Cash Taking Surveys Scam: Stay Away From This Company

Learn Why Cash Taking Surveys is a scam and will only cost you money to take paid online surveys Luckily, this scam closed. Check out the sites that pay me each month!

Lately, I have run into a lot of sites claiming to have the secret to making more money online with survey sites. From my research, I have found that there are tons of companies out there doing this exact thing. Cash Taking Surveys is no exception.

Cash Taking Surveys is a scam. I highly recommend staying away from this company,  just face it there is no secret system to making more with survey sites.

What Cash Taking Surveys will do is charge you to gain access, give you a bit of information that really just explains how survey taking works, and then gives you a list of survey sites to join. I will give you that list for free here.

Please stay away from this company, but my job on this site is to inform so I will dig deeper into why below in this Cash Taking Surveys Review.

What Is Cash Taking Surveys

cash taking surveys scamCash Taking Surveys is a website that promotes having a secret to making more money with surveys. They also promote a few other ways to make money such as get paid to shop, read, and drive.

Cash Taking Surveys basically charges you money for information that is found on the internet for free. The unfortunate thing is that Cash Taking Surveys is not the only site that is doing this.

They rely on your emotions of making money online to trick you into believing that they have the secret formula by using false advertising on their landing/sales page.

How Much Is It & What Do I Get?

Cash Taking Surveys original price is $48 but is marked half off $24. The odd thing is when I bought the product I was charged $21.89 so who really knows what the price will be if you ever decide to buy this product.

When you do buy Cash Taking Surveys you will receive the items listed below.

  • 5 Course Training On Taking Surveys
  • List of Survey Sites
  • Bonus E-books (other money-making opportunities)

Cash Taking Surveys Review


Cost: $48, marked down to $24. I was charged $21.89?

Score: 5 out of 100

Verdict: SCAM!

I gave Cash Taking Surveys a 5 out of 100 and have verified that it’s a scam. I would not recommend buying this product. There is just nothing that is worth paying for inside the members area. Everything can be found easily on the internet for Free.

Although I gave Cash Taking Surveys a very low score a lot of the survey sites they have on their list I promote and think they’re great. You can see the list of survey sites I promote and have been paid from here.


Cash Taking Survey’s sales page promises you a secret system to making more money online with survey sites, but really all they give you is a 5 part course that covers the very basics of survey taking.

cash taking surveys training

Basically the training tells you that companies will pay you for taking surveys, teaches you about what market research is, teaches you about focus groups, what you need to get started, what actions to take to get started, and helpful tips.

All the information in the introduction – chapter 2 can be found on Wikipedia or any other website for free.

Chapter 3 tells you to get a new email, o and to make sure you have a good internet connection.

Chapter 4 tells you to join all of their survey sites.

Chapter 5 tells you always to read the companies privacy policy and not to make more than $600 taking surveys or you have to report that income on your taxes.

You may feel different, but this is not a secret system to making more and really is all worthless information.

Survey List

The survey list has about 50 different survey sites on it. All are free to join and can be found for free anywhere on the internet. Some of the sites are very reputable companies such as Swagbucks, Paid Viewpoint, and ySense.

I actually promote all the survey companies above and I just told you about them for Free which is exactly what Cash Taking Surveys should be doing!


Once you buy Cash Taking Surveys you will receive 7 different free bonuses. They’re listed and described below!

  1. Get Paid To Shop and Eat: This e-book covers mystery shopping and gives you a list of mystery shopping websites
  2. Get Paid To Blog: Gives you a brief overview of how people make money with a blog you can learn for free here
  3. Make Money Marketing Online: Is a terrible effort to teach you about affiliate marketing you can learn how for free here. (how I make money online every single day.)
  4. Make Money On eBay: Teaches you about selling on eBay I believe eBay offers free training when you sign up.
  5. Make Money with Google: Talks about making money with adsense ads and pay-per-click marketing
  6. Work at Home Mom: Gives you information about working from home promotes more work at home opportunities.
  7. Get Paid To Drive: Talks about different companies that will pay for banners on your car.

What I Liked & What I Didn’t


  • Some of the survey sites that are on the list, I promote and have been paid by multiple times see those here


  • Poorly designed site. If your going to scam people at least take the time to make your logo professional lol
  • Advertises a secret system, but gives you worthless information
  • Survey list are all sites that you can sign up for free and can be found for free
  • Charged me a weird amount when I bought the product.
  • Bonuses is just more information that can be found for free.

Final Verdict

By now you should have figured out that I think Cash Taking Surveys is a complete scam. I feel like they are completely ripping people off by charging them for information that is completely free. Of course to get people to buy they have to do some false advertising on their sales page.

I would not recommend buying this product because you’re going to be giving them money for nothing along with giving them your referral commissions to the survey sites you sign up for.

I have mentioned several times that all the information from Cash Taking Surveys can be found for free online. You can learn more about getting that information for Free in the section below!

Stay Away from Cash Taking Surveys, but make sure to check out my #1 recommendation you can see the comparison below.

What To Do Now?

As you now know, I do not recommend Cash Taking Surveys. If you’re interested in making money with survey sites, but not Cash Taking Surveys you can see my list of 30 best survey site here and survey sites that have paid me here.

If you don’t know already survey sites aren’t going to make you rich. If you’re looking to make enough money to work from home full-time check out how I make money everyday online here!

Thank you for reading this Cash Taking Surveys Review. I highly recommend staying away from this company, but hope you take advantage of the links above to find other great ways to make money online. If you have dealt with this company I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below!

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