Is Earning Station A Scam? My Detailed EarningStation Review

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If you follow my site you know I’m a big fan of extra online income. Well today I have a brand new site called Earning Station that someone contacted me about asking if it’s a scam. Of course, I checked it out and put together this EarningStation Review.

Honestly, for a brand new startup site it’s pretty darn good, and it’s parent company, Massfinity is a very reputable company.

Earning Station is not a scam, it’s a completely legitimate rewards site that I actually recommend.

Please understand that Earning Station and other reward sites won’t make you much money. If you’re looking for a large online income, check out My #1 Recommendation, it’s how I made over $13,000 online last month!

In this Earning Station Review I’ll cover how you can earn, how to get paid, and some other important information about this site!

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Earning Station Review

Name: Earning Stationearning station review scam

Price: Free To Join

Score: 70 out of 100

Verdict: Legit

In this Earning Station Review, I gave them a good score and marked them legit. For a start-up company that’s not very old, it’s a very good site. I liked that they have many ways to earn and have the site laid out easily.

At this time the rewards are pretty limited, but I’m hoping to see some improvements overtime on this.

Overall Earning Station is a good “get paid to” site that I’m sure will get better as they’re more established.

How Does Earning Station Work?

Well if you’re familiar with “Paid To Do” sites you already know how it works, but if not basically you’ll be earning points, which they call Station Dollars. You earn this points by taking surveys, completing offers, watching videos, and more.

Once you’ve earned some Station Dollars you can exchange these for gift cards to popular stores. It’s a pretty simple concept, but here’s a video to explain some more:

How To Earn With Earning Station

Like I mentioned Earning Station is very similar to SwagBucks. They have a similar site layout and offer most of the same ways to earn. Below I’ve laid out all the ways Earning Station lets you earn. The site is new so I’m sure more will be added in the future.


On this page you’ll find free and paid offers. Offers usually have to do with signing up for a site or purchasing a product or service. Free offers could be signing up for a survey site. These usually pay around 100 points each.

The paid offers pay higher. An example would be a free trial of a service or buying a membership. These usually pay from $3-$10+. Note that all free trials require a credit card. If you don’t want to get charged you’ll need to cancel your membership!


What would a paid to do site be without surveys. Earning Station has a few different types of surveys you can take. They have some that they provide themselves and you can also complete surveys from companies like Peanut Labs.

From what I can see, there’s nothing special. If you’ve taken surveys before you know the drill. It will show the name of the survey, how much it pays, along with estimated time to complete.

Express Deals

In this section you’ll find a lot of offers that are hosted by other companies. There really isn’t anything new here other than it gives you more offers to complete and the ability to earn more Station Dollars.


Earning Station Videos is very similar to SwagBucks. They have 1,000s of videos to choose from, most are pop culture and news related. Most range from 1 minute to 3 minutes.

Start watching videos till the very end. Once you watch 10 full videos you’ll earn 2 Station Dollars.


The coupons section has a wide variety of coupons to be redeemed at most stores. It works by cutting coupons online though earning station, go to the store, and redeem the coupon. Since you got the coupon off of Earning Station, you’ll receive a few Station Dollars for using the coupon.

Invite Your Friends

Earning Station does offer a referral program and gives you the tools to promote it. They have a built-in emailing system, easy to use share buttons, and a referral link to post on a website.

Every friend you refer to Earning Station becomes your referral. You’ll earn 10% of their earnings for life.


Very similar to SwagBucks where they post promo codes that give you a few free Station Dollars when you redeem them. You can find these codes by following them on social media and reading their blog. Simply type the code into the code bar and get some free Station Dollars.

Earning Station Rewards

earning station rewardsNow that you know how to earn points how can you get paid? Well right now I’d say this is the most negative thing about Earning Station, and I’m hoping to see improvements on this, but for now, you can only exchange points for gift cards starting at $10 or 1000 points.

Right now the best reward they have is an Amazon Gift Card, which starts at $25 or 2,500 points.

