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The Current Content Marketing Ecosystem

It’s easy to get caught up in the content marketing world when you have an endless list of projects, goals, and ideas to promote your brand. Want to try Facebook Live? Why not! Want to create an interactive video game that compares your brand to Star Wars? Go for it! This industry is inherently creative, and most content marketers know that if they stop innovating, they’ll start losing traffic. It’s because content marketing can be such nonstop race that CopyPress decided to pause for a second, look around, and get a feel for the pulse of the content marketing industry.

By interviewing 300 in-house content marketers, agencies, and freelancers, CopyPress could see what people prioritize and what they hope for when they enter the world of content marketing. Interestingly, 84 percent of agencies said they expect content to become more important over the next few years, but 58 percent of them thought their clients knew nothing about content marketing. In fact, only 5 percent of respondents said their clients were very knowledgeable.

While you might expect a certain lack of knowledge from clients who hire agencies to be the experts, you wouldn’t expect clients to know so little. This low level of knowledge could determine the future of the industry, though. Thirty-nine percent of in-house respondents said their content marketing efforts weren’t very effective, and 43 percent said they wanted to use content to increase revenue. If in-house teams don’t understand content and its value, they could limit its long-term growth. Keep reading for more insights on the state of content in 2016.

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