into your home office in any attire, meaning that you do not have to invest in formal clothes.

3. Independence

Working from home gives you a certain sense of freedom. You automatically become your own boss, managing every aspect of your business. There is no need to consult your coworkers on any changes you would like to make to your office or be forced into an environment you don’t enjoy. If you want peace and quiet or music blasting while you’re working, you can have them. You won’t disturb anyone, and they won’t bother you either.

4. Increased Morale

Allowing employees to work from home increases their morale. That’s because you do not have to deal with unhealthy internal competition or potential conflicts. Therefore, you can enjoy reduced pressure and concentrate on being better.

5. Saves Time

By working from home, you save time that would have otherwise been wasted commuting. This applies in particular when traffic tends to be unbearable, in addition to the fact that you would spare yourself a lot of frustration. Instead, this time can be directed at things that are more meaningful, such as, spending it with loved ones.

6. Improves Work and Personal Life Balance

To be successful in life, one has to learn how to balance work and personal life efficiently. Giving one of them too much attention is to the detriment of the other. In the long run, it’s possible that one or even both sides will suffer. Telecommuting allows you to spend more time with your family and improve relationships, leading to improved concentration at work.

7. Fewer Distractions

People who work from home face fewer distractions than those in traditional offices or co-working spaces. You do not have to take breaks to socialize. Also, you are not distracted by co-workers who want to consult potentially during a moment when you’re busy. With discipline, you are more likely to thrive while working from home.

8. Reduced Stress

Working from traditional offices can be stressful for a number of reasons. One, you are constantly under pressure to deliver, particularly if you work in a company where they have a policy for scrutiny. Secondly, you might fall victim of gossip by idle and envious employees. Working from home gives you peace of mind as you choose whom to interact with. Also, you are in control of delivery timelines.

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9. Employee Retention

Telecommuting is beneficial in creating a larger pool of talent while at the same time reducing employee turnover. Companies that allow their employees to work from home can attract talent even in the form of people with disabilities. This can be tremendously useful, especially if they have no special facilities to support disabled employees. Additionally, they are able to retain a loyal team because the workers feel the company trusts them.

10. Reduces Absenteeism

Research indicates that 78% of employees fail to report to work claiming that they are sick. Most of the times, they lie about their health condition so that they can get a chance to attend to personal matters. Telecommuting gives employees no chance to give excuses for failing to complete tasks on time. Also, it allows them to continue working even when they are sick without risking infecting others in the office.

Working from home is beneficial for both employers and employees. To get the most out of it, companies should consider allowing telecommuting at certain periods or for individual projects. It brings maximum benefits to both parties due to the comfort and productivity of the employees

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