Easy Shift App Scam: My EasyShift App Review

Learn How You Can Get Paid $5-$20 Per Mystery Shop with the Easy Shift App!
I recently reviewed quite a few apps that pay you to complete easy and short tasks at stores in your local city. Well today I have another app called Easy Shift.

The Easy Shift App will pay you to “shop, eat, and explore your city”. For example, you may be asked to check prices at a store or making sure an items displayed correctly.

I decided to write this review and answer is this app a scam because there’s some mixed feedback about the EasyShift App.

Please understand that Easy Shift won’t be a big income, it can turn into a terrible hourly rate. If you’re interested in making a full-time income online, check out My #1 Recommendation, it’s how I made over $13,000 online last month!

Within this Easy Shift app review, I’ll cover how it works, how much you get paid, and answer is this app a legit way to make money or a complete scam!

How Does Easy Shift Work?

1) Download App And Sign Upeasy shift app scam review is it legit

The Easy Shift is available on Apple and Android mobile devices. Just go to your mobile app store and download the app to get started. Then easily sign up inside the app on your device.

2) Find Jobs Near You

Once you’ve joined you’ll need to share you location so the app can bring up all the jobs near you. Jobs will be shown on a map or in a list. You can easily see how much it pays, where it’s at, and exactly what you need to do!

3) Complete The Job

When you find a job you’d like to complete you can accept it on the app. You have 24 hours to complete the job. Go to the store, restaurant, etc. and complete the job laid out for you. Submit your work through the app once you’re done.

4) Get Paid

Once you complete the job, your work will be approved by Easy Shift. You can except payment with 48 hours after completion, but it’s usually much sooner!

Easy Shift App Review

is the easy shift app a scam or legitApp: Easy Shift

Price: Free

Verdict: Legit, Not Recommended

Several People Have Had Negative Experiences With The App Please Check Comments Before Joining!

I gave the Easy Shift App a good score and marked it legit in this Review. Really there are other apps very similar to this, it’s really just which one you like best, and how many jobs are available in your area.

If you live in a large town or city there are most likely tons of jobs to complete. If you’d like to get paid to complete small and quick tasks, the Easy Shift App is a good option.

What Type Of Jobs Are Available?

Just to give you an idea, here are some examples of the jobs that are available on Easy Shift.

It seems that most jobs have to do with taking a picture of how items are displayed with your phone, checking prices at a store, or even asking for help from an employee.

Now not all jobs will be this exactly, but they are all super easy and usually just take a few minutes once you visit the store!

How Much And How Do You Get Paid?

Jobs range in the $2-$20 range depending on how much work it requires, but most range in the $2-$5 range, a few will pay more.

Once you complete a job and your work has been approved, your earnings will be added to your account.

You can cash out at any time via PayPal. Payments will be in your account within 48 hours, but usually much sooner!

Easy Shift Concerns and Complaints

Location Based

This is a major concern for me but makes since when you think about it. To complete jobs you need to go to local stores, restaurants, etc.

If you live in a small town, like I do, there are not many jobs available. I downloaded the app and I currently have one job available that pays $2.

Obviously, I could complete that job, get paid, and wait for more jobs in the future, but the lack of jobs if you don’t live in a larger city, makes it not worth doing in my opinion.

But if you live in a large city you should be good to go!

Just Extra Income

Just like other quick task apps, this isn’t going to make you rich or let you quit your job. If you complete most of the tasks available this could be an extra $50 or less each month.

As long as you know this is just an “extra income” app you should be pretty happy completing easy tasks with Easy Shift.

Is the Easy Shift App A Scam?

The Easy Shift App is not a scam, I’ve reviewed many similar apps and they all seem to be legit. The feedback that I can find is basically all positive. Looks like they had a few problems before with a version of the app, but now it’s all squared away.

As long as you know this isn’t a huge income, you should be pretty happy completing jobs for Easy Shift. I like that they pay via PayPal in just a few hours, but unfortunately, these easy tasks apps aren’t for everyone.

Depending on your location, Easy Shift may not be worth your time.

But if the Easy Shift App sounds like a cool way to earn some cash you can learn more at Easy Shift or just download the app on your mobile device.

Easy Shift not for you? Here are some other apps that can earn you money. You can also see all the ways I recommend to make some extra cash online here.

If a small extra income isn’t for you, check out My #1 Recommendation, it’s how I made over $13,000 online last month!

Do you think the Easy Shift App is a scam? Let me hear your thoughts on this Easy Shift Review in the comments below!

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22 thoughts on “Easy Shift App Scam: My EasyShift App Review”

  1. Hello,

    This app is a big scam. 2 shifts not paid, even when you spend hours on it and take 200+ pictures. Nobody should go near it.

  2. I have been using easy shift and it seemed pretty good but now the last couple months they have Bern giving alot of rejections. Not just me but others too. Its starting to look like they are using our work and not paying for it. I hope I’m wrong but I’ve been doing this for a couple years and have been rejected more times the last month then from when I first started. They are also asking for so many pictures to be taken it gets ridiculous. Ive had to take over 100 plus pictures just for one store…not worth the pay for that many photos. Also the pay is not within 48 hours. People have waited 2 plus weeks for pay. This app is not as good as it used to be.

