Companies That Have Paid Me Recently

Today I am going to let you all into my online earnings and show you where some of my income comes from online. I am a big believer in having income from a lot of different places online and make a solid amount of money online just from the sites listed below.

Below is a list of all the companies that send me a check each and every month. Take advantage of as many or few as you like. This is a resource for you to show you how I make a solid living online.

Please know, that these sites are just extra income sites that you can use to make a small online income. If you’re looking for a full-time online income, check out My #1 Recommendation, it’s how I made over $13,000 last month!

If you have questions, feel free to contact me directly here or leave a comment at the bottom of this page!

I’m now doing monthly income reports; you can see all of my income reports here.

Fusion Cash

Fusion Cash is a site that pays you to do things such as take surveys, complete offers, watch videos, and inviting your friends. It’s one of my favorite “get paid to” sites, and I highly recommend it to people looking to make money online.

They have a $5 sign up bonus when you join and several ways to earn.

Here’s a screenshot of a direct deposit I received from them.

fusioncash payment proof


This is a site you want to join! With a huge $5 sign up bonus, you should have no problem cashing out soon.

To join, visit, or read my FusionCash Review. is one of my favorite sites to make money with online. You can pretty much get paid for doing everything, such as searching, completing offers, taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, and much more. Last month I earned $25 from Swagbucks in Amazon Gift Cards. Payment Proof picture is below! Currently Offering a $5 Sign Up Bonus!

swag bucks payment proof
Here is proof of $25 worth of Amazon Gift Cards!

proof that swagbucks actually pays

To join, visit or read my full Swagbucks Review.


Paid Viewpoint is a modern survey site. They only send you surveys that your pre-qualified for. No more wasting your time just to be turned down for a survey. They pay well for each survey and pay with PayPal! Minimum cash out amount is $15, and they pay within 24 hours! You can see my payment proof below!

paidviewpoint proof of payment

To join, visit or read my full PaidViewpoint Review.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate Marketing Training University, but they pay you for helping with training and referring others. Not only do you get the best training in the world, but you can also get paid for it! Here is proof of payment for just helping out in the community!

wealthy afilliate payment proof

To join, visit or read my full Wealthy Affiliate Review.


HealthyWage is a site that will pay you to lose weight and be more active. You do have to be money, but the return on your investment is pretty good and you can have some extra motivation to lose weight and be healthy.

healthywage payment proof

To join, visit or read my full HealthyWage Review.


Qmee is a company that pays you for clicking on paid search ads within the most popular search engine results such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, & eBay. It is one of my favorite companies for getting paid for searching, and you will agree after learning more. I was recently paid by PayPal within 5 minutes of asking for a cashout!

qmee payment proof

To join visit or read my full Qmee Review.

Ibotta App

Ibotta is a mobile app that pays you to shop. It works by downloading the app and finding items that Ibotta will pay you to buy. Go to the store and purchase the different items. Make sure to get a receipt. Upload a picture of your receipt with your smartphone to get paid!

I recently cashed out $11.40 via PayPal which you can see below!

ibotta payment proof

To join visit or read my full Ibotta Review.


InstaGC is a paid to do site. They pay you for completing offers, tasks, listening to music, visiting sites, watching videos and much more. I was recently paid by InstaGC with a $1 Amazon Gift Card. You can also cash out via Check, PayPal, and Direct Deposit.

instagc payment proof

To join visit or read my full InstaGC Review.

Ebates Now Known As Rakuten

Rakuten is a website that gives you cash back on all your online purchases. Rakuten has the largest directory of stores online and pays high percentages on your total purchase. I was recently paid $54.10 for my recent purchase on Amazon. You can see proof below!

ebates payment proof

To join visit or read my full Rakuten Review


ySense formerly known as ClixSense is a site that will pay you to visit other websites or in other words, visit ads. You will be taken to a website and need to view the site for a few seconds. You can also earn with surveys and offers. Here is my latest payment from ClixSense via PayPal.

clixsense payment

To join, visit or read my full ySense Review.


Earnably is a site very similar to CashCrate or Swagbucks. It’s a paid to do site. You can earn by taking surveys, completing offers, watching videos, listening to music, and much more. Earnably starts paying at $2 with PayPal and Amazon Gift Cards.

You can see below proof of a $2 PayPal cash out!

earnably payment proof

To join visit or read my full Earnably Review.

Prize Rebel

Prize Rebel is a rewards site that pays you to do things like take surveys, watch videos, and much more. They have hundreds of gift card options and PayPal payments starting at $5. Here’s proof a PayPal payment I received.

prize rebel payment proof

To join, visit or read my full PrizeRebel Review.


FeaturePoints App

FeaturePoints is an app that pays you to download other apps. It’s extremely easy to use and is available on IOS and Android devices. You can get paid with gift cards or PayPal payments starting at $3. Here’s proof of $10 PayPal payment.

feature points app payment proofVisit to join or download the app and enter code: 4YK9XY , to earn a sign-up bonus!


Drop App

Drop is an app that pays you automatic cash back to popular stores like Walmart, Amazon, Target, McDonald’s and many more!

All you need to do is link a card to get started!

Drop has gift cards starting at $5 to stores like Starbucks, Amazon, iTunes, and many more.

drop app payment proof

To learn more visit my Drop App Review or download the app and enter the code: 1dei0 to earn a $1 sign-up bonus!


Dosh App

The drop app pays you for online shopping, in-store shopping, and booking travel plans. All you need to do is link a card to get started. No need to ever scan a receipt!

Pays via PayPal or Direct Deposit once you earn $15.

dosh app payment proof via PayPal

You can learn more by reading my Dosh Review or join by visiting their website.


