How To Choose A Website Domain Name

Learn 8 Awesome Tips That Can Help You Choose the Best Domain Name For Your Website/Blog!Your looking to start an online website and need to choose a domain name. Choosing a Website Domain name will play a huge role in setting your website up for success and building a brand for yourself.

When you create a website your always looking to drive as much traffic to your site as possible. Before you even put content on your site, the domain name you choose can help you set yourself apart from your competitors.

On this page I’ve put together 8 easy to follow tips that can help you choose the best domain name for your site.

If you want my recommendation, just leave a comment and I can shoot you some ideas!

8 Tips On Choosing A Domain Name

1) Use Relevant Niche Keywords: Think of keywords that have to do with your niche. Try to use a relevant keyword in your domain name. This will help search engines and visitors know exactly what to expect when visiting  your site. This also helps your site get ranked better in search results.

2) Be Creative: There is no problem with being creative when creating a domain name. You want your website to be catchy and memorable. The best way to do this is by thinking of a creative domain name that still uses relevant keywords for your niche

3) Keep It As Short As Possible: Long domain names are hard to remember, tough to type, and are hard to read. Keep your domain main as short as possible. Each extra word makes your website less memorable!

4) Make it Memorable: If you want to turn your visitors into long-term customers you need to have a website domain that is memorable. It needs to be related to your niche and give the visitor a reason to remember your site over competitors.

5) Make it Easy To Type: Even if people aren’t typing in the URL exactly they probably will do a Google Search. If your domain is hard to type and they mess up other websites might come up before yours leaving you as old news.

6) Make It Long Lasting: If you want to have a successful business online for the long-term. Your website URL needs to be something that will be relevant 5, 10, even 25 years for now. For example, the domain name of BestHouseSlippers2016 isn’t long lasting.

7) Keep Special Characters Out: This goes along with it being memorable, short, and easy to type. If your URL has special characters such as a dash, people won’t remember it, ever! Don’t use character that will make it more difficult for customers to find you!

8) Shoot for .com: You want your domain name to be a .com website. These websites seem to be more trusted by visitors and if you want to make sales you need the trust of your visitors. Shoot for .com websites over .org or .net.

Follow these 8 Tips to choosing a website domain name and I guarantee you will choose the best domain for your website.

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Do you have questions about a domain name your thinking about using? Comment below and I will give you feedback!

6 thoughts on “How To Choose A Website Domain Name”

  1. I am wanting to start a blog basically about what it’s been like to move out on my own and adulting. I am not exactly sure what name to use. I was thinking along the line of “thisadultingstuff” or “millennial miles”. What do you think. Also, any idea on how I can make money from my blog would be appreciated!

    • Thanks for reading Ranae,

      Either are great options I would just recommend getting a domain name that you can get a .com.

      It looks like is available at this time.

      I would focus on affiliate marketing. Talk about products/services you used to help with the process of moving out and becoming an adult.

      Talk about your personal experience with those products and recommend them.

      If readers trust what you have to say they’ll appreciate your story and opinion of a product and might use it too. If they do you’ll earn a commission.

      Good luck and if you have any questions please let me know.

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  2. Hi Brok,

    My blog will be called Holly + Daniel, but I want my domain name to say a bit of what my blog is about, is it ok to have them different from one another?

    • Hey Holly, it’s not highly recommended, but it is completely okay to do so as long as they are similar. I see that the blog will probably be about design, so a domain of would be a good option.

      Hope this helps,



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