Survey Club Scam Find Out Why In This Review

survey club reviewWelcome to this Survey Club Scam Review. The first thing you’re wanting to know is if Survey Club is a Scam. The honest and short answer to this is no, Survey Club is a scam free survey site, but it’s not a site I highly recommend joining.

Survey Club is a little bit different them some survey sites out there. Not only do they want you to take surveys with them, but they also want you to join other survey sites to earn a commission on your earnings.

In this Survey Club Review we will take a look at why this is not a scam, but not one of my recommended survey sites.

Survey Club Review


Price: Free

Score: 20 Out of 100

Recommended: NO!

I gave Survey Club a low score and marked this company a scam, but let me clarify that survey club is not a scam, but there is no reason to join this survey panel. Although it’s free all you’re doing is getting a list of survey sites. Most of these sites are high quality, but they also recommend some that aren’t very good.

I explain in detail how it all works in the next section, but just know that Survey Club is not worth your time.

Survey Club Scam

How It Works

Survey Club is set up a little different from most survey sites. Basically a classic survey site has you join, sends you or gives you a list of surveys you can take and then pays you for taking those surveys.

With Survey Club their whole goal is to have you join and collect your email address. Then they give you a list of survey panels/sites that they recommend you joining.

They also give you a list of some surveys that they recommend that other sites host.

Basically this means that they never offer you any surveys and will never pay you.

They want you to join other survey sites and become their referral. That means when you make money on the sites you join they earn a commission on your earnings.

The idea of making money off you as a referral is not a scam, but the concept of how Survey Club is set up gives you a lot of disadvantages to work with.


One very annoying thing about joining Survey Club is your going to get a ton of emails from them. Thing is these emails aren’t about survey opportunities for you to take. Basically they promote survey sites you have not joined yet.

Usually the emails contain a site and an example survey that pays way more than normal surveys just to get you to join.

Joining Multiple Sites

One thing you will see with sites that earn money just by your commissions is they want you to join as many sites as possible so your will be their referral on as many sites as possible.

This does not work to your advantage, see all sites have minimum cash out amounts. An average is $10.

That means on each site you have to earn $10 before you get any money in your hand. If you join 10 survey sites, and make a total of $50 there is no guarantee that you will have made any money.

You probably have around $5 in each account.

The truth is most people give up on survey sites before they ever reach the cash out amount. When you join multiple sites and spread your earnings among them, all you’re doing is increasing the amount of money you will not get when you give up.

The best thing to do is join one site, reach the cash out amount a few times and if you enjoy taking surveys you can expand to other great similar sites to increase your earnings.

Should I Join Survey Club?

Honestly, I see no reason why you should join Survey Club. There really isn’t a point. You can find lists of great sites all over the internet for completely free without even giving them your email address.

Basically Survey Club has been set up to collect email address and refer people to other survey sites where they can earn a commission on your earnings.

Is what they are doing a scam? No, it’s how they make money and it’s a legit way to make money online, but I can tell you that there is no need for you to join to find great survey sites to join.

Top Rated Survey Sites

Since I have told you that there are plenty of places to find great survey sites for completely free I felt like I should go ahead and give you some links to places on my site to find these lists.

Companies That Have Paid Me Recently: These are the survey sites that I have recently been paid by and get paid by each month!

Top Rated Scam Free Survey Sites: These are my top rated survey sites along with some other scam free opportunities.

Thank you for reading this Survey Club Scam Review. I don’t recommend joining Survey Club, but I hope you use the links above to find some great survey sites to join.

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