How I’ve Made $499 Searching The Internet In 2 Years!

Learn How I've Made Over $499 In Two Years Just By Doing Something We All Do Everyday: Searching The Internet! The title of this post might be a bit unbelievable, but I promise it’s true. I’ve made $499 over the last two years just by searching the internet at home. You’re probably wondering how I did this so I’ll tell you right away. It’s through a site called Swagbucks, some of you may have heard of the site before or even heard me talk about it here on my website.

Today I’d like to show you how I’ve made almost $500 in two years searching the internet with Swagbucks and how you can too!

If you’re not familiar with Swagbucks, they offer many other ways to earn, but the search is my favorite way because I don’t have to do anything special. I search the internet every day like I always do and get paid for it.

Let’s go ahead and get started, here’s how I’ve made $499 searching the internet with Swagbucks.

Proof I’ve Made $499 Searching the Internet

Before I jump into exactly how the Swagbucks search works, I want to show you evidence that I’ve made that much. Here’s a screenshot of how much I’ve made below, I’ll explain next:

Swagbucks payment proof lifetime earnings

As you can see, I’ve made 49,935 Swagbucks since I’ve joined, which was two years ago. One Swagbuck is equal to $.01, so if we move the decimal over a few place you can see that I’ve made $499.35 from searching the internet with Swagbucks.

Just so we’re clear, I do not use the Swagbucks referral program, so there’s no money from my referrals included in that total. There’s probably a couple of dollars worth of offers thrown in there, but 99% of my earnings have come from searching.

If you’d like to see proof of all my cash outs you can watch the video below in the next section!

Start Getting Paid To Search Here!

How Does Swagbucks Search Work?

Feel free to watch the video below; I’ll cover how it works and show you payment proof of my cash outs.


Join Swagbucks Earn $.70 When Joining

The first step to making money searching the internet is to sign up for a Free Swagbucks Account. When you join, you’ll earn $.70 just for joining. The sign-up form will look something similar to what’s below. Just fill out the desired information and confirm your email, then move on to the next step!

Join Swagbucks to Get paid To Search and Earn $.70

Find The Search Bar In the Top Left Corner

Once you’ve joined Swagbucks, it’s time to start searching. You can find the Swagbucks search bar at the top left-hand corner, right next to their logo. All you need to do is search normally inside that bar. You won’t get paid for every search, but every once in a while you’ll earn Swagbucks for your search.

Swagbucks Search Bar

Search Normally: Wait Till You Earn

Once you’ve done some normal searching, you’ll start to receive Swagbucks for your searches. You’ll see your reward at the top of the search, just enter the code, and your Swagbucks show up in your account balance.

Swagbucks search reward

Cash Out Swagbucks For Cash/GiftCards

Once you’ve earned $5 or 500 Swagbucks, you can redeem those for awesome rewards. Swagbucks has hundreds of gift cards available to popular stores. You can also choose to get paid via PayPal!

Get Paid To Search Here

Tips To Earn More With Swagbucks Search

Key Is Searching Normally

I know I’ve already made this clear, but the real key to earning money for searching is by searching like you normally would. If you try to beat the system, you will not earn points and will probably get your account banned.

If you only use the Swagbucks search when you need it, you’ll get rewarded points multiple times a day and can easily earn $.50 or more.

Make It Your Default Search Engine

If you want to make money searching with Swagbucks, you should make it your default search engine. I didn’t do this for a while and would never use the search; once I switch it to my default I was always using it and was making money every day that I searched the internet.

I won’t go into detail since it depends on what browser you use, but Swagbucks does an excellent job of showing you exactly how once you join.

Can I Really Make $499 Searching The Internet?

I think I’ve done a good job of showing you that you really can get paid to search the internet and it’s possible to make a good chunk of cash over time doing so. I can’t promise you’ll make that much, but if you use the search regularly and make it your default engine you should have no problem reaching a dollar amount close to $500 over two years.

If you’d like to give Swagbucks search a try, go ahead and click the link below to create a free Swagbucks account and you’ll earn a $5 sign-up bonus just for joining!

[thrive_megabutton mt=”Start Getting Paid To Search!” st=”Earn $.70 Instantly!” color=”blue” link=”” target=”_blank” align=”aligncenter”]

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    • Hey Lindsey,

      Yes, if you decided to promote WA you can still make money through referring others to the site. Also you have access to the training that will teach you how to build a website and make money with it.


  1. Hi brok,

    This is interesting. It’s nice easy way to make an additional bit of income for every day acts!

    Something like this I would refer to more as a “life hack” as supposed to a money making opportunity.

    Do you know how close the search results are through Swag Bucks to what a “major” search engine like a Google or Yahoo would bring up?

    • Hey Nate thanks for reading, the Swagbuck search results are actually powered by Yahoo, so it’s exactly what you’d see if you used Yahoo.

      I honestly prefer Google much more, but I’ve learnt to deal with for the extra cash.



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