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NiceQuest Survey App Review: Is It A Survey Scam?

NiceQuest is a survey company that allows you to take surveys on your computer or your phone through their mobile app. Today I’d like to take a look at the details of the app and make sure this is a legitimate way to earn an extra income.

From what I’ve found, NiceQuest is a legitimate app, but please keep in mind that this won’t be a big income. It seems that there’re some complaints about the site/app, so I’ll cover those in this review. The site does have a sign-up bonus worth 40 points which is roughly worth $3.50.

If you have any questions or have experience with the app, please leave comments below.

In this NiceQuest review, I’ll cover how it works, what rewards are available, and if this app is a scam.

NiceQuest Survey App Review

Site: NiceQuest

Type: Surveys

Verdict: Legitimate

In this NiceQuest review, I marked them legitimate. In my opinion, this is not the best app to use to make money, and if you like to take surveys on your computer, I wouldn’t use this site. With that being said, this site is legitimate and has a ton of reward options available.

There’re some issues and complaints that I’m not fond of, but you’ll find at least a few complaints about most sites.

If you’d like to join NiceQuest, you’ll join a legitimate survey site, but I prefer several sites over NiceQuest.

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How To Earn at NiceQuest

The only way to earn at NiceQuest is through surveys. As mentioned, they offer surveys on your computer via email or through their mobile app. When surveys become available, you’ll either get a notification via email or on your phone.

When you join, you’ll earn a 40 Caracolas (what they call their points) sign up bonus and have access to a profile survey that earns you around 6 more points.

Once you complete the profile survey, you should start to receive survey invitations. Please keep in mind that surveys have specific requirements, so not everyone receives the same amount of surveys.

In their FAQs, they say most members receive 2-3 surveys per month. I’ve had the app for a few weeks and have only received one survey after the initial profile survey.

When surveys come in, visit the link or the app and complete the survey. If you qualify and complete the survey you’ll earn some points. Unfortunately, you don’t know how many till you complete the survey.

NiceQuest App Rewards

By far the best part about NiceQuest is the rewards system. They have gift cards and several physical products you can use points to cash out.

You can spend points on gift cards starting at $5 for roughly 60 points. They have several gift card options, but a few are Amazon, Fandango, Walmart, Whole Foods, Starbucks, and many more.

They also have physical products in the following categories: Toys, Books, Electronics, Home & Beauty, and Sports. Most of the products are more expensive than $5 gift cards, so it looks like most physical rewards cost 150 points or more.

I recommend sticking with gift cards, but they also have options for donations to charity and sweepstakes entries to a monthly drawing, which is usually a high-end electronic.

NiceQuest App Complaints

How Many Points?

If you’ve taken surveys before, you’ve probably seen a survey invitation that tells you what the surveys about, how much it pays, and how long it should take to complete. Unfortunately, with NiceQuest you’ll only see what the survey is about.

I’ve included a screenshot below; they want you to complete a survey and then find out how much it pays.

If you’re someone that only takes the higher paying surveys, this is probably a dealbreaker.

I Didn’t Qualify?

If you’ve taken surveys before, you’ve probably run into this issue. When NiceQuest sends you a survey, that does not mean you’ll be able to complete it and earn. Each survey is looking for a specific type of person. When you start a survey, they ask you a few questions, if you’re not what they’re looking for, you’ll be notified and kicked out of the survey.

This is an issue with pretty much every survey site except my favorite survey site PaidViewpoint. They only send you surveys you’re pre-qualified for, so you earn for every question you answer.

Why the Point System?

If you’ve read my reviews before, you know that I’m not a huge fan of sites that use confusing point systems. Why would 60 points be equal to a $5 gift card? Anyways, NiceQuest has a point system, and it seems that the amounts don’t make much sense. With that being said most $5 gift cards all cost the same amount so at least there’s some consistency there.

No Referral Program

If you like to earn easy extra money by referring a few friends and letting them earn for you, NiceQuest is not for you. At this time they do not have a referral program.

Is NiceQuest A Scam?

NiceQuest is not a scam, I earned enough points to cash out a Fandango gift card a few weeks back. With that being said, I don’t recommend NiceQuest. It’s legitimate, but the number of surveys you receive is not worth it in my opinion. Along with the complaints listed above, I feel like there’re much better survey sites out there.

If you’d like to learn more about my recommendations, visit the extra income sites I recommend or check out PaidViewpoint and Swagbucks to see the sites I use to take surveys!

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Do you think the NiceQuest app is a scam? Have information to share about this review? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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