6 Ways To Earn Extra Money in Your Spare Time

Does this scenario sound familiar?

You take your kids to their sports practice, and you decide rather than drive all the way home and turn around again, you will stay there and wait. You pull out your phone and end up scrolling through Facebook or watching Youtube the entire time.

Maybe you have a Dr’s appointment and even though you showed up the 15 minutes before your appointment like you are supposed to, you still don’t see the doctor until 30 minutes after your appointment time.

You go to the courthouse, to do anything…….

You get the idea.

We wait for a lot of things. Appointments, meetings, kids, spouses. Sometimes it’s only 15 minutes, other times it can end up being an hour.

We tell ourselves it will only be a minute, so we decide to kill time with our phone. We will check Facebook or our email, just for a minute, until we look at the time and realized how much time has passed.

Then we get frustrated with all that time we just lost/wasted.

What if you had a plan to do something different with that time? What if you knew that when those minutes were going to pop up on you, that you could choose to do something that would put money in your pocket? Then the waiting might not be so bad, huh?

There are a number of different ways you could earn some spending money while you wait. These things will add up over time. Not enough money to quit your job, but enough to treat yourself every once in a while.

Let’s take a look at things you can do from your phone while you are waiting to put those extra bills in your pocket.

6 Ways To Earn Extra Cash In Your Free Time

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks offers you quite a few different options to earn “Swagbucks” which can then be redeemed for gift cards. Surveys, video, games, and more can be done in those little pockets of time.
There is such a variety of what you can do to earn Swagbucks; you should have no problem filling up time while you are waiting.

Check out our full review of Swagbucks.


2. Take Pictures of your Receipts

Sounds odd right?

But with Ibotta and Checkout 51 it’s not a joke.

Every week they have new offers available in their apps. Simply pick the offers you were already going to buy, and take a picture of your receipt to get cash back.

When your account reaches a certain amount, you can cash out. Taking a picture every time may seem like a pain, but it’s something you can be doing while you wait in line at the next store or your food at a restaurant.

Find out more about Ibotta here.


3. Test Websites

Testing websites allow websites owners to get feedback on their website.

You complete tasks on the website such as how easy it is to navigate or see if it provides information in an easy to find way.

You can also test apps and websites on a mobile device which is something you can do if you have 10-15 minutes to spare.

11 Website Usability Testing Jobs will help you find a great company.


4. Surveys

Surveys are a pretty easy way to make some extra cash. Surveys are looking for all kind of information such as:

  • Demographics
  • Political opinions
  • Purchasing decisions

Check out Paid Viewpoint to get started or check this post on the 30 Best Paid Survey Sites to find the best ones for you.


5. Take Pictures

Visuals have overtaken the web, and there is a constant need for new visual content that people will pay to use.

If you are waiting in a setting that has some good photo ops going on and you can take a decent picture with your phone, this could be a great opportunity.

There are a number of stock photo sites that will pay you for the photos.

Simply create an account, take the pictures and then upload. Depending on your location, you could take quite a few pictures in one location and upload them at another time.

Check out Shutterstock for more information.


6. Watch Movies

Movies, ads, movie trailers.

There are a number of different websites and apps that will pay you to watch movies.

That’s right. You are watching videos on Youtube and are not getting paid at all.

While you won’t get rich from watching these videos, it will start to add up, and that’s like getting paid to wait in line. Who doesn’t want that?

Watch videos on Fusion Cash.


Waiting is just a part of life. Finding ways to get paid while you stand in line, watch a kids’ practice, or maybe just while you have a few extra minutes to spare can really add up.

Watching movies, filling out surveys, testing websites and taking photos are all easy things you can do to pass the time without feeling bad.

In fact, you may find yourself volunteering to wait, now that you have a plan to make some extra cash.

Thanks for reading, these are not the only ways to earn extra cash online. Make sure to check out all of the legitimate extra income sites you can use to earn money in your spare time!

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Do you know of any other ways to earn an extra income in your spare time? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Do you find yourself wasting valuable time waiting around? You could be making extra cash on your phone during these periods. Here're 6 easy ways to make money in your down time!

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