SpringBoard America Scam: Learn More In This Detailed Review

springboard america scamSpringBoard America is a survey panel that has been around for quite some time now. They are powered by Vision Ciritical, a well known market research company in the US, but still SpringBoard America falls short to most survey sites.

SpringBoard America is not a scam, but there are a lot of disadvantages to this site that make other top rated survey sites much better. I can’t recommend SpringBoard America to anyone, basically because I have a list of much better survey sites.

In this SpringBoard America Review we will cover the details of this program and show you why this is not a survey site to join.

SpringBoard America Review

springboard america reviewWebsite:

Price: Free

Score: 40 Out Of 100

Verdict: Legit (Not Recommended) 

In this SpringBoard America Review I gave this site a pretty bad score, but still marked it legit. The truthful answer is SpringBoard America is not a scam. It’s a site that will pay you for taking surveys, but they have some disadvantage compared to other great survey sites.

Most of the problems have to do with the payment system. They have a very high cash out amount and members are waiting a long time to get paid.

Overall this site just doesn’t stack up well against other great survey sites that have lower cash out amounts and pay instantly with cash options such as PayPal.

My recommendation is not to waste your time with this site and find a better survey site here.

SpringBoard America Scam

High Cash Out Amount

The biggest concern with SpringBoard America is the ridiculously high cash out amount of $50. Most survey sites have a cash out amount of $10 or less which makes it pretty easy to reach and get paid. But with this site you’re going to have to wait until your account reaches $50.

This is a huge problem because from what I’ve seen SpringBoard does not send out very many surveys and you’re not going to qualify for most surveys so it could take a while to reach this amount.

In the forums I’ve seen people who have been a member for 2 years and still have not reached the minimum cash out amount.

No PayPal? 

The next issue is forms of payment. They do offer payment by Check or Prepaid Gift card, but there is no PayPal option. I’m a huge fan of getting paid by PayPal because the site is legit and trust worthy and payments usually only take a day or two if not instantly.

They still have cash options to choose from, but that leads me into the next concern which is how long it takes to actually get paid.

Checks Take Forever

Although you will get paid by this company it takes forever. Most people are going to choose the Check option for payment. Checks seem to be delivered within 8-10 weeks. Which compared to other survey sites is FOREVER!

To me this is reason enough to just not mess with this site, even though you will get paid there is no reason to wait that long for payments.

Is SpringBoard America Legit?

SpringBoard America is a legit survey site, but they have a lot of problems such as a high payout amount and long waits to receive your money. In my opinion, although you will eventually get paid there is no reason to waste your time with this site when there are survey sites that have many more payment options and pay immediately.

If you’re already a member of this site, you’re working with a site that is legit, but I would still recommend checking out some of the other top rated survey sites, that will make it much easier to get your money.

To see all the survey sites I rank higher then SpringBoard America visit All Scam Free Jobs.

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Thank you for reading this SpringBoard America Scam Review. If you have any questions or experiences with this company I’d love to hear about them in the comments section below!

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