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Welcome to my Inspired Opinions Review. I have another survey site that you should stay away from. The process of Inspired Opinions is just like most survey sites, you join, complete your profile, wait for surveys by email, and try to qualify for the survey.

Inspired Opinions is really not a scam, but there is no reason to join this company because it will be a complete waste of your time. I have been a member of this site before and have done some more recent research to make sure of it and I am convinced you should stay away from this company.

In this Inspired Opinions Review we will look at what problems I have with this company and show you better alternatives.

My Inspired Opinions Review

I gave Inspired Opinions a 10 out of 100 and marked it a scam because I do not recommend joining this company. It’s not really a scam, but it will be a waste of your time to join. There are a lot of different things that I don’t like about this site and the big one is the number of surveys you receive. How in the heck are you suppose to earn money taking surveys if you don’t get any to take.

If I were you I’d stay away from this company and check out some of the highest ranking survey sites. Read on to learn more about what makes this company a scam.

What I Don’t Like

Don’t Receive Surveys

Obviously if you want to make money taking surveys, you’re going to need to have surveys to take. The biggest concern with Inspired Opinions is that members only receive a few surveys each year. This is crazy because I belong to a few different sites that send me at least a couple every day.

Don’t Qualify For Surveys

There have been a lot of complaints that people only receive a few surveys a year and they don’t qualify for either of them. This means you made $0 with this company for the year. Why even be a member.

Point System

Instead of paying you in cash Inspired Opinion is one of those sites that pays you in points that can be redeemed for prizes. I am not really a fan of companies that do this, but they do make it easier by making 100 points be worth to $1.

Only Pay By Gift Card

The minimum cash out amount for Inspired Opinions is $10. The only way they pay is through Amazon Gift Cards.I wish they offered a cash option like checks or PayPal, but Amazon is all you can get. Most likely based on the number of surveys you receive you won’t ever reach the cash out amount so I wouldn’t even worry about their payment options.

Final Verdict

I do not recommend joining Inspired Opinions. Really this company is not a scam in the fact they will pay you, but the real reason this company got a low score is because there are too many negatives and not really any positives. There is no reason to be part of a site that will only send you a few surveys a year that you probably won’t qualify for. That is just a waste and you won’t be making much money with this site.

I am not against all survey sites and actually have a few I highly recommend as a side income. But these companies send you surveys if not daily at lease multiple times a week and they only send you surveys that you are already qualified for. Those are the kind of survey companies that you should be joining and spending your time with.

If I were you I would stay away from Inspired Opinion and check out these awesome survey sites.

What To Do Now?

You know I don’t recommend Inspired Opinions, but what should you do now? Well it’s simple find better survey sites that are going to give you a chance to earn a decent amount of money each month. Luckily for you I have put together 2 lists of survey sites that I highly recommend you can see these sites at All Scam Free Jobs or Companies That Have Paid Me. The sites that I recommend as the highest ranking are Paid Viewpoint, Cash Crate, and Swag Bucks.

Not all money-making online opportunities are created equal so if you would like to learn how you can earn the most money online with affiliate marketing check out my Start Your Own Online Business page.

Thank you for reading my Inspired Opinions Review. I hope you let me help you make money online by using the links above to find other great opportunities to make money.


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2 thoughts on “Inspired Opinions Review”

  1. I’ve been a member of Inspired Opinions for quite some time, maybe a few years. In all this time I don’t think I’ve been sent a single survey that I actually qualify for. It really is quite a pain because they make you take a “pre-survey” to see if you quality for the primary survey. This pre-survey usually takes a good five minutes only to find out, upon completion, that I don’t even qualify for the main survey.

    Basically, I wasted a lot of “five minutes” on this company and their useless surveys!

    • Dustin,

      Thank you for sharing your experiences with this company. Sorry to hear that you have been wasting you time, but at least you know now to give it up and where to find some other great alternatives. Let me know if you need any help finding a great online job.



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