They do have $10 gift cards to sites like 1-800 flowers, Best Buy, Home Depot, Office Depot, and more. Hopefully they’ll have a $10 Amazon Gift Card and PayPal soon!

My Thoughts On Earning Station

I’ve reviewed hundreds of get paid to do sites, and overall Earning Station is pretty good and scam free. I have to keep in mind that this site is new and still making improvements, but they’re off to a good start.

I really liked the multiple ways to earn and the easy to use layout of the site.

Personally I like to get paid in cash, so I wish there was a PayPal option, but hopefully the rewards will improve soon!

Overall this is a scam free legit paid to do site that can earn you some extra spending money each month!

Is Earning Station A Scam?

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You’ve probably already figured out that Earning Station is not a scam. Overall this is a good site to join to make some extra spending money each month. Hopefully, I’ll get to update this review soon with some improvements they’ve made.

But for now, this new site is on the right path. If you’d like to learn more or to join visit Earning Station and start the easy sign-up process.


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Have more information for this Earning Station Review? Used this site before? Let me hear your Earning Station experiences in the comments below!

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14 thoughts on “Is Earning Station A Scam? My Detailed EarningStation Review”

  1. Complete waste of time. Completed an offer that would pay me $15 for making a $5 deposit. After not receiving my rewards I messaged customer service with proof of completion. They said I was inelligible because I completed the offer before I joined. How could I have completed their offer before joining when I had to sign in to my Earningstation account before clicking on the offer??? Total scam, don’t waste your time or money. Thankfully it was only $5.

  2. I’ve been using earningstation since about January, usually get my paypal within minutes sometimes days. But how long does it take to receive gift cards? I refereed my mother and she requested a gift card on May 30, she has not gotten it yet even though the status says shipped on the 5th, anyway to get a tracking number?

    • Sonya,

      I’ve pulled the following answer straight from their FAQs

      “If you order a physical gift card, you will receive it within 4 -6 weeks of requesting it. We provide an estimated delivery date when you submit a payment request.

      If you redeem for a virtual gift card or PayPal, you will receive the code within 1-5 business days.”

      If it’s a physical gift card it could be a few more weeks. If it’s a virtual gift card make sure to check her email and do a search for Earning Station to see if you can find it.


  3. have you recieved PayPal money ?
    cause on another review website it said ” Recently I discovered that they do not pay via PayPal anymore and only with gift cards.” (2015)

    • Hey Mina,

      Great question. Looks like at this time PayPal is an option but it doesn’t start until $50. There’re much cheaper gift cards so most people will go with the gift cards so they can cash out sooner.

      Hope this helps,


    • Alvaro,

      From what I can see gift cards are delivered by email. Most sites will send your first payment to your email, but I have seen a few sites that make your first a mailed check instead of another cash options such as direct deposit or Paypal.

      Since Earning Station only pays via gift cards, I imagine it’s by email for all payments including the first one.

      Hope this helps,


  4. Greetings, I would like to know if this product give you the gift card to the email, or I’ll send you home.?

  5. Brok-

    Thanks for the review, very clear cut and informative. I would like to add my personal observation of Earning Station.
    I am currently seeking FT employment; utilizing various job boards in my search. On occasion I review the Craigslist postings ( having learned to be cautiously optimistic of many listings) Earning Station now included.
    While you rate them as a “legit” company, I am suspect of any type of business that posts “Jobs” under any misleading, false heading; ie ‘Receptionist and File Clerk’. Nothing in the job description or subsequent email response suggested, hinted or boldly declared the true nature of the job.
    Despite your 85 out of 100 legit rating, I would have to rate Earning Station as nothing better than a Carnival Hawkers Smoke and Mirror sideshow.
    Legit = Real, Honest!!

    • Hey Denise,

      Earning Station is not a job. It’s an extra income site that you should just use to devote a bit of time to make some extra cash. It’s nothing like an online work at home job.

      I’ve been paid by earning station so I know that they’re legitimate, but I think you might be a bit confused on what exactly earning station is.

      Let me know if you have any other questions



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