Fetch Rewards App

Fetch Rewards is a cash back shopping app similar to Ibotta, but instead of having to buy certain items, you earn points for any receipt you upload and bonus points when you buy products from participating brands.

They have several gift card options including Amazon starting at just $3.

Here’s proof of a $5 Amazon gift card I received.

fetch rewards app payment proof

fetch rewards app proof of payment

To learn more visit my FetchRewards App Review.


Achievement App

The achievement app pays you to walk and link your Apple Health, Samsung Health, or Fitbit account. You’ll earn points that you can exchange for $10 PayPal payments.

Here’s proof they pay:

proof that the achievement app pays

To join, visit or read my Achievement App Review.



GetUpSide is an app that pays you to buy gas. You can earn $.02-$.25 cash back for every gallon of gas that you buy. Once you earn $10 you can get paid via PayPal or gift cards to several stores. You can also earn by referring friends. You’ll get a $.20 bonus cash back on your next gallon of gas plus earn $.02 for every gallon gas they buy. Here’s proof of a huge payment from GetUpSide: payment proof app is legitimate

To learn more or to join, visit my full GetUpSide Review or visit to join for free!

Sweatcoin App

Sweatcoin is an app that pays you points for every outdoor step that you take. You can exchange your points for fitness related products/services such as running shoes or a free month of a workout service.

If you refer friends you can also get paid via PayPal. Here’s proof of a PayPal payment: payment proof legitimate

To learn more or to join, visit or read my full Sweatcoin Review

CoinOut App

CoinOut is a new app that was actually featured on an episode of Shark Tank. They will pay you $.04-$.10 for every receipt that you scan. The awesome thing about CoinOut is they do not have a minimum cash out amount, which means you can get paid via Amazon gift card after scanning one receipt.

Here’s proof I was paid via Amazon gift card after scanning one receipt and a PayPal payment for the earnings I made in my first month:

Coinout payment proof

coinout payment proof

To learn more or to join, visit, or read my full CoinOut Review.


Microsft Rewards

You can make money just by searching with Bing. With Bing Rewards, you earn points for completing searches through Bing. These points can be exchanged for gift cards. Last month I received a $3.00 Amazon gift card for just searching with Bing, and guess what I use Google 80% of the time! You can find proof of my payment below!Payment proof bing rewardsBing Rewards paymentbing rewards payment

To learn more or to join, Visit MicrosftRewards, or read my full Microsoft Rewards Review.


Dabbl App

Dabbl is a rewards app that pays you to take surveys, complete offers and refer friends all on your phone. Once you earn 5,000 points you can cash out $5 gift cards to several stores. Below you’ll find a screenshot of an Amazon gift card I received from Dabbl.

Dabbl App Review payment proof

To join visit or read my full Dabbl Review.



1Q is an app that pays you $.25 for every short one-question poll that they send you. Once you answer a poll they will send $.25 directly to your PayPal account!

1q payment proof

To join visit or read my full 1Q App Review.


Panel App

Panel App is an app that pays you points for having the app installed on your phone. You can also earn points by taking surveys and sharing your location.

You can redeem points for gift cards and sweepstakes entries. Here’s a gift card I recently received from the Panel App.

panel app payment proof

To join, visit or read my full Panel App Review.



Thanks for taking a look at the companies that pay me online. Every month I promote new sites, so this list is always growing!

Make sure to check back often to see new opportunities that you can make money with. You can see a list of all the sites I use at Extra Income Sites I Use.

Do you want to see how I make most of my income online? Check out My #1 Recommendation to learn how I made over $13,000 online last month!

What sites do you make money with? Tried any of these sites? Let me hear what you have to say in the comments below!

If you're looking to make a legitimate online income make sure to check out over 33 extra income sites that have paid me. I'll show you proof they pay and give you the best way to earn and join!

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    • Hey there Thomas. I use WordPress and it’s easy to do if you’re using WordPress for your website.

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      Honestly, don’t see many people use it but works for me!

      Hope this helps,


  2. I think you’ve done great effort on your website; giving useful informations and options for those finding a legitimate sources to earn online and promotes WA! Having said that, on the average how long you take to cash out your effort after completing each task? Is it confine to certain country or globally? Or else good job Brok, I wish you Success!


    • Hey Joseph,

      Thanks for taking the time to check out my site. It really just depends on the site. Some of them have very low cash out amounts so you can reach them in a few days. Some have high cash amounts so it takes longer.

      For a general rule, I can reach the cashout amount on all of these sites each month pretty easily. So you could easily get paid by each one of these sites each month!

      Hope this helps,


  3. I have completed 77 Gigs and earned $497 with Gigwalk in two years of working with them.

    Recently, I was very disappointed with a Gig where the picture was not sent of the front of the building (It was on my phone and I sent it to Gigwalk) but they would not do anything to correct the application. And I was hundereds of miles away, and the application will not let you take pictures when you are not at the location, so I couldn’t display the picture on my computer and take a picture of it. So even though I had the picture, I had no way to send it to the client. Part of the reason for the picture of the outside of the store is to make sure you are at the right location (but they can do that with GEOCodes also. Because they didn’t have the picture of the outside of the store, I was not paid, even though they have the information they really wanted from inside the store. But I made the mistake of NOT RESUBMITTING the Gig, so it was automatically taken from me.

    So ALWAYS, Message THE Client and resubmit the Gig.

    I felt the Customer Service that I received from Gigwalk was poor.

    When it works normal it is fine, but if there is an exception – – not very good.


    PS I had to Search to find one a page that had a CAPTCHA Code to send you a note.


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