Is PaidVerts A Scam? My Review

Is PaidVerts A Scam or can you really get paid $1 PayPal payments from visiting websites? You can find out in my review :) is a site that pays you to visit websites, otherwise known as “paid to click.” I decided to write this review and cover this site in more detail after writing a long list post on sites that pay you to visit websites.

I have to say that PaidVerts is legit and scam free, but I do have a few complaints about the site and most paid to click sites in general.

In this PaidVerts Review I’ll cover how to earn, how to get paid, touch on the referral program, the upgraded paid accounts, and the complaints I have with this site. Review

Site: PaidVerts.comIs Paidverts a Scam? My Full Review: Get Paid To Click on Ads

Price: Free To Join + Paid Memberships

Score: 65 Out of 100

Verdict: Legit, but many complaints

In my PaidVerts Review I gave them an okay score and marked them legit, but I have a lot of complaints with this site. Let me first say that getting paid to click on websites and ads, is a legit way to make money online. It won’t be a big income, but it is legit.

The problem I have with PaidVerts and most other “paid to click” sites is all the hoops you need to jump through to refer people and make the most money possible. These type of sites also offer paid versions, which is fine. But it always leaves the free membership with many restrictions.

If you want to get paid to visit websites and click on ads, PaidVerts is legit, but know that you’ll have restrictions on your account as a free member.

How To Earn At PaidVerts

Paid Ads

This is the main way to earn at PaidVerts. If you’re familiar with other paid to click sites, this may be a bit different then you’ve seen before. Before you can click on ads to earn money you have to have bonus ad points or BAP. You earn BAP by viewing some websites that they have for you. You’ll need at least 2,000 BAP before you start to view websites for cash.

As you view websites for cash, you’ll spend BAP, meaning it’s a never ending cycle of earning BAP, viewing websites for cash, and then earning more BAP to repeat the cycle.


The next way to earn is through the ClixGrid, every day you’ll have 20 chances to win. Simply click on a space, you’ll be brought to another tab where you’ll need to view a website for a few seconds. After the duration expires you’ll be told if you won or not.

It says that you can win up to $100, but it seems the most recent winners are winning $.01-$.10 most of the time.

Cash Offers

The last way to earn is through offers. If you’re familiar with sites like SwagBucks, you’ve seen offers before. Offers usually require you to sign up for a free site, free credit card offer, or purchase a product.

It’s a good way to earn some money, but if you decided to use a free trial make sure to cancel before your card is charged.

PaidVerts Referral Program

PaidVerts does have a referral program that pays you 10% of all of their earnings. You’ll earn 10% of the income they spend buying ads, clicking on ads, and anything else they do on the site. They give you your own referral link, some banners, and some easy ways to share on social media.

Since they have a referral program, you’ll find a ton of really positive reviews of this site, just keep in mind that there’s a lot of hoops to jump through before being eligible to view ads!

If you do join and invite friends, it’s an easy way to earn some additional income without having to view ads yourself.

How Does Paidverts Pay?

PaidVerts offers many different methods of payment with almost all starting with a $1 minimum cash out amount. It seems that almost all forms of payment take a small fee out of the payment. They say payments can be made at any time and usually are in your account the same day or next, but can take up to 7 days.

Some available payment methods include PayPal, Payza, Perfect Money, Bank Wire, Bitcoin, Payeer, OkPay, and a few other options.

PaidVerts Upgrades Paid Version

PaidVerts does offer a few different forms of paid memberships. These paid versions unlock some higher paying ads and a few additional features.

The highest membership is called the “Mega Upgrade,” it cost $19.99 and will give you some higher paying ads, $.50 and more for the next seven days.

I honestly don’t recommend any paid account at all. They seem to be ripping you off when it only last seven days, but that’s just my opinion. Complaints

Very Small Income

With all paid to click websites, you’ll be earning less than one cent on most clicks. Yes, you only view the website for a few seconds, but this does not allow you to make much money. You can make money on PaidVerts by viewing websites, but the income will be small.

BAP Bonus Ad Points

I’ve reviewed a few paid to click sites in the past, and they’ve all let you click on ads without having to qualify or have points. PaidVerts requires you to earn BAP or Bonus Ad Points, just to view ads. This means you have to view websites to earn BAP points and then when you view ads that pay you; you’ll give up BAP points.

It’s a pretty good system for PaidVerts, but not so much for the member. You’re viewing websites twice just to earn a few cents.

So Many Requirements

This goes right along with Bonus Ad Points. There’re so many hoops to jump through that I don’t think this small income would ever be worth joining and viewing ads. The paid memberships have benefits that eliminate some requirements, but I still don’t think it’s worth paying for a site that pays so little.

I don’t recommend using PaidVerts to view ads and DO NOT recommend paying for the site. But if you do decide to use the site, you’ll be paid when you cash out.

Is Paidverts A Scam Or Legit?

I have to say that PaidVerts is a legitimate way to make money online viewing ads. The real problem I have with this site is the requirements and paid memberships. I also don’t like that you have to view ads to earn BAP and then view more ads to earn money.

I’ve reviewed other paid to click sites, and yes they offer the paid memberships, but none of the others make you earn points before you can earn money. I can’t say this site is a scam, because they do pay, but I don’t think this is a site that’s worth your time. The pay is too small, and there’re too many hoops to jump through.

But if you’re still interested you can join by visiting

I’m not a fan on PaidVerts, if you’d like an easier way to earn money viewing ads check out ySense or some of the better ways to earn an extra income online.

Don’t just settle for an extra online income, here’s how you can make a full-time income with My #1 Recommendation.

Do you think PaidVerts is a scam? Make good money with PaidVerts? Let me hear your story in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Is PaidVerts A Scam? My Review”

  1. Contrarily to many of the comments here, i want to say PAIDVERTS is a BIG SCAM SITE. In 2015, I purchased $50 worth ad pack and they never gave me paid add issue. I made the purchase via paypal and for over 3months they never gave me any ad issue i contacted them sevrally buy their support do not reply. I had to contact paypal to help me get my money back which they did, many thanks to paypal.

    Just recently again in January 31st, 2017 i added $2.05 via okpay to my paidverts account, to purchase ad pack but since January 31st till date, they have refused to credit the funds to my account. I have contacted them more than 20 times and they keep giving flimsy answers. I uploaded screenshot of the payment transaction from okpay and till now they refused to credit my account. Its over a month now since i added this $2.05 but they don’t want to credit it. PAIDVERTS and MYTRAFFIC VALUE ARE SCAMMERS PLEASE BEWARE

    • Thank you for sharing your experiences Faith. I’m very sorry to hear about the issues. I’ll make sure readers see your comment before joining. Hopefully you can get your money back!



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