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Email Processing System Review: Is It Legit?

You’ve probably heard of this new program called Email Processing System. If you’ve looked over the sales page it sounds like a pretty good deal, but basically all you’re doing is buying resell rights to this product.

email processing system review

Email Processing isn’t really even involved, but I will be getting into how it works a bit later on.

Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with the term. Within this Email Processing System Review I will cover how this system works and if it’s legit or a scam.

Email Processing System Review

email processing system legitProduct: Email Processing System

Price: $25

Score: 15 Out Of 100

Verdict: Close To A Scam

In this Email Processing System Review I gave this product a terrible score and marked it close to a scam, because I don’t feel comfortable calling it one. But I don’t think this product is really legit either. This system could make you some money, but it’s not a good system for a long term online income.

The system works a bit different then how it’s advertised and people have to actually buy a product for you to get paid, just collecting their email does not earn you anything.

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With all this being said I’d don’t recommend this product to anyone. Stick around to learn more about how this product works and why I don’t think it’s legit.

How Email Processing System Works

It was a pretty confusing program to wrap my hands around, but I finally got it. Basically you join the EPS system for $25. This gives you a landing page and resell rights to this product. You basically post your link different places in hopes that people will sign up for $25. If they do you get paid for it.

When I mentioned resell rights above, I was meaning you purchase the product and then get the right to resell to people to make money without the company taking a cut. That’s the whole idea behind this product.

The main way they suggest promoting this product is through Craigslist and social media accounts. They offer a few different forms of payment such as PayPal and Payza.

Email Processing System Concerns

No Good Way To Promote

This is the biggest concern with Email Processing System. They suggest the main ways to promote this system is with Craigslist and social media. From my efforts and experiences neither is a great way  to get a ton of referrals, but lets talk about each in detail.

Craigslist: If you’ve ever done any Making Money Online searching within Craigslist you probably know that it’s full of complete scams. This makes it hard for even 100% legit products to be found within all the clutter. Most people don’t trust these types of Craigslist ads because they have been scammed or not found success from other ads in the past. Not to mention it’s against Craigslist’s policy to promote affiliate or making money online products.

Social Media: Without some social media account that have a lot of followers, who engage, and are interested in the product you really don’t stand a chance of promoting this product on social media. You may be able to get a few family and friends to join, but you only get a one time commission on these sales so you need to consistently making sales each day to make this program worth your while. Without a targeted social media account, I really don’t think this is possible.

As you can see neither way really will help you promote this product. The only way I see it working is by having your own website with a lot of traffic, but then I don’t think you would want to promote this product.

Not Really Email Processing

When I read this sales page I was very interested in what Email Processing really meant. What they make you believe is that you’re getting paid $25 anytime someone responds to your craigslist ad.

I take that is they email me back and I collect their email and they will give me $25, right? Well that’s wrong. What they mean by responding is actually purchasing the product. Collecting someones email isn’t going to do any good with this program other then building a list for yourself. If you want to make money you have to get people to actually join and pay for the product.

Not A Long Term Business

One of the biggest concerns for me when I made my jump into the online marketing world was making sure it was something that was long term and not just a program I could make money off of for a few months. There are tons of products out there just like Email Processing System and most will be gone soon.

This is not a long term business, you will be required to post adds every single day to make any money from it all. Which is the exact opposite of My #1 Recommendation, where you build a website and can be making money from it 10 even 50 years down the road.

Is Email Processing System A Scam or Legit?

I honestly can’t call this program a complete scam because there is a possibility of you making money, but I don’t consider it a legit way to make money online long term either. I don’t recommend this product in any way and think there are better ways to earn an income online.

There really isn’t a good way to promote this product other then through a website, but if you have a website with a lot of traffic you’re going to be promoting much better programs then this one.

Stay away from Email Processing System and you will be glad you did.

Thank you for reading this Email Processing System Review. In my opinion this site is not legit, but to see the product I rank #1 for making money online visit Start Your Own Online Business. Thanks again for reading and hopefully you found this review before getting involved in this system.

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