The Traffic Maverick Review: Is It A Scam

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Traffic is the key to any website/blog owners success. Without traffic you would have no one following your site, reading the great content you produce, and of course not making any sales.

As a blog/website owner myself I know how important traffic is and know how a website’s success depends on it.

Traffic Maverick 2.0 is one of the best training programs out there for increasing your websites traffic. I have used the system and know first hand that the techniques they teach will really work and increase your traffic numbers.

Traffic Maverick covers everything you need to know about gaining more traffic to your website, which is why it’s one of the highest ranking programs that I have reviewed.

In this Traffic Maverick review I will cover exactly what it is, what you get when you buy, go in-depth on the training, and give you answer on is Traffic Maverick a scam?

What Is Traffic Maverick

Traffic Maverick 2.0 reviewTraffic Maverick is a 15 module training system built to teach you about methods to increase your blog/websites traffic. This 15 module system covers a variety of techniques and covers everything from paid search to social media traffic.

The system was created by Michael Bashi an established internet marketer. He will be taking you through the training step by step and teaching you exactly how to increase your website traffic.

If you’re looking to increase sales on your website you will need more traffic and there is no better way than the Traffic Maverick system.

Traffic Maverick Review: Is it A Scam?

Traffic Maverick is no longer available, check out My #1 Recommendation to making Real Money Online

traffic maverick reviewWebsite:

Owner: Michael Bashi

Price: $197

Score: 95 out of 100

Verdict: LEGIT!


I gave Traffic Maverick 2.0 a 95 out of 100 because I think it is the best pure traffic training on the internet. It covers a variety of traffic sources and if you follow the training exactly you will increase your traffic from a lot of different sources.

The score would have been higher, but there are few areas of the training that are just brief overviews and if you’re not already running a website and have a bit of knowledge about traffic you may be a bit lost at first.

Other than the few short comings Traffic Maverick is the best training system that focuses only on increasing traffic. I would recommend this product to anyone who runs a website/blog that is looking for more traffic.

What Do I get For $197

The Traffic Maverick 2.0 system will cost you $197 for life time access. When you buy this product you will receive 15 modules of training. Covering a variety of traffic gaining techniques.

Some might think the price is a little high, but for the amount of quality training you will receive I think a price of $197 for lifetime access is a very good price. A lot of systems like this are monthly based which you would end up spending more after you worked through all the training.


Traffic Maverick is no longer available, check out My #1 Recommendation to making Real Money Online

Module 1: Pay Per Click

In this module you will cover Pay Per Click ads and will shown strategies for the most effective ads on 4 different paid ad networks.

Module 2: Classifieds

In this module you will be shown how to productively promote your website or blog on classified websites such as Craigslist. I was surprised on how much traffic I could actually receive from some free promotion on classified sites!

Module 3: Article Marketing

In this module you will be shown techniques for creating great content on your website and how to effectively distribute this content after posting

Module 4: Press Release

In this module you will be shown how to effectively create successful press releases for your website and how to distribute them.

Module 5: Back- Links

This module will teach you how to correctly build back links to your website. I was very worried about this portion of training because with recent Google algorithm changes a lot of back links are no longer helpful, but the techniques taught in this portion are up to date and are still effective!

Module 6: Blogging

In this module you will be shown how to create a WordPress blog and how to effectively set it up and promote your content.

Module 7: Social Media

This module will show you how to create your social media accounts, how to gain followers/friends, and how to increase engagement and traffic to your website.

Module 8: Newsletters

This module will teach you how to create an effective newsletter and how to distribute it across the web.

Module 9: Forum Marketing

This module will show you how to effectively market your website within forums.

Module 10: Banner Ads

This module will show you how to create effective banner ads and how to increase traffic with Google image ads.

Module 11: CPM Mail Drops

This module will show you how to effectively mail drop your website or pay other people with larger lists to market your website.

Module 12: Directories

This module will teach you how to build back links and drive traffic to your site from online directories.

