Why Can’t I create a Wealthy Affiliate Account? Wealthy Affiliate Login Problems

The Best Online JobIf you’re a loyal reader you probably know that my #1 recommendation for making money online is Wealthy Affiliate. Well some people have a lot of issues creating a WA account so I wanted to cover some things that might be causing you these problems.

If you’re having Wealthy Affiliate Login Problems there are a few things to check on. First off what country are you from. WA is only available within some countries and the Free account is only available in a few.

Another thing is WA has a strict policy of one account per household and has some protection put in place that might be causing you some issues, but don’t worry I’m going to help you solve these!

Lets get started with why you can’t create a Wealthy Affiliate Account and how I can help you get one!

Wealthy Affiliate Login Problems

What Country Are You In

The first thing to consider is what country are you in. Wealthy Affiliate has two different accounts, a free and a paid premium version. Each one is available in certain countries and some countries can only join with a paid account.

From what I can see any country that can have a PayPal account can join with a free or paid membership. The issue comes in when you’re from a country that does not have PayPal.

Nigeria for example, does not support PayPal. People from Nigeria can still join WA, but it requires them to sign up for a paid membership and you must use a credit card.

Nigeria is an exception, most countries that don’t support PayPal can not join Wealthy Affiliate, but if you’re from a country that has PayPal where you’re at is not the issue.

If you aren’t for sure if your country has PayPal or if your country is an exception just contact me with the form at the end of this post.

Duplicate Accounts

So I mentioned that WA is really strict on duplicate accounts and they have some protective measures to avoid this. This is the problem that 99% of people face when not being able to login or create an account.

WA actually tracks IP when people join. This means that there is only one account that can be associated with an IP. Here are some reasons why you’re having problems.

  • You have created an account before
  • Someone in your household has an account
  • Someone logged into their account on your wifi (only a problem sometimes)
  • You’re in a public place with Wifi

So what are the ways around this?

  • If you’ve already have an account (error shows email is already in use), you can use the retrieve password form, but from what I’ve seen and heard they don’t get back quickly and sometimes it just never works.
  • If someone else created an account (you will get an error saying you’ve logged in with account before), you can try to find out who it was, ask family and friends, but most likely you’re not going to fix the problem of you having your own account.

As you can see neither are very good options for solving you’re problem so here is what I suggest doing.

How To Solve All Your Problems

Since I’m a WA member I have direct access to Kyle and Carson the owners of WA and if you’re having issues with your account I can actually contact them and have them manually fix or add your account for you.

This is honestly the best way to get your problem fixed, but it will take about 48 hours to get it all set up and for me to get your information over to you.

So if you’re having problems with your account please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to contact me so we can get your issue solved.

This is what I’ll need from you:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Primary Email
  4. Desired Username
  5. Desired Password

Please also include what type of error you are receiving and what country you’re located in. This will help me solve your problem and get your account approved faster.

Hopefully this answers some questions on why you’re having trouble creating a Wealthy Affiliate Account. If you’re having Wealthy Affiliate Login Problems please contact me through the form below. Please allow a few hours for me to respond and most likely a 48 hour waiting period before I get back with you’re login information.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you inside the Wealthy Affiliate Community.


25 thoughts on “Why Can’t I create a Wealthy Affiliate Account? Wealthy Affiliate Login Problems”

  1. Brok,
    I had a premium WA account last year, but let it lapse. I want to try again, but I don’t remember my username and password, but when I enter my email I get the message that the email is already taken. Could you help?

  2. Hi, I hope this is still active. I’m having a problem logging into my premium account. I changed my password and now it will not accept it. I get a oops, we are unable to log in message.

    • Hey Keith,

      This page is still active, but I rarely can approve the comments since it’s people’s contact/login info.

      I sent it over to Carson directly a few minutes ago.


  3. Hi Brok,

    I’m John From Kenya. When I log in to my wealthy affiliate page it asks for an upgrade and no free account option. Please help.

    Name: Johm Okuna
    Username: jbevan

    Please use any password that I can later reset. Thank you.

    • Hey John,

      Unfortunately, I can not help with this. Some countries do not allow free membership. I understand if you’re not ready to invest in your success but if you’re really interested in making money online blogging I highly recommend at least checking out one month of the premium membership at WA.


  4. Hi brok Iam crownbrandz on my profile a premium member i have duplicated my account and my flat mate joined

    First Name: Christian
    Last Name: Crown
    Primary Email:
    From New Zealand

    what ever password works for me I can change it once i get back on WA online

    Iam just getting started with my blog ekkk help

    My computer cant see your form hence under comments 🙂

    Glad your hear 🙂

  5. Hello Brok

    I tried signing up with Wealthy Affiliate. It said I already have an account, even though I know for certain that I’ve never signed up before. No one before me has signed up on this particular laptop either. Location: U.S.

    Thank you very much!

  6. Hello,
    I have been trying to contact and email someone to assist with getting me back into my account. I am in the United States and each time I put in my email and password that was created when I opened the account and paid the premium membership, it will not allow me. The error say I do not have the credentials. So I tried to start a new acct in hopes of reaching someone about the one I just paid for and the error comes telling me I already have an account and to login in? Your tracking system will not allow me to use any other email or the email I used to open the account?

    This is frustrating and not good for WA I am going to twitter. I see Kyle and Carson have active twitter pages once again my user name is Jade11 and my email I used to open the account is yours or someone’s assistance would be appreciated/ Thank you

  7. Hi, I am a WA member and also from Nigeria, pls what card can i use to upgrade my membership,and if its a Credit card, how can I get it?

    Waiting for your timely response. Thanks

    • Mercy,

      If you’re already a member I would highly recommend contacting support because they’re the one that will have to take that payment. With that being said, I believe you can pay with a pre-paid debit card from Nigeria. Again support will have the answer for you.


    • Philip,

      Do you at least know the email that your account is set up under. I can have them send you an email with your password. You can reply to me directly at brok @


  8. hello, I would like to make a premium account and start WA but it isn’t letting me I’m guessing because my girlfriend did the free account when she was at my house signed up for it and everything but i would like to start my own account and basically take her accounts place because she got involved in something different but trying to do this i came across difficulties. hoping you can help me out the user name i would like is wealthy33 and the pw is iamcool33

      • Hello I am from Albania…. I tryed to sign up in WA but it says that I have been already signed but I dont remember this and when I try to login with my email it says that they were not able to find a user account with the credential provided, can you help me please?

        • Erisa,

          There’s a few reasons why this could happen. You may have signed up for an account in the past, but most likely someone on your network tried signing up for WA at some time.

          If you send an email using the contact form above with the information I need, I’ll set you up an account.


  9. Name is mourine Odhiambo my mail address is
    Desired username is mourine23
    Desired password is fortune4me2
    Am in Kenya I have never created an account before and paypal is functional in kenya, when I try registering I keep being told I have an account and I should log in instead.I tried retrieval of password to see if they really have my account, then am told my email address doesn’t exist, please help me out.
    Ps. I have never registered before.

    • Mourine,

      I’ve contacted Kyle and Carson. They usually get back with 24 hours or so. Most likely they’ll contact you via Email with your username and password for logging in.

      If you need anything else let me know, but you should be all set up within a few days if not sooner!




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