Paid Online Writing Jobs Review: Is A Scam?

If you're looking to get paid to write online, take a look at and see if it's a scam!One great way to make money online is by becoming a freelance writer. Unfortunately, Paid Online Writing Jobs is not going to help you do this. In this Paid Online Writing Jobs Review, you will find out exactly why this company is going to scam you out of money and not help you land online writing jobs.

Don’t get me wrong, writing articles from home or what I like to call freelance writing is an entirely legit way to make money online, but companies like Paid Online Writing Jobs are scams and just want to take your money for showing you information that can be found for free on the internet.

In this Paid Online Writing Jobs review, I will show you exactly what you get when purchasing this product, how it all works, and some great legit and scam free options to becoming a Freelance Writer.

 What is Paid Online Writing Jobs

paid online writing jobs reviewPaid Online Writing Jobs is a company that promises that they can get you Freelance Writing Jobs. They say they will teach you everything you need to know about making money with Freelance Writing and that they can help you find a buyer that you can do long-term writing for.

What Do You Get When Buying?

Whenever you buy Paid Online Writing Jobs you will receive the  following:

  • 3 Days Of Training
  • Some Free Bonuses
  • Access To Their Job Directory (this is not true check concerns)

Paid Online Writing Jobs Review

Website: PaidOnlineWritingJobs.compaid online writing jobs reviews

Price: $47.00

Score: 25 out of 100

Verdict: SCAM!

I gave Paid Online Writing Jobs a 25 out of 100 because this program is basically worthless. All the information inside can be found for free online (check the end of this post to learn about alternatives). The training is okay I mean if you don’t know what Freelance Writing is you will learn, but there are no secret tips that are going to make you a successful Freelance Writer. The bonuses are free E-books that cover some other Freelance topics, and the Job Directory is not real, they just refer you other companies.

Paid Online Writing Jobs Concerns


Honestly, the training within Paid Online Writing Jobs is pretty helpful. It doesn’t teach any secret method to making a ton of money with Freelance Writing, but that’s because there is none. The problem I have with the training is that it just tells you what Freelance Writing is and how to get started. That’s great, but this information can be found anywhere on the internet for completely free.

Finding Jobspaid online writing jobs

One of the big sale points of Paid Online Writing Jobs on their landing page is they have a freelance writing jobs directory that you can use to find writing jobs, but turns out that’s not true. All they do is refer you to other Freelance sites like Odesk and Elance.

The only way Paid Online Writing Jobs would be worth any money is if they did have a job directory where you could find freelance writing jobs, but they do not.

Job Board

What Paid Online Writing Jobs does have is a job board where writers can post what they call “jobs,” but it’s just writers saying I will write a post for you for this much money. There are no people that will buy the jobs on the site!

Job boards are a way to find Freelance Writing Jobs, but the one that Paid Online Writing Jobs has is not active. Most of the jobs on there are posted over two years ago.

This means posting here is a waste of your time!

Final Verdict

Paid Online Writing Jobs is not worth your time or money. I do not recommend buying this product because the training can be found on the internet for free just Google it. Paid Online Writing Jobs does not have any jobs for you to bid on they just refer you to other companies that are legit (see these companies in next section). They also say their job board is where you find jobs to bid on, but it’s just other writers who have placed gigs saying that they will write for companies.

Stay away from this company nothing inside the member’s area is worth $47.

What To Do Now: Other Alternatives

I don’t want you to get the wrong impression I think Freelance writing is a fantastic way to make money online. It’s a hard thing to get into full-time because it is competitive, but that’s the case with all legit ways to make money online.

Here are the companies I recommend using for finding Freelance work.

Elance and Odesk are both freelance websites that connect business and freelancers together. These sites are extremely competitive and when starting out it will be hard to get writing jobs. So I have also included Fiverr on this list. Fiverr is a great way to start because as long as you put out good work you can get tons of jobs through the gig you create on Fiverr.

If you would like to learn more about how I make 95% of my income online, and how you can get paid for writing your own content for your own website, visit Turn Your Hobby Into An Online Business.

Thank you for reading my Paid Online Writing Jobs Review. This is not a program that I recommend, but I have left some great alternatives above. If you have had experience with this company, I’d love to hear about it within the comments section below and don’t forget to share!


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