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One of the best ways to take your website or blog to the next level is through paid search traffic. Now paid search can be an extremely hard technique to master and optimize to its full potential that is why there are so many training systems out there.

One of the very best paid traffic training systems is Traffic BlackBook. Traffic Blackbook has been one of the best-selling training systems online for paid search advertising and has recently released their 2.0 version of the system.

In this Traffic BlackBook 2 review I will cover what is BlackBook 2.0, what you receive, quality of training, and if the system is legit.

If you want to take your website to the next level with paid advertising read on to learn more about a traffic blackbook download!

What Is Traffic BlackBook 2.0?

traffic blackbook reviewTraffic Blackbook 2.0 is a 8 part traffic producing training program. The main focus of the program is mastering paid traffic, but a lot more is covered in the 8 modules of training. Basically it covers everything from paid search traffic, sales funnels, landing pages, conversion rates, and much more.

Traffic BlackBook will teach you the techniques you need to know to create successful paid search ads, collect emails, and convert paid traffic into sales.

Traffic BlackBook 2.0 Review

Traffic Blackbook is no longer available, check out My #1 Recommendation to making Real Money Online

traffic blackbook 2.0 reviewsWebsite:

Owner: Chad Hamzeh

Cost: $197

Score: 91 out of 100

Verdict: LEGIT

I gave Traffic BlackBook 2.0 an 91 out of 100 because the training is great! Even if you’re not fully interested in paid search traffic there is still tons of information that can be taken away from this training system. If you’re interested in learning more about paid traffic there is not better system out there than Traffic BlackBook 2.0

The reason Traffic Blackbook did not receive a higher score is because all the training is videos which some people don’t really like, also since this only covers paid traffic using this training will not help you out unless you already a website to apply it too. If you do than pick up Traffic Blackbook, if not than you still have a lot of learning to do. Click here to get help with that!

Basically out of all the paid traffic systems out there this is the best one.


What You Get for $197

traffic blackbook 2 trainingBelow are the 8 different modules that you receive when buying this product.

Module 1: Success With Paid Traffic

Module 2: Building The Ultimate Sales Funnel

Module 3: Predict Success With Strategic Planning

Module 4: Ad Creatives & Landing Pages

Module 5: Tracking & Optimization

Module 6: Control You Destiny

Module 7: Re targeting



All the training within Traffic Black Book 2.0 is extremely high quality, but in this section I will be giving you a closer look inside each module!

traffic blackbook 2.0 reviewModule 1: Success With Paid Traffic

This module lays the ground work for succeeding with paid traffic. In this part of the course Chad covers the basics of paid traffic and exactly what you need to do to be successful with paid traffic. This part has 6 video lessons.

Module 2: Building The Ultimate Sales Funnel

This part of the training covers exactly what the name suggest. Creating a great sales funnel. The 6 videos cover the difference between paid and organic traffic, email, landing pages, and shows you examples of successful sales funnels.

Module 3: Predict Success With Strategic Planning

This portion of the training talks about strategic planning. The 8 videos in this lesson cover sources of traffic, finding your target demographic, methods to become successful targeting your demographic

Module 4: Ad Creatives & Landing Pages

This section of the training goes in-depth on creating banner ads, picture ads, and text ads. Also covers setting up a productive landing page with high converting ads. There is 13 videos in this portion and I found this module to be the most useful for me!

Module 5: Tracking & Optimization

This portion of the training covers the importance of tracking ad performance and how to use that information to optimize your ads. In the 19 videos Chad covers exactly how to set up tracking for your ads, how to understand the data and optimize your ads, and split testing.

Module 6: Control You Destiny: Driving Traffic

This portion of the training actually covers 4 different subjects. All the subjects are ways to drive traffic to your site. It covers email marketing, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and exchange networks.

Module 7: Re targeting

In this section of the training Chad covers the methods use to launch a retargeting campaign. In the 6 videos he will take you step by step on how to create a successful retargeting campaign.


This module is bonus content and is actually taught by a different instructor, Peter Nguyen. This section is basically another experts outlook on the same type of content covered throughout the first 7 modules.


Altogether the training at Traffic BlackBook is great there is plenty of training here to make you an expert in paid search and will keep you busy for a while!


Advantages: What I Liked

 1) The Price:

$197 for a lifetime access to Traffic BlackBook is a very fair price. There are plenty of systems that don’t even compare to this that go for above $300. You also receive discounts on any upgrades they put out.

2): Training:

We have already covered the training within Traffic BlackBook, but it really is up to date and high quality. I also really like Chad’s approach on presenting information to you and I found that he did a great job of explain topics and giving you real life examples.

3) Quality Of Videos

I do a lot of reviews on training systems and I was very surprised on how high quality the videos actually were. Picture and sound was perfectly clear and all videos loaded and never stopped!

4) Design

Probably one of my favorite things about Traffic BlackBook was the design or layout of the lessons. All the modules are listed in order to be clicked on. Once you enter a module all the videos are all on one page. I find that a lot of systems just have links to their videos. Having all the videos on one page makes it easy to transition to the next stage of the training.

Disadvantages: What I Didn’t Like

 1) Only Video Format

One thing that I thought was a disadvantage was that all the lessons are in video format. For me I prefer video lessons, but I know that a lot of people struggle with just video and need to be able to read the words to really understand the concepts. This is one major set back if your one of those people.

2) Advanced Techniques

I am by no means a paid search advertising expert before taking the traffic blackbook course I really had very little experience. As I worked through the later modules I found some pretty advanced techniques confusing and had to go back a few times to really understand them. There are still a few that are over my head!


Final Verdict

Traffic Blackbook is no longer available, check out My #1 Recommendation to making Real Money Online

Traffic BlackBook 2.0 is a top-notch paid advertising training program. I 100% recommend this product to anyone interested in getting started with paid advertising. Even if you’re not interested in paid advertising at this time there is tons of important information that can help your conversion rate with the free traffic to your site!

Although there were a few disadvantages that I found with Traffic BlackBook I think the positives heavily out weigh the negatives. Traffic BlackBook 2.0 is completely scam free and legit!

Download Your Copy Of Traffic BlackBook Here 

What To Do Now?

Traffic Blackbook is no longer available, check out My #1 Recommendation to making Real Money Online

You may have decided that learning more about paid traffic is not for you. That’s not a problem. You may still need a website before you can learn about paid traffic and I can teach you exactly how to do so for free here.

If you  think paid traffic is your next step you can download your copy of Traffic BlackBook here 

Thank you for reading this Traffic BlackBook 2 Review. I do recommend this product for anyone looking to increase traffic to their website. If you have dealt with this company I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below and don’t forget to share.


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