Is Face Beast A Scam Or Legit? Learn In My FaceBeast Review!

FaceBeast is a program created by William Moore that promises you monthly earnings of over $10,000 just for using Facebook to promote products and make affiliate sales. I decided to write a review because I know it’s completely possible to make money through Facebook, but I wanted to see if the FaceBeast program teaches you what you need to know to be successful.

I’ve had quite a few readers ask if FaceBeast is a scam or a legitimate way to make money, so I thought I’d write this FaceBeast Review to show you exactly what you’ll be doing!

In this FaceBeast Review I’ll cover how it works, what you get, the complaints I have with this program, and if it’s a scam or a legitimate way to make money!

FaceBeast Review

Facebeast Review: Is it a scam or legitimatize Product: FaceBeast

Type: Facebook Marketing

Price: $97 + Up-Sells

Score: 40 out of 100

Verdict: Not Recommended 

In this FaceBeast Review, I gave them a bad score and marked it not recommended. First off, let me make it clear that this product isn’t a complete scam, some of the information they cover within the training is great for Facebook marketing, but with that being said they give you unrealistic earning expectations and Facebook is honestly getting extremely hard to use for business.

I have some other major complaints with the Face Beast program such as not telling you exactly what you’ll be doing before joining, trying to make you pay for upsells, and you’ll have to spend money on ads for this program to work!

Overall the FaceBeast app is not worth the $97 it costs to gain access. I highly recommend staying away from this product. It won’t be worth it!

How Does FaceBeast Work?

What Will I Be Doing?

If you’ve just seen the FaceBeast sales page, you probably have no idea what you’ll be doing with this system. Before purchasing you should understand exactly what you’ll be getting and doing. So here’s the process you’ll take:

You’ll be finding a niche and creating a Facebook page about that niche. The whole goal is to get as many likes on your page from running Facebook ads. Once you get a following, you’ll be promoting products in your niche to the people who’ve liked your page.

If anyone clicks on the link in your post and purchases the product, you’ll earn a commission on the sale through affiliate marketing.

What’s In The Training?

Now that you know the process you’ll need to take, here’s what the training covers:

Niche Research, Facebook Ads, Getting Likes, Finding Niche Content, Posting Strategies, and more advanced strategies like viral posting, list building, and more.

The training covers how to find your niche and how to build an audience with Facebook ads. There is some more advanced training that shows you how to use the different types of Facebook ads for success, when and how to post, and how to get the most of your ads and posts.

Although the training covers a lot of information about Facebook marketing, I still have a ton of complaints, which I cover next!

FaceBeast Complaints & Concerns

Huge Income Hype!

FaceBeast scam huge income hypeThe first thing you see on the FaceBeast sales page is that people are making over $10,000 a month with this system. Honestly, I can’t say that it’s completely impossible to make that much, but it’s not realistic to show complete newbies that earning expectations.

You can make money with this system, but you’ll also be spending money on ads. This is going to make it difficult to break even, particularly in the beginning. Once you have this all built up you could stop the ads, and just earn money with the people who already liked your page, but still, an income that big will take a lot of time, hard work, and a very active Facebook page!

Secret System

One of the things that pisses me off about most “make money online” products is that they always keep exactly what you’ll be doing secret. On the Facebeast sales page, the steps they show are activate your account, log in, and follow the training.

They’re telling you to purchase the product and then go through the training to learn what you’ll be doing to make money!

You’re spending money based on the hype of making over ten grand a month. It’s not until you pay $97 or more that you learn what the hell the process is or what you’ll need to do to make money with this program.

Fake Testimonials

I run into this a lot when reviewing make money online products. If you’re familiar with a site called Fiverr, you know that you can go and get different services for just five bucks. One of the popular gig categories is testimonials.

Basically “make money online” product owners go on Fiverr and purchase gigs of people giving their product fake testimonials. These testimonials come from people who have never used the product or have any idea what the product really teaches. The gig purchaser (product owner) usually has a script for the testimonial giver to use, so they’ll say whatever you’d like about your product for $5!

Always be careful when seeing testimonials, there’s a good chance they’re fake, and FaceBeasts testimonials are all fake!


Another complaint I have with the FaceBeast program is that right after paying $97 for this product you’ll see some upsells. If you’re not familiar, these are add-on programs that they tell you you’ll need to be successful, even though you just purchased the initial product!

It pisses me off that they’d sell you a product and then immediately tell you that you’ll also need this more expensive product to be successful. Honestly, the upsells probably could help you get some results faster, but why are they not included in the original product.

It’s really just an old internet marketing trick to get you to purchase the initial product, get you to spend more, and give affiliates larger commissions! That’s why you might find quite a few positive reviews of FaceBeast online.

Paying For Ads

I work with complete beginners every single day, helping them build their own online business. One of the most common thoughts and concerns is how much will I have to spend to get this going. With My #1 Recommendation you can get started for free and get everything set up for less than $10-$20 a month, but with the FaceBeast program, you’ll need to spend money on ads to really get your page off the ground.

It’s great that you can spend money on ads to get your business going and increase your exposure, but it’s not in the budget for most people. For this program to work, you’ll have to have some money set aside to pay for ads, which is a huge negative!

Facebook News Feed Updates

Honestly, Facebook has really screwed over small business/page owners. With the new news feed updates, it’s harder than ever to get your content seen by people who are your friends or who’ve liked your page.

If you get on Facebook, most of the content you see are viral videos that your friends have shared. Facebook now only really shows the posts that have the most engagement on them. So if your Facebook page is new and doesn’t have many people who interact with your content, you’re SOL.

Even if you have thousands of likes on your page, if people don’t like, share, and comment on all of your posts, your post and affiliate links will not be seen!

Is FaceBeast A Scam Or Legitimate?

FaceBeast isn’t a complete scam, but it’s not a legitimate product based on the claims they make on their sales page. I’m not saying you can’t make money with Facebook, but it’s much harder than what FaceBeast makes it seem. One of the biggest problems I see is to be successful you’ll need to spend money on Facebook ads. Most people looking to make money online are looking to get started with minimal expenses; this will not be possible with the FaceBeast program!

In my opinion, FaceBeast will not give you the results you’re looking for or the over $10,000 a month they promise on their sales page.

Facebook marketing is getting harder and harder with all the updates on news feeds that Facebook has implemented. I highly recommend using a website to make money; you can still use Facebook to drive traffic to your site, but solely relying on Facebook for traffic to make sales is nearly impossible nowadays.

If you’d like to learn how to start a website for free, check out My #1 Recommendation. You can get started for much less than the FaceBeast program, and you won’t need to spend money on ads to be successful! Check out Wealthy Affiliate to learn more, or learn how you can work directly with me building your own website for just $19!

Do you think FaceBeast is a scam or legitimate? Let me hear your thoughts on my Face Beast Review Below! 

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