Classified Surveys Scam: “Highest Paying Cash Surveys Online”

Learn Why Classified Surveys is a scam and why it won't help you earn money taking paid online surveysClassified Surveys is Closed, check out the Sites that Pay Me Each Month

Classified Surveys is a complete scam. I have ran across tons of companies doing the exact same thing as this company and it’s making me sick.

Basically they are making you pay for information that can be found for free all over the internet. They are taking advantage of people that aren’t experienced online by telling them they have the secret to making more with surveys. In this case their company slogan even says the “Highest Paying Cash Surveys Online.” This is not the case with Classified Surveys or any other site that promises you a secret.

In this Classified Surveys Scam Review I will be covering what exactly Classified Surveys in and show you exactly what you get when joining. O and I will also be giving you information on why Classified Surveys is a scam!

What Is Classified Surveys?

classified surveys scamClassified Surveys is a company that promises you exactly what their slogan says “Highest Paying Cash Surveys Online” turns out that is all BS. Classified Surveys does give you a list of survey companies that are for the most part reputable and good companies. But these companies are all free to join and can be found anywhere on the internet. Classified Surveys list of sites is no better than any free list on the internet.

How Does Classified Surveys Work?

Classified Surveys works like this. You will never receive a survey or be paid by Classified Surveys. All they do is refer you to other survey sites, which you will receive all your surveys from and actually be paid from.

I feel like a lot of people think that Classified Surveys will be the one giving them the surveys and actually paying them because that is how the sales page makes it seem, but that is not how it works!

What Do You Get When Buying?

When you purchase Classified Surveys you will pay one payment of $49.95. You will receive everything below.

  1. A few pages of training or survey tips
  2. A list of Survey Sites
  3. 5 Bonus ways to earn online

You already know that I don’t think a list of survey sites is worth any money, and everything else you receive is not worth any money either.

Classified Surveys Scam Review

Classified Surveys is Closed, check out the Sites that Pay Me Each Month


Price $49.95

Rating 10 out of 100

Verdict SCAM!

I gave Classified Surveys a 10 out of 100 and have called it a scam because all they are doing is ripping people off. They are making you pay for information that is free all over the internet. One thing that really makes me mad is they’re making you pay to become a member and then referring you to sites that give commissions on your earnings to them. Talk about double-dipping!

The only reason Classified Surveys got a 10 out of 100 is that they do refer you to some reputable companies on their list of survey sites. Some of the companies that I saw that I consider reputable are PaidViewpoint, FusionCash, and Swagbucks.

Survey Training

We all know that this company has promised us a secret to making more with survey sites, but their training falls very short from this. Just like all the other sites that I have found similar the training includes most of the same things.

1) Start a new email

2) Sign up for Robo Form (actually a handy tool)

3) Register for all the sites we have listed.

4) My personal Favorite: Don’t forget to cash out your earnings

So as you can see from above the training is really lacking compared to what they promised, but to be honest how much training can you have on taking surveys. Tips 1 and 2 I would recommend as well, but tip 3 is just so they can refer you to as many sites as possible.

Survey List

The survey list withing Classified Surveys is actually a pretty good list of survey sites. I actually recommend quite a few that they have on their list.

Still there are a few things I really don’t like about the list.

1) Layout of this list is horrible. It’s hard to even tell where the new survey site starts and ends.

2) They make you pay for it. I’ve said it multiple times, but this can be found for free here.

3) They did not put the survey sites in order based on best ones to earn with. They put them in order based on which ones have the highest commissions on referral earnings. So they can earn more from you!

Overall the survey list is not bad, but a list of survey sites is not worth $49.95.


When you purchase Classified Surveys you will also receive 5 bonuses. The bonuses are listed below with a little description to each. None of these bonuses are really helpful and worth much. Any useful information can be found for Free anywhere on the internet.

Bonus 1: Paid To Drive

This section gives you a list of companies that will pay you to drive with an advertisement on your car. Never tried this, but who knows maybe it would work for you.

Bonus 2: Paid To Read

I was intrigued by this title, but it really means get paid to read emails. Which makes more sense then getting paid to read. All this section is a list of companies that will pay you for reading emails. But if your interested in this check out Inbox Dollars.

Bonus 3: Paid To Shop

This section gives you a list of companies that will pay you to be a mystery shopper. I have heard it’s extremely hard to get accepted for companies like these.

Bonus 4: Paid To Visit

This section is a list of companies that will pay you to visit websites. If your interested in that check out ySense, it’s my favorite company in the group.

Bonus 5: Home Job Group

This section basically takes you to an outside company that you have to pay for. But it’s basically a list of jobs on the internet.


As you can see the bonuses are not much more than a list of companies that will pay Classified Surveys commissions on your income.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Some Sites On The List Are Great And I Recommend Them
  • Easy To Get A Refund


  • No Secret
  • Not the Highest Paying Surveys Online
  • List Of Survey Sites Layout Is Terrible
  • Bonuses are worthless
  • Not Worth $49.95

Final Verdict

Classified Surveys is Closed, check out the Sites that Pay Me Each Month

I would not recommend Classified Surveys to anyone looking to make money online. Personally I think companies like this are terrible and are ripping people off. They basically make you believe they have a secret system, get you to buy, and have you sign up for survey sites.

Everything worth while on this site can be found for completely free all over the internet, which makes me sick that they are charging people for this information.

Stay away from Classified Surveys because it’s a SCAM!

One program that is not a scam is my #1 recommendation you can see how Wealthy Affiliate compares to Classified Surveys below.

What To Do Now!

Classified Surveys is Closed, check out the Sites that Pay Me Each Month

I highly recommend not joining classified Surveys. All these companies do is scam you out of your money and do not give you anything valuable.

I am not against survey sites at all. I actually get paid from quite a few each and every month. But I don’t think the information should be paid for. You can access a list of survey sites I put together for completely free here: 30 Best Survey Sites That Actually Pay. You can see exactly which companies have paid me recently by click here.

If your interested in making the most amount of money online possible you will want to check out Affiliate Marketing. It’s how I make 95% of my income online and I would love to show you how to get started. Click the picture below to learn more!

Thank you for reading my Classified Surveys Scam Review. I hope you take advantage of the links above and let me help you make some serious money online.


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