Nielsen Digital Voice Scam Review: Is It Safe?

Learn How You Can Win Part of a $10,000 Monthly Sweepstakes By Taking A Few Minutes To become Part of Neilsen Digital VoiceNielsen Digital Voice is an app that you install on your computer that tracks computer usage in the background. Nielsen Digital Voice is owned and operated by Nielsen, a leading market research company for years.

The one thing you should know upfront is that installing this program will only earn you sweepstakes entries; no guaranteed rewards are involved.

With that being said, they give out over $120,000 in sweepstakes each year, so if you do win you’re usually winning big.

In this Nielsen Digital Voice review, I’ll cover how it works, the rewards, the complaints, and if this passive income app is a scam.

Nielsen Digital Voice Review

nielsen digital voice review is it a scam Site: Nielsen Digital Voice

Type: Passive Income, Sweepstakes

Verdict: Legitimate

In this Nielsen Digital Voice review, I marked it legitimate, but I’m not super excited about it. My biggest concern is the only way to get paid is through the sweepstakes. Luckily they do distribute $10,000 a month among 404 winners.

It only takes a few minutes to sign up and then you just leave it be. If you win a sweepstakes, you do get paid, so it’s up to you. Is spending 10 minutes signing up worth a chance of winning a sweepstakes of $1,000 or less at a later time?

How Does Nielsen Digital Voice Work?

Signing Up

Signing up and downloading the program should take you less than 10 minutes and is completely free. You can do so by visiting

Signing up is similar to any other extra income survey site. Enter your Name, Address, and Primary Email. Next, you’ll fill out your household, background, and work information.

When you’re done, it’s time to download the app. Install it like you would have any other program. A new window will appear, press Finish to complete the install.

Now that the program’s installed, you’ll earn sweepstake entries into the monthly drawing. The longer you’re a member, the more sweepstakes entries you’ll receive each month. Now it’s time to let the program work in the background and hope you win.

What Does It Track?

The Nielsen Digital Voice program is called Netsight and tracks your computer usage in the background. In their FAQs, they say that the software tracks what websites you visit and the duration of the visit. The software can not read emails or instant messages. If you have concerns, they have a detailed FAQs section that gives all the details.

Is My Information Safe?

The Netsight program collects and encrypts information, then sends it back to Nielsen Digital Voice. The program can not read emails and people inside the company can not read anything because the information is encrypted and put into a database with thousands of other members.

*Word of advice, if you have any concerns at all about privacy, just skip this opportunity. It’s not worth worrying about for a chance to win sweepstakes.

Nielsen Digital Voice Sweepstakes

Each month Nielsen Digital Voice gives out $10,000 in sweepstakes earnings. In total, there’re 404 winning members each month. Here’s the breakdown of the winners:

  • $1,000 (2 winners)
  • $500 (2 winners)
  • $100 (25 winners)
  • $25 (50 winners)
  • $10 (325 winners)

Although they give out $10,000 a month, it’s broken up over 404 winners.

Occasionally you might be asked to complete a survey/focus group for cash or gift cards. Which is separate from Nielsen Digital Voice and usually conducted by Nielsen

Nielsen Digital Voice Complaints

No Guaranteed Rewards

Some of the other passive income programs have guaranteed rewards. It usually takes awhile to reach the cashout amount, but knowing you can at least get something is always good. With Nielsen Digital Voice your only chance of getting paid is to win sweepstakes.

My Computer is Slow

After downloading and reviewing some similar sites I had a problem with my computer speed, and you’ll always see this complaint from some people with tracking software. In this case, I did not experience any issues downloading the app, and it didn’t seem to slow my computer down (I’m using a new updated computer.)

After saying that, some complaints say it slowed their computer down. If you have a new computer, you should be okay, but if you have an outdated computer, you’ll probably see a difference.

Of course, you could head over to Amazon and get a new one! Disclaimer: I don’t recommend buying a new computer just to run this program.

Is Nielsen Digital Voice a Scam?

Nielsen Digital Voice is not a scam; there’s payment proof from members who have won.  I do wish that they had some gift card or cash reward for everyone who participates.

It’s really up to you, is running a program in the background worth the chance of winning sweepstakes? If so, visit Nielsen Digital Voice to start the sign-up process.

Nielsen Digital Voice is not my favorite program, make sure to check out 7 passive income apps for more ways to earn passive income. Looking for more income? Here’re all the Extra Income Sites I Recommend.

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Do you think Nielsen Digital Voice is a scam? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this review in the comments section below! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Nielsen Digital Voice Scam Review: Is It Safe?”

  1. I can see why some people would be interested in having this program track their Internet movement in hopes to win some money. For me, I would prefer to have my computer run as fast as it can without being slowed down. My Internet connection is not the best so a program like this might cause me issues on speed.

    Always good to know about theses kinds of programs and which ones are good.


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