Module 13: SEO

This module will cover topics that lead to higher rankings on Google and how to let Google know your ready to be ranked.

Module 14: Joint Venturing

This module will show you tips on starting a joint venture with other online marketers. This is a huge key to success.

Module 15: Bonus Material

This bonus module is made up of videos on a variety of topics. In this section you will be taught some extra ways to gain traffic to your site that just don’t fit into any of the 14 other modules!

What I Liked & What I Didn’t


1) Training is well-organized and presented well

The training throughout the system is easily broken down into three packs. They all can be easily accessed on the sidebar and on the header. Within each pack there is 4/5 modules. Inside each module there is multiple videos and text explaining a topic.

I also enjoyed the teaching style in the videos. The videos are mostly short, which I prefer because there is not a lot of time spent just rambling on about topics.

2) Training presented in video and text

One short coming with Traffic Blackbook, a paid search training system, was the lessons were only in video format. With the Traffic Maverick lessons are shown in video and text, a big advantage to those who learn better from reading!

3) Covers a variety of sources for traffic

In the Traffic Maverick you will learn about a variety of different sources of traffic. While I feel like organic search is the most important you can really improve your traffic from the other techniques. A well-rounded site that receives traffic from everywhere is really what you want!

4) Life Time membership fee

The $197 for this system is a lifetime fee. Even if they produce a Traffic Maverick 3.0 which I am sure they will you will receive a discount on the upgrade. This is a major advantage because most sites are monthly based and it will take you a few months to work through all the training.

5) I used the training and traffic increased!

I worked through this training for all the sites I own and my traffic has increased because of it. Most of the increases have come from video, social media, and classified ads. Those were three things that I was really lacking on before using this training.


1) Some Topics are a brief overview

I felt like a few topics in the training did not go into enough depth, but I still started seeing traffic from those sources, which I wasn’t seeing before hand.

2) Michael calls Facebook Fazebook

Michael is actually from Canada and sometimes he struggles with saying a few words such as Facebook. He actually calls it Fazebook. Which I can’t get mad because the training is still very good, but sometimes it can be distracting.

Final Verdict

Traffic Maverick is no longer available, check out My #1 Recommendation to making Real Money Online

Traffic Maverick is a perfect program if you’re looking to increase traffic to your website. I gave this system a very high score of 95 and have come to the verdict of Legit not a scam. This system will work for you just like it did for me if you follow the techniques you’re taught.

For the amount of training you will receive the price of $197 is really a good deal. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. You can see how Traffic Maverick compares to Wealthy Affiliate my #1 recommendation below!

Gain More Traffic To Your Website Now!

What To Do Now?

Traffic Maverick is no longer available, check out My #1 Recommendation to making Real Money Online

If you want to increase your websites traffic today you can purchase traffic maverick here.. If you have not started your website yet. Traffic Maverick won’t be much help to you now. You can learn how to build a website for completely free by clicking here.

Either option is a great way to learn how to drive traffic to your website so I highly recommend both products for traffic, but like I mentioned above Traffic Maverick is no good if you don’t already have a website. Which product is best for you all depends on what your situation is. But check both out with the links above and decided.

Thank you for reading my Traffic Maverick Review. I hope you enjoyed this review and that you use the links above to help yourself make money online. If you have dealt with this product in the past I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below and don’t forget to share!

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2 thoughts on “The Traffic Maverick Review: Is It A Scam”

  1. Hi friends,
    I have purchased this product in the day of launch and in my experience it is really a waste of money. They created my website, a technology site and is not online since last week. Four months has been passed and my website did not make any money except some pennies in my adsense account. My big default was choosing their hosting plan which does not have enough brandwidth to comply with the needs of the niche i selected. When I approached the support, they ad viced to change hosting and wanted $25 to do transfer my site to the new hosting. I asked them why they charge me if they could not take care the website they created through support ticket last day and there is no reply till now. They promised to add the site to 100+ directories each month and I did not find any progress in visitors after 4 months. What I feel is lost of my hard earned money on this program. I will surely update this if there come any.


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