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Is ReportEZ.com A Scam: ReportEz Mail Review

Learn How You Can Get Paid To Receive Mail With ReportEZ. In this Review I'll cover how the whole process works and prove it's scam free!I recently came across a super cool company called ReportEZ that actually pays you to receive mail. You may have heard of the process before, it’s usually referred to as decoy mail or being a mail decoy.

Basically you get paid to help figure out how well the USPS is operating and how efficiently they’re delivering mail.

Now this obviously won’t make you rich, but it can be a way to earn some cool rewards, just for spending a few minutes reporting that you received mail.

In this ReportEZ review I’ll cover how it works, how you can get paid, and prove that ReportEZ.com is not a scam!

What Is ReportEZ.com?

ReportEZ is actually owned and operated by IBM. On the website they say that IBM was given a contract to measure the efficiency of the US postal service a few years back.

When working for ReportEZ you’ll be responsible for reporting mail that you receive. There’s two different levels of memberships, which I cover later, but each will report mail by phone or by scanning a bar code.

For your time you’ll be rewarded with stamps or points to use towards gift cards and other rewards.

ReportEZ Requirments

I had a hard time finding any real requirements, but since it’s USPS I assume this is only available within the US. Even though they do ship to other countries.

You’re required to commit to participating in the program for at least 6 months and must keep the program confidential, meaning you can’t tell your mail man so he delivers your mail faster.

You must also report any vacation time that you’ll be away, so results will be as accurate as possible.

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The requirements are very simple and almost anyone can apply if you’re willing to go by their guidelines.

Applying is super easy, just fill out an application on their website, and if they’re interested you’ll receive a piece of mail, usually within a few weeks, with additional instructions.

ReportEZ Memberships

External First-Class Panel

If you qualify for this membership you’ll occasionally receive mail that looks identical to all your other mail. You won’t know it’s from ReportEZ until you open it.

Once you open it you’ll see instructions on how to report it. In most cases, mail is reported over the phone or on the internet.

For your time you’ll earn free stamps. I’m not 100% sure, but it seems that this might be more for businesses.

Scanner Panel

In the scanner panel, ReportEZ will send you a scanner that plugs right into your home computer.

You’ll need to report two types of mail. Test mail which is what I covered above or any mail that has an “Intelligent Mail” barcode on it.

Some business put these bar codes on their mail to track where it ends up and how fast it got there.

For your time you’ll earn points each month through the Corporate Rewards Program.

How Does ReportEZ Pay?

Depending on the membership, you’ll either earn free stamps or points within the Corporate Rewards Program. If your in the Scanner Panel, each month that you participate you’ll earn points.

Unfortunately I could not find how many points or what rewards are available to spend your points on, but I’m assuming it’s gift cards to stores. If anyone has information on this please share in the comments!

Is ReportEZ A Scam or Legit?

ReportEZ seems to be a legit, scam free, and trusted site to get paid to receive mail. Unfortunately I’m still in the dark on the different rewards available, but I’m assuming it’s gift cards.

If you do decided to try out ReportEz, please know this won’t be a big income. It requires minimal work and will probably only make you a few bucks each month.

If anyone is already a member I’d love to hear your experiences or any additional information you might have on ReportEZ! You can share by leaving a comment below.

If you’d like to get paid to receive mail with ReportEZ, you can apply on their website.

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Do you think ReportEZ is a scam? Been paid to receive mail before? I’d love to hear thoughts on my ReportEZ review in the comments below!

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