ISpeakUSpeak/LearnLight Jobs Review: Is ESL Tutoring a Scam?

LearnLight Hires a Work At Home ESL Tutoring Position that Pays $12 an Hour!LearnLight formerly known as ISpeakUSpeak or ISUS offers a work at home ESL tutoring position in many languages.

There’re some requirements that you’ll have to meet, but it seems to be a reputable company that has positive feedback from its current tutors.

In this Learnlight Tutor Job Review, I’ll cover the requirements, application process, pay, and what it’s like to work for this company.

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Where Is LearnLight Tutoring Available?

First off, I’ll be covering the details of the English-speaking tutors in the review, but Learnlight does hire teachers in other languages. I can’t guarantee the information I share on this page applies to all of the languages available!

Learnlight offers tutoring in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Mandarin, Japanese, and Russian. They do hire worldwide.

You’ll, of course, need to be fluent in the language you plan on tutoring in. It does not say being bilingual is a requirement, but preferred.

LearnLight Tutoring Requirements

Here’s what you’ll need to meet to apply as a LearnLight Tutor:

  • Foreign Language Teaching Qualification, 2 Years Experience, Proficiency in the language taught
  • High-Speed Internet Connection, Computer, Headset, Webcam (aftermarket is fine)
  • Ability to commit to a flexible schedule for one year, 10-hour week minimum in 2-4 hour scheduled time frames

They also mention that a business background is preferred. If you can meet these qualifications, you can start the application process.

LearnLight Tutoring Application Process

On their website, they say the full application process should take 10 hours broken up over a two week period.

The first step is to fill out an application on their website if they’re hiring and they like your application you’ll be invited to a Skype interview. The forums say you may not hear back from them if they’re not interested.

If the Skype call goes well, you’ll get access to their training. They have modules of training you’ll need to complete that gives information on how they expect you to tutor. There is at least one more Skype call during the training that’s a practice tutor session.

If all goes well, they’ll contact you and give you more information about the job and how to get started. As mentioned it should take about two weeks to complete the whole application process.

LearnLight Tutoring Job Pay

Learnlight pays in your local currency via PayPal or Bank transfer. From what I could find in the forums, average tutors make around $10-$12 an hour. With some making a bit more based on reputation and length of employment.

Learnlight Tutoring Schedule

It seems that Learnlight has a very flexible schedule and you can pretty much work as much as you’d like. They do mention that you’re required to work at least 10 hours a week and commit to a flexible schedule for one year (not sure if that means you can work less after a year).

I did find that tutors sign up for different hours during the week. Which means you do have some control of when you work and how many hours you work.

LearnLight Tutoring Complaints

There’s quite a bit of feedback on the internet about this position. You can check out their Glassdoor Listing to see some full reviews.

One complaint I’ve seen in the forums is if you want to do the job well you’ll need to prepare for tutoring sessions. This is done on your own time and is not paid. I guess it’s not a requirement, and some tutors mention that it’s not very time-consuming, but it’s something to note.

I’ve also heard a few complaints about the company not getting back to you after you apply. If they’re not interested, you may not receive a reply back.

Is Tutoring For Learnlight A Scam?

From my research, Learnlight tutoring is not a scam, and there’s a lot of positive feedback about the company. Just like any other company, there are some small complaints, but nothing significant.

The forums are saying that they do always pay on time, so Learnlight seems to be a good option for a WAH tutoring job.

If you’d like to learn more or to apply visit, At the time of this review they’re hiring, but I can’t guarantee that will be the case when you go to apply.

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Thank you for reading my Learnlight ESL tutoring review. Have additional information about the company? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below! 🙂

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