  3. Easy shift is awful!! Don’t waste your time. They rejected every shift I attempted so I stopped trying. The first was rejected because I said a product wasn’t visible, yet they could see it in the pictures I took. Unfortunately, the picture I was given to find the products were so distorted and out of focus that I had no idea what I was looking for. I spent 45 minutes taking a ton of pictures, but because one product that I couldn’t locate due to their horrible photographs, I was denied payment. Not even a gas bump. I was kicked out of the store on my second shift, but they determined that it was impossible for me to have been kicked out in the time I was at the store so I was denied payment there as well. So, they’re basically calling me a liar.
    The shifts require a LOT of work and time for $4-$5 each, and after having been denied payment at both attempts, I will not be doing this again.

  4. I just started so I thought I would leave some feedback, because there was a lot of negative. I think I have done about 10 jobs so far, and only one was rejected. I am not sure why, that much is true, I think they said that I didn’t get enough photos. I went again to repeat the job and got paid. The first payment took about 4 days, for two of the jobs, and a couple of days later got paid for the rest of them. Just sharing my experiences. I really like it. I am pleased with getting more mystery shops.

  5. I thought ES would be a simple way to earn a little extra cash but although I added my PayPal email two weeks ago I am still waiting to be paid on an accepted shift. I won’t be completing another shift for them and it looks like a lot of people are walking away.

  6. Not a good service at all. If you do 10 shifts, they’ll reject half of them but still keep your pictures and not pay you. Takes to long to get paid and for $7.00 it sometimes takes an hour to do a shift. It’s a nice legal scam. Don’t use.

  7. Im skeptical with anything having to do with easyshift, even this review.
    Easyshift will bring you onboard and make sure you get a couple months of very simple, decent paying gigs before the carpet is pulled and you start getting OSAs and walmart jobs almost exclusively. The ones im referring to either lie to you about the jobs requirememts (says 13 photos but once working the job they suddenly want 60), or craft the jobs in such a way so that they are able to get the information they want from you, while still being able two deny you payment due to an unrealistic, often impossible requirement. The walmart jobs are famous for this.
    Easyshift most definitely has its scams, and you have to know where to look for them, and how to avoid them. That being said, not every shift is like that. But believe me it SUCKS when you find out you just got screwed, because they most certainly dont have a problem doing that. Protect yourself with knowledge and intuition.

    • Very sorry to hear about the issues with Easy Shift Jerry. Would you be able to share more information on some of the typical jobs that turn into impossible requirements?


  8. Am wondering about easyshift and field agent as I am a stay at home mom. I was gonna sign up, it said get first 10 dollars free then disappeared. What do you exctally do?

    • April,

      Easy Shift and Field Agent are apps that basically pay you to mystery shop. They have tasks that you can complete by going to stores near you. Some of the tasks include making sure something is displayed the right way or asking for help from an employee.

      The $10 Free was a popup not related to either of those apps. You can see the information it leads to here.


  9. Lately they reject a lot of shifts. They are getting too picky with the quality of shifts that people do. If your photo is deemd the slightest bit of blurry or if you miss one display, they will reject the whole job you just did. It does not matter if you spent 30 minutes doing the shift and 12 miles in gas – they do not care about you. They will not explain exactly why the shift was rejected either. They do not reply to messages or emails when you ask them for a reason. Be careful with this company. They are shady.

    • Julius, thank you so much for sharing your experiences with Easy Shift and I’m very sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues. I’ll make sure readers see your comment before joining!

  10. App seemed like a good idea, go into your local stores like a secret shopper and get paid to be a private eye. Lol Only one problem ive only did one task to see how well it was going to work out and never got paid says it takes 48 hours to process, but its been 2 weeks and nothing. Im a little skeptical about doing another task or to keep using the app seeing some of the task are little far from home the cost of getting there is more than the task is worth. So i would only do them if i found something in an area i just happened to be going to anyway.

  11. Hi, Brok I’m here to tell you that Easyshift is no longer what it used to be. It once was a great app to have, paid fairly, as your review indicated. At this point, management has changed, and the pay has gone down. They had great customer service at one time, but now treat their shifters very badly. For the past six months, there is no guarantee that you will be paid for your work. They have been denying shifts like crazy. I feel the obligation to let this be known, as people do rely on these apps for a little extra money. I am part of a group of people who have been with ES for quite some time. At this point, most of us are leaving or have left already. The pay does not even cover your gas or your time anymore.

    • Hey Freddie,

      Thank you for sharing your experiences with the Easy Shift app and it’s pretty sad to hear that app has gone down hill over the past months, especially since you’ve been with the app for a while now.

      I had not heard about the change of ownership, so thank you for letting me know about the changes. Hopefully you can find a better app to use to make some extra income.

      If I can help in any way please let me know.


  12. Hi Brok. The one problem with Easy-shift that I have experienced is that they sell your information to 3rd parties. My phone was flooded with telemarketers after signing up with easy shift. Their privacy policy states that they wont give personal info but the calls that I have been getting all have my name and location.

    • Hey Shauna,

      Thank you for sharing your experiences with the Easy Shift App! This is not a complaint I’ve heard before so I’ll have to update my review to let everyone know. Sorry to hear that you’re getting tons of phone calls. I’m in the same boat, since I review a ton of scams and give out a lot of my information I get many phone calls and emails everyday with complete scams or crap information!

      Hopefully you can put a stop to the annoying calls.

      Again thanks for reading and sharing your experiences,



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