7 Extra Income Sites That Pay Via PayPal Instantly!

Are you in need of some quick extra cash? Here's 7 extra income ideas that pay via PayPal instantly!Do you need a bit of extra cash quick? Today I’ve put together a list of 7 extra income sites that pay via PayPal, either instantly or within a few hours of cashing out.

Let me first make it clear that these extra income ideas won’t make you rich and you won’t be cashing out $100 a few hours after joining, but these sites can help you get your earnings quickly. Not like some of the other extra income sites that can take up to a month to receive your earnings.

I’ve used all of these sites in the past and have been paid, here’s a list of other extra income sites that have paid me, but keep in mind they don’t all pay instantly!

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Here’re 7 extra income site ideas that pay fast!

7 Extra Income Ideas That Pay Fast


PaidViewpoint is my favorite place to take online surveys; it’s set up differently than most survey sites that you’ve seen. Almost all of the surveys are multiple choice ten questions surveys that only take a few minutes to complete. The best part is they only send you surveys that you’re pre-qualified for. Meaning you won’t answer screening questions just to be told you do not qualify!

PaidViewpoint pays via PayPal once you reach $15 in earnings. Payments are usually made within a few hours of cashing out! They also recently added Amazon gift cards as a payment option.

To learn more visit


Qmee is an awesome browser extension that pays you to search the internet. The cool thing is it works when you search on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and a few other sites.

Qmee will show results on the side of the screen (not changing normal results), if you click on their results you’ll earn from $.05-$.18.

Qmee pays via PayPal with no minimum cash out amount; funds will be in your account immediately after cashing out. Qmee now pays via Amazon gift card as well.

To learn more or join, visit!


Did you know you can earn cash back when grocery shopping? Ibotta is a pretty cool app that will pay you cash back on items that you buy while grocery shopping.

When you’re shopping, buy items listed inside the Ibotta app to earn cash back. Most items pay $.25-$3 cash back.

Ibotta has a minimum cash out amount of $20 and pays via PayPal instantly after you cash out!

To learn more or to join, visit!

Instant Cash Sweepstakes

Instant Cash Sweepstakes is a poll site that pays you for sharing your opinion. You won’t earn money for every answer, but you will receive coins and tickets that can be used for the daily $50 drawing and $2 drawing every 4 hours.

When you win cash, it’s usually around $.01-$.05.

You can cash out via PayPal once your earnings reach $2. Payments are usually made within 4-8 hours after cashing out. This won’t be a big money maker, but most people really enjoy the site.

To learn more or to join, visit! No Longer Available As of 2/1/2017


Earnably is a rewards site, a site that gives you points for doing various things. You can exchange these points for gift cards and cash payments.

Some ways to earn at Earnably include surveys, offers, videos, tasks, and much more.

Earnably pays via PayPal once you earn $2 or 200 points. They also offer payments via Amazon Gift Card and Bitcoin. Payments are made within a few hours of cashing out.

To learn more or join, visit!


FeaturePoints is an app available for Apple and Android mobile devices. You’ll earn points for downloading other apps on your mobile device.

You can cash out your points via PayPal starting at $3, and payments are made within a few hours. They also offer many other reward options such as Amazon gift cards starting at $1.

To learn more or join, visit!


1Q is a smartphone app that pays you to answer multiple answer polls. They also allow you to receive text messages, so no smartphone is needed.

You’ll earn $.25-$.50 per poll you answer.

Payments are made instantly via PayPal, for example after you respond to a poll you’ll have your payment of $.25-$.50 waiting in your PayPal account.

To learn more or join, visit!

More Ways To Make Money Online

There you have it, 7 extra income sites that pay fast via PayPal, but these aren’t the only ways to make money online. If you use any other sites that pay fast, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below, or you can see a much longer list of legitimate extra income sites.

Extra cash is awesome, I use a ton of different sites each month, but did you know you could be making a much larger income blogging? Here’s a free way to learn how to Start A Profitable Blog.

Let me hear your thoughts on these extra income sites, plus any recommendations to add to this list! 🙂

9 thoughts on “7 Extra Income Sites That Pay Via PayPal Instantly!”

  1. I earn the minimum points to cash out from featured points and every time I try to cash out 3 dollars from PayPa. They keep saying its out of stock

    • Samantha,

      How long ago did you join the app? If it was the same day you might be getting an error because of that.

      I’d wait one day and try again, if it doesn’t work then go ahead and contact support.


  2. Hi Brok. How does Qmee differ from Swagbucks or Bing Rewards for searches? I’ve tried these other two but don’t love either platform. But it would be nice to have an extension that automatically tracks your searches for you. I don’t like using Bing and Swagbucks is annoying. Is them displaying the earnings next to the results annoying? I wouldn’t my clicking to be dramatically influenced and waste me time just to earn a little money. Know what I mean? Thanks!

    • Hey Sarah!

      I understand why you don’t like the other two options, nothing beats Google SERPs. Awesome thing about Qmee is you can use Google and the Qmee results still show up.

      I’ve been using it for over a year now probably and the results aren’t annoying in my opinion. It’s just a sidebar that comes up and shows results and how much they pay (if you click on them)

      It does take you to that page, but if you really wanted to you could just go back to the search results page right after the page loads.

      I have a YouTube Video you should check out that shows you exactly how Qmee works. You can see my Qmee review here.

      Hope this helps,



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