Paid Shopping Providers Scam: Learn More In This Review

paid shopping providers scam reviewPaid Shopping Providers is a complete scam. This is a membership product that charges you to access a database, basically a list, of mystery shopping jobs.

The mystery shopping industry is full of scams. Never pay for a list of mystery shopping sites. You’ll be wasting your money and most likely be given links to other mystery shopping scams!

Don’t get me wrong; Mystery shopping is a legitimate way to make money, but there’s no need to pay for it. If you want to learn more about mystery shopping, visit my list of over 20 scam free mystery shopping jobs.

In this Paid Shopping Providers Review, I’ll show you what you get and why this product is a scam!

Paid Shopping Providers Review

Product: Paid Shopping Providers

Price: $35

Score: 20 Out of 100

Verdict: Scam 

In this Paid Shopping Providers Review, I gave them a low score and marked it a scam. Here’s the truth about this product. If you want to get paid to mystery shop, you need to be careful. There’s a ton of scams out there. You should never pay for any product that promises you a mystery shopping income or work.

Paid Shopping Providers does not help you, in any way, make more with mystery shopping or get you more mystery shopping jobs.

You’re paying to access a list of mystery shopping sites, most of them are scams, and to be sent more ways to make money by email and phone.

Nothing about this product is helpful. You’ll be wasting your time and money purchasing Paid Shopping Providers.

Mystery shopping is a legitimate way to make a small income. If you’re interested here’s a list of legit sites to check out.

Why Is Paid Shopping Providers A Scam?

Paying For A List

There’s no reason ever to pay for a list of sites or jobs. You can find almost any company or list of jobs online for free. Exchanging your email for a list is okay, most of the time, but paying actual money almost always ends up being a scam.

With that being said the list that you get includes links to a lot of pretty shady mystery shopping job sites. There’s a ton of scams out there, and it looks like you’re paying for a scam so you can get a list of others scams, with Paid Shopping Providers.

No Guarantee Of Work

As with all products and systems, there’s no guarantee you’ll get work or make money. To me, it doesn’t make sense to pay for this product when you can just join mystery shopping sites for free.

Either way, there’s no guarantee of work, but you’ll save some money!

Billing Issues

If purchasing a scam wasn’t bad enough the Paid Shopping Providers program has had some problems with the billing. Since it’s a Clickbank product, you can easily get a refund, but there are a few upsells during the sign-up process.

If you purchase one of these upsells you probably won’t ever get a refund and it seems that some members get billed odd amounts at any time.

Bombarded with Sales Pitches

After you purchase the product, you’ll see some upsells with other ways to make money online. There’s nothing inside these products that make it worth buying.

After you get to the product, you’ll begin to receive all kinds of emails and even phone calls with new ways to make money online. Most of them promise you quick and easy cash, like $3,000 in your first week.

Make sure you don’t fall for any of these products, they’re all BS as well!

Where To Find Legit Mystery Shopping Jobs?

Mystery Shopping work isn’t something that I highly recommend. It’s not something that makes you much money but is a legit way to make some extra cash. In this review, you’ve seen that paid shopping providers is a complete scam. If you’d like to mystery shop, make sure to avoid all sites that make you pay. There’s not a legit mystery shopping site out there that makes you pay; they’re all free to join.

If you’d like to learn more about mystery shopping, you can see a list of over 20 mystery shopping sites, which are all free to join and legit.

As I said, mystery shopping won’t be a huge income. I don’t mystery shop because I prefer other ways to make money online. My #1 Recommendation gives you a long term business that has huge income potential and gives you the ability to work at home.

If working at home full-time isn’t for you, you can check out some of the other ways to make an extra income online or my Free Wah Jobs Directory. You can find a ton of sites that will pay you and are free to join.

Do you think Paid Shopping Providers is a scam? Have proof that it’s legit? Let me hear your thoughts on this review in the comments